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Name: Peter No. of characters: 5 Gender: BoyOrigin: English German Dutch Swedish Norwegian Danish Slovene Slovak Biblical Old Greek
How to pronounce Peter péter What does my name mean? Meanings: Rock, Stone, River, Strong, The Rock

Peter was ranked 203 in 2015 boys names list in US and remain unchanged from its previous ranking in 2014. Peter was ranked 955 in 2006 list of US girls name and dropped by 1.17% from its previous ranking of 944 in 2005. Comes from the Latin "petros" Means "stone, rock" festival in June 29. Peter are embodied goodness and generosity. Active, determined,Peterare made to realize large projects and never give up. Honest,Peternever transgress moral. Indulgent,Peterforget and forgive easily. Balanced, thoughtful, always welcoming,Peterare hard workers and success is always at the end of their business. Peter trust too easily, which plays tricks on them and are the man of one love.

Full form of Peter : Poised Emotional Thorough Encouraging Relaxed

Peter is a very very popular first name for a boy in England & Wales which is popular since 1996 and ranked 152 in 2014. Around 10747 people wear Peter as their first name. Peter is a very consistent name over the past 18 years.

Peter is a very very popular first name for a boy in United States which is popular since 1880 and ranked 203 (0.048284% bearer) in 2015 in US. Around 573127 people wear Peter as their first name. Peter is a rare first name for a girl in United States which is a rare name since 1887 and ranked 203 (0.048284% bearer) in 2015 in US. Only 573127 people have Peter as their first name. Peter is not a native United States and Peter may be came from another language or is a short form of some other name. 0.160323% of people in US have this given name.

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Peter was the leader of the 12 apostles. He was a fisherman on the Sea of ​​Galilee and was called Simon when Jesus asked him to follow him. It is Christ who gives him the name "Peter" to mean that he would make him the foundation of his Church. He settled in Rome. It is considered the first pope. He was martyred, crucified upside down, under Emperor Nero in 64.

Expression number of Peter is 1.

Peter loves adventure and independence and possess determination and originality. Peter generally leads and direct others and likes to establishes their individual identity.

Names that rhyme with Peter Alaster, Aleister, Alister, Allister, Almeater, Almeter, Almetter, Alter, Alvester, Alyster, Arguster, Arlester, Armster, Arter, Arvester, Aster, Ater, Attewater, Atwater, AugusterFamous people named Peter
Peter Sohn, American director, animator, voice actor and history artist
Peter Schreier, German singer and conductor of orchestra
Peter Keleghan, Canadian television actor
Peter Cooper Hewitt, American electrical engineer and inventor, who invented the first mercury-vapor lamp in 1901
Peter Thomas Bauer, British development economist
Peter Donald, American actor, famous for playing Ajax Cassidy in the show of the comedian Fred Allen
Peter Sallis, English actor, he is known for his work on British television
Peter Schreyer, German car designer, widely known for his design contributions to the Audi TT
Peter Shor Williston, American professor of applied mathematics at MIT
Peter Lynch, American investor, mutual fund manager, and philanthropist
Peter Dietrich, German former footballer who played as a midfielder
Peter Phillips, American producer, DJ and rapper
Peter MacNicol, American actor
Peter Lindbergh, German fashion photographer
Peter Stein, German theater director
Peter Heylin, English ecclesiastical author of many polemics, histories, policies and theological treatises
Peter Granville Farndon, English bassist and founding member of the rock band the Pretenders
Peter Buck, American musician, songwriter, the co-founder and lead guitarist of the band R.E.M.
Peter Horton, Czech singer, musician, guitarist, composer and author
Peter Donnelly, British athlete who competed in judo, winner of a bronze medal at the European Judo Championship of 1980
Peter Beckett, British musician and songwriter who was the vocalist of the rock group Player in the 70s
Peter Watkins, English film director
Peter Greene, American actor
Peter Kennaugh, British sportsman who competed in cycling in track mode
Peter Yang Pai Te, Peter Yang Pai Te was a priest, doctor, entrepreneur and pioneer of the divulgation of Taichi in Spain.
Peter Withe, English footballer who worked as a striker from 1971 to 1990
Peter Sellars, American theater director, famous for his modern productions of operas and classic works
Peter Post, Dutch cyclist
Peter Travers, American film critic and journalist, who has written for People and Rolling Stone
Peter Glenville, English director and actor of cinema and theater
Peter Berlin, photographer, artist, filmmaker, clothing designer, and homosexual model born
Peter von Cornelius, German romantic painter
Kristina M. Peterson in Thor as Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Melody Peters in Big Tit Patrol 5 as Actress
Verena Peter in Der Erfinder as Actress
Mercedes Peterson in Larva as Actress
Megan Petersen in That Loving Feeling as Miscellaneous Crew
Edith Peters in Il bisbetico domato as Actress
Nicole Peters in Nicole Peters as Actress
Christie Lynn Peterson in Island Bruthas as Actress
Jessica Peters in Commendatori as Actress
Sarah K. Peterson in Conscious as Actress
Peter Lorre, actor,writer
Peter Falk, actor,producer
Peter Greenaway, director,writer,editor
Peter North, actor,director,producer
Peter O'Toole, actor,producer
Peter Sellers, actor,writer
Peter Weller, actor,director
Peter Berg, producer,actor,writer
Peter Bogdanovich, actor,director,writer
Peter Coyote, actor,writer
Peter Cushing, actor
Peter Fonda, actor,director,writer
Peter Gallagher, actor,writer
Peter Hyams, director,cinematographer,writer
Peter Jackson, producer,director,writer
Peter MacNicol, actor,director
Peter Stormare, actor,producer
Peter Ustinov, actor,writer,director
Peter Weir, director,writer,producer
Peter Benchley, writer,producer,actor
Peter Boyle, actor
Peter Finch, actor
Peter De Kock, cinematographer,director
Peter Levy, cinematographer
Peter Agnew, assistant director,location management
Peter Thomas, composer
Peter Weyrauch, cinematographer,producer
Peter Menne, production designer,art director
Peter Wunstorf, cinematographer,director
Peter Rogness, art director,production designer
Peter Foldy, writer,producer,director
Peter Bernstein, composer
Peter Breiner, composer
Peter Benison, cinematographer
Peter MacDonald, assistant director,director
Peter Golub, composer
Peter Pistor, director,producer,writer
Peter Hearn, editor,sound department
Peter Kambasis, sound department,director,writer
Peter Dashkewytch, assistant director,producer,production manager
Peter Rosen, director,producer,editor
Peter Blinn, special effects
Peter Atherton, location management,actor
Peter Lance, writer,producer
Peter Thomas, sound department
Peter Hanrahan, producer
Peter Freeman, assistant director,production manager
Peter F. Kurland, sound department,producer
Peter Menich, animation department
Peter Lhotka, producer,production manager
Peter Heller, producer,manager
Peter Greenwood, actor,special effects
Peter Asher, actor
Peter Facinelli, actor,director,producer
Peter Horton, actor,producer,director
Peter Morton, producer
Peter Reckell, actor
Peter Strauss, actor,producer
Peter Deming, cinematographer,actor
Peter Suschitzky, cinematographer,actor
Peter Kreuder, composer
Peter E. Fleming, writer
Peter Alderliesten, editor
Peter Madsen, actor
Peter Harper, sound department
Peter W. Schmitt, composer
Peter Samuelson, producer,production manager,actor
Peter Freund, producer,writer
Peter M. Lenkov, producer,writer
Peter L. Stein, producer,writer,director
Peter S. Elliot, editor
Peter Aanensen, actor
Peter Abbay, actor
Peter Abbott, actor
Peter Abbott, producer,production manager
Peter Abenheim, actor,writer
Peter Abraham, writer
Peter Abraham, actor
Peter Abrahams, writer
Peter Abrahamsen, actor
Peter Abrahamson, special effects,actor
Peter L. Abrahamsson, actor
Peter Abrams, producer
Peter Acevedo, actor
Peter Ackerman, producer,writer,actor
Peter Ackermann, art director,production designer
Peter Aczel, actor
Peter Adair, director,cinematographer
Peter Adair, actor
Peter Adam, director,writer
Peter R. Adam, editor,sound department,actor
Peter Adamek, actor
Peter Adams, actor
Peter Adams, actor
Peter Adams, composer
Peter Adams, actor
Peter Adams, composer,sound department
Peter Adamson, actor
Peter Adarire, actor
Peter Addington, animation department,director,writer
Peter Adler, writer,actor
Peter Herman Adler, producer
Peter Adolfsson, sound department,composer
Names like Peter Related Names: Pet, Peta, Petal, Petar, Pete, Peter, Peterey, Peteris, Peterjohn, Peterkin, Peterson, Peteve, Petey, Petie, Petina, Petipace, Petite, Petr, Petra, PetreComments :Peter is a male first name and a last name. Peter is of Greek origin (πέτρος petros) and means rock within the meaning of Boulder. Patronymic, formed from the name - Petrovich , Petrovna. The grown rock is in Greek as petra referred. In Jesus -word Matthew 16:18 both terms appear as a pun abreast on: "You are Petros '(Boulder), and on, Petra' (grown rock) I want my community build. " In German Peter also has the appellative meaning of boobies "clumsy person". The word German Peter (Pierre in French) comes from the Latin Petrus. It originally means stone, but in Dutch it also means godfather. These or similar meanings occur in compound words as lies Peter, Heulpeter, minced or Ziegenpeter on. The origin of the names the buck for a card game, Hackepeter for a meat dish and Killjoy for a bad-tempered man is uncertain. The name of the chemical substance saltpeter perhaps modeled on Latin sal petrae "rock salt". Peter is in Germany a very popular name, it is the period of the last 120 years of the most frequently assigned name at all. At the beginning of the 20th century Peter was a moderately popular name. More and more boys were named Peter from the early 1930s. In the 1940s and 1950s, the name was several times the most frequently assigned name for newborn boys at all. From the early 1960s its spread gradually fell back to an average level at which it remained until the late 1980s. From the early 1990s, the popularity of the name is, however, then dropped even further. In Russian panegyric literature abroad XVII-XVIII centuries. extraordinary popularity enjoyed "an etymological play on" behalf of Peter (Greek πετρος -. stone). As some researchers believe, the first time such a technique applied Simeon in his poem, written in the birth of Prince Peter Alekseevich. Subsequently, the authors of the Petrine era repeatedly likened the Russian tsar "stone" or "fortress" e.g., Carion Istomin in his "admonition smart view", referring to the young monarch; Rtishchev FM , in his eulogy comparable Peter-stone with the biblical David. Later, the image of Peter, David becomes a major panegyrics. Such comparisons are also characteristic of the South Slavic authors baroque, glorifying Peter in his work. Names derived from Peter: Peter, Peter, Petrunya, Petrus, Petrushka, Petrushka, Peter, Peta, Petryakov, Petryanov, Petusya, Petryata, Petryaha, Petryashov, Petrasha, Petyasha, petunias, Parsley, Petyuka, Petyunya , Petyusya, Rooster, Petyusha, Peter, Petka, Petrik, Petryaev, rooster, barnyard, Petyayka, Petyanya, Peter Petyaha, Petechka. - Meghan Maupin Popularity of Peter

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