List of Popular English Names presents the list of popular english baby names covering almost all eras. The list have 1000 most popular english names to choose from with meanings of name.

1. JamesSupplanterJimmyVariant of JacobHolds the HeelHe who SupplantsA Cheerful BoyYahweh May Protect
2. JohnGod is MercifulGift of God
3. RobertBright with FameFamedBrightShiningAn All-time Favorite Boys Name Since the Middle AgesA14th-century King Robert the BruceRobert Burns the Poet
4. MichaelWho Is Like God?
5. MarySea of BitternessBitterWished-for ChildRebellionStar of the SeaLadyBelovedEnglish form of Maria. In Britain timelessly popular and widespread. Namesake: Mary Shelley, English writer.
6. WilliamWillDesireResolute ProtectorWill-helmetWill DesireValleyUnwavering ProtectorProtect
7. DavidBeloved OneCourageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
8. JosephGod will AddGod will IncreaseJehova IncreasesIt will Enlargebiblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: God would multiply. Traditional, in many countries widespread name. Namesakes: Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI.
9. RichardBrave OneStrong RulerA Teutonic Name from the European Middle AgesDominant RulerPowerful LeaderRich
10. CharlesManlyStrongFree ManFull-grownA Man
11. ThomasTwin
12. ChristopherBearing ChristChrist-bearerTo CarryBearer of ChristCarrying Christ
13. DanielGod is My JudgeMy Judge is the Lord
14. ElizabethMy God Is An OathGod is My OathMy God is BountifulGod of PlentyMy God Is Abundance
15. MatthewGift Of YAHWEHGift of the LordGift of God and Bear
16. PatriciaNoble PatricianFemale Version of PatrickNoblewomanNobleman
17. GeorgeFarmerEarthworkerA Tiller of the SoilEarth Worker
18. JenniferWhite WaveFair OneFair and Smooth SoftSmoothSoft and SmoothWhite PhantomWhite SpiritPure and YieldingWhite and Smooth
19. LindaSea of BitternessBiblical NameRebelliousnessPregnant MotherStar of the SeaWished-for ChildBitterSea of SorrowProphetessScrapedRocksBelovedDawnDawn's LightPretty OneEnglish short form of names ending in "Lind" or "Linda", in particular Belinda (meaning: the Beautiful) In addition to the form of Linde (meaning: Linde, also: the beauty).
20. AnthonyPraiseworthyPricelessInestimableFlowerFlourishingInvaluableBeyond Price
21. BarbaraStrangeForeignThe Foreign
22. DonaldWorld RulerRuler of the WorldBrown StrangerWorld MightyGreat ChiefGreatChief
23. PaulSmallLittleBiblical Apostle and Evangelist Paul's Letters to Early Christians Comprise Many New Testament BooksHumbleThe Small
24. MarkWar-likeMarsFrom the God MarsDedicated to MarsHorseDanish, German, English, Dutch, Russian short form of Markus (meaning: the god of war Mars ordained) Short form of names with "Mark" (meaning: boundary). Very popular in Germany. Namesakes: Mark Twain, American writer.
25. EdwardWealthy GuardianGuardian of ProsperityWealthy DefenderBlessed GuardWealthy ProtectorHappy GuardRich GuardGuard Of His Wealth
26. AndrewManManlyMasculineWarriorManly and StrongBraveIn the Bible the First of the Twelve Apostles ChosenThe Manly
27. StevenWreathCrownedThe Crowned
28. KennethHandsomeRoyal OathSprung from FireGood-lookingFieryBorn Of FireThe Handsome
29. MargaretPearlJewelName of a SaintThe Pearl
30. JoshuaJehovah SavesThe Lord is SalvationYahwehFunnyFriendshipLoveEnglish form of Joshua (meaning: God helps).
31. KevinLittle Gentle OneLovableHandsomeBelovedGentle KindGentleComelyLoved OneThe Beautiful
32. BrianHonorableStrengthHighNobleVirtuousHillHill PlaceBrave
33. SusanHoly and DesentA Pretty PlantFlowerLilyLotusLord Shiva
34. DorothyGift of GodGift
35. RonaldRules with Good JudgementCounsel PowerRuler with CounselMightyWell-advised RulerPowerful MightWise RulerPowerfulAdvice
36. SarahPrincessLadyWoman of High RankPureHappy
37. TimothyTo Fear GodHonoring GodName of a SaintTo Honor GodOne who Honors God
38. JessicaHe BeholdsRichGod's GraceGod SeesForesightedWealthyHe (God) Beholds
39. JasonHealerThe Lord is SalvationMythical LeaderHealing
40. HelenTorchSun RayShining LightWickerReedShootBasketMost Beautiful Woman in the WorldA Lady Attending on ImogenThe Bright OneMoonMoon Elope
41. NancyGod's Flavour
42. BettyForm of ElizabethMy God Is Abundance
43. KarenPureClearVirginalMaybe The Pure
44. JeffreyDivinely PeacefulPeaceful GiftGod's PeaceRegion
45. LisaConsecrated to GodOath of GodMy God is BountifulGod's PromiseGod is My OathMy God Is Abundance
46. RyanKingLittle KingLittle RulerKinglyDescendant of Rian
47. JacobSupplanterHeld by the HeelHeel GrabberOne who SupplantsYahweh May Protect
48. FrankFreeFree LandholderJavelinSpearVariant of FrancisFrench ManA Man Form FranceOf The Franks
49. GaryMighty with a SpearSpear Carrier
50. NicholasVictory of the PeopleVictorious PersonPeople of Victory
51. AnnaName of a KingFoodGrainEarth and WaterGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourAngelElder BrotherHe (God) Was GraciousApricot
52. EricRulerPeaceful RulerEver-powerfulForever RulerAlone-Ruler
53. SandraForm of AlexanderHelper and Defender of MankindMan's DefenderManlyVirileDefending MenHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
54. StephenTo Wear a CrownWreathGarlandCrownedThe Crowned
55. AshleyMeadow of Ash TreesAsh Tree MeadowDwells at the Ash Tree MeadowAsh-tree MeadowAsh WoodAsh Tree Clearing
56. EmilyIndustriousTo StriveExcelRivalEagerLaboriousEmulatingEmily
57. KimberlyCyborgs FieldRulerFrom the Meadow of the Royal FortressCyneburga's Field
58. JonathanGift of JehovahYahweh has Given
59. DonnaLadyMistress of the House
60. RuthCompanionFriendCompassionate FriendSeasonFriendship
61. CarolSong of JoySong of HappinessWomanlyForm of Carolyne
62. MichelleWho is Like GodWho Resembles GodLike the LordWho Is Like God?
63. LarryCrowned with LaurelsForm of LawrenceLaurel-crownedFrom Laurentium
64. LauraCrowned with LaurelsLaurelThe Laurel TreeSweet Bay TreeBay
65. AmandaLovableMuch LovedShe who Must be LovedWorthy of LoveDeserving to be LovedFit to bePrecious ThingActiveThe Lovely
66. JustinGood ThinkCleverJustUprightRighteousTrueJudiciousFairShorthand and English form of Justin (meaning: the righteous).
67. RaymondAdviceGuards WiselyStrong DefenderProtecting HandsDecision Protector
68. ScottFrom ScotlandA ScotsmanFromEnglish name, meaning: the Scot, inspired by a family name.
69. BrandonBeacon HillSwordBroom Covered HillGorse HillBroom Hill
70. MelissaThe Bee
71. SamuelGod is HeardAsked of GodTold by GodName of One of the King in BibleFollower of Jesus
72. RebeccaA SnareBoundTiedCaptivatingKnotted CordTo TieTo BindStrong Combatant Hearty
73. DeborahBeeTo Speak Kind WordsHebrewQueen Bee
74. StephanieThe Crowned
75. BenjaminBorn of the Right HandSon of the One who Loves HorsesSon Of The Right Hand
76. SharonPlainPrincessIt Refers to Flat Land at the Foot of Mount CarmelFertile PlainsPlace in IsraelGoddess AphroditeA Fertile Plain
77. KathleenPureClearForm of CatherineVirginalMaybe The Pure
78. CynthiaMoonMoon GoddessWoman From The Mountain Kynthos On Delos Island
79. GregoryThe Watchful
80. ShirleyShining MeadowBright GrasslandCountry MeadowBright MeadowBright Clearing
81. AmyDearly LovedIndustriousTruthFriendshipTo LoveLoved OneMy NationMy PeopleEnglish short form of Amata (meaning: the beloved). Namesake: Amy Winehouse, British soul singer.
82. JackGod is GraciousSon of JackHe who SupplantsDiminutive of JackYahweh Is Gracious
83. HenryRuler of the EnclosureEstate RulerHouse OwnerLord of the ManorHome Ruler
84. PatrickNoblemanPatrician
85. AngelaHeavenly MessengerAngelMessenger from GodLatin, Greek origin, meaning: Engel. Popularity in Germany waning. Namesake: Angela Merkel, German politician.
86. AlexanderHelper and Defender of MankindProtector of MankindWarriorDefender of MenGreek origin, meaning: protector. Known as name many kings, popes and Tsar. A classic name in recent years is very popular in Germany. Namesakes: Alexander von Humboldt, German naturalist.
87. CatherinePureInnocentTortureMaybe The Pure
88. EmmaIndustriousAll-containingUniversalEmbracing EverythingWholeEntireAll
89. VirginiaPureMaidenVirginThe Virgin
90. KatherinePureTorturedVirginalUnsulliedMaybe The Pure
91. JerryMighty SpearmanSpear RulerSacred NameVariant of the Saint's Name JeromeForm of GeraldSpear WarriorThe Lord ExaltsBrave with the SpearYahwe Uplifts
92. WalterPeople of PowerPowerful WarriorCommander of the ArmyRule
93. DennisGod of WineMountain of ZeusNamed for Saint DenysFollower of DionysiusServant ofDedicated To Dionysos
94. BrendaLittle RavenFiery HillBurningSword-bladeBeacon on the HillFeminine of BrendanSwordTorchFlame
95. TylerMaker of BricksTilesTile LayerTiler
96. PamelaHoneyed SweetnessNew LeavesAll HoneyMaybe All Black (?)
97. WillieResoluteWillWill-helmetProtectionBoldBraveWill HelmetProtect
98. FrancesFrenchmanFreeFrom FranceLittle Frenchman
99. NicoleVictory of the PeopleFemale Version of NicholasPeople of Victory
100. ChristineFollower of ChristBeautiful ChristianChristian Faith
101. AaronExalted OneHigh MountainThe EnlightenedHe was the older brother of Moses and a prophet of God and means Lion Warrior
102. PeterRockStoneRiverStrongThe Rock
103. SamanthaBorderingListenerFlowerTold by GodBeautiful FlowerGod Heard
104. JoseHe (God) Will Add
105. EvelynLifeHazelnutLittle BirdDesiredLife GivingLightBird
106. RachelInnocence of a LambSheepEweFemale SheepLittle LambOne with PurityJacob's WifeLambGentalThe Ewe
107. AliceNoble sort
108. DouglasDark StreamDark RiverDweller by the Dark StreamBlack WaterBlackGreenBlue
109. JanetGod's Gracious GiftFemale Version of JohnThe Lord is GraciousGift from GodGod is GraciousYahweh Is Gracious
110. CarolynLittle and WomanlyForm of CarolineLittleFemale Version of CharlesCarlJoyBeautiful WomanFree Man
111. KellyWarriorLivelyAggressiveStrife WarBright HeadedBrave WarriorDescendant of CeallachBright-headedFarm by the SpringChurches
112. HaroldArmy-powerArmy RulerLeader of an ArmyHeroic LeaderWarriorPowerful Ruler or Warrior
113. AdamRed EarthFirst Human BeingCreated by GodRedManTo be RedRubyA Prophet's NameMan of EarthFirst Human
114. DebraForm of DeborahA Bee
115. MarthaLadyMistressMistress of the HouseDedicated to Mars
116. MariaBitterSea of BitternessThe Perfect OneSea of SorrowWished for ChildRebelliousStarMary
117. NathanGift from GodGod has GivenGivenHusbandControllerGodGiverGiftGiven by God
118. MarieSea of BitternessForm of MaryWished-for ChildRebellionStar of the SeaBitterBelovedMaybe Bitterness
119. ZacharyRenowned by GodThe Lord RemembersWhom Jehovah RememberedGod RemembersEnglish form of Zacharias (meaning: God has my recalls).
120. ArthurArthur was a great king lives in 6th century
121. HeatherFlower NameFlowering ShrubNamed After the Plant HeatherWhich are a Variety of Small Shrubs with Pink or White Flowers which Commonly Grow in Rocky Areas
122. TerrySmoothRuler of the PeopleOne who Aids or AssistsPolishedFirst of the PeopleKing of NationsHarvesterAbbreviation of TeresaPower of the TribeTheresaForm of TerenceTenderGraciousGoodEnglish short form of Terence (meaning similar to an ancient Roman sex) a girl's name.
123. DianeDivineHeavenlyMythological Ancient Roman Divinity Diana was Noted for Beauty and SwiftnessGreek Goddess of the MoonCelestial HunterVirgin GoddessLight
124. JoyceRejoicingCheerfulMerryJoyousLordJoyce
125. JulieYouthfulDowny-beardedJove's ChildDownyVivaciousYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedDedicated To Jupiter
126. CarlPlace NameFarmer's SettlementManStupid PersonIdiotUnintelligent PersonFree ManFarmer
127. JordanTo Flow DownDown-flowingOne who DescendsOlive TreeLead ColoredDescendFlowing DownThe Descending
128. GraceMercyGod's FavorGraceGrace of GodKindnessThanksLoveFavourBlessingCharmGood will
129. AlbertNoble and BrightHighbornBrilliantNobleNoble FamousBright through NobilityBrightnewer form of Adalbert (meaning: of noble lineage). In Germany in the first half of the 20th century popular. Namesakes: Albert Einstein German-American physicist.
130. VictoriaVictoriousConquerorVictoryConquerGoddess of VictoryThe Victor
131. KyleNarrowChannelStraitNear the ChapelA Place-name Referring to the NarrowsA WoodA ChurchFair and HandsomeCrowned with LaurelVictory
132. JoanGod is GraciousMercifulGod's Gracious GiftEnglish form of Johanna (meaning: God is merciful). Namesake: Joan Baez, American singer.
133. RoseRose FlowerFlower NameHorseRenownRose BushA Variety of Flower
134. JeanGod is MercifulJohnGod is GraciousScottish Form of Joan Gracious Gift from GodFrench form of Johannes (meaning: God is merciful) a girl's name. In France timelessly popular. Namesakes: Jean Gabin, French actor.
135. ChristinaAnointedAnointed ChristianForm of ChristopherChrist-bearerBeautiful Christian
136. LaurenThe Laurel TreeSweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryLaurelMan from LaurentiumCrowned with LaurelOf LaurentumCrowned with Lau
137. AnnGracefulPricelessGraciousForm of AnnaGod has Favoured MeFriendlyGraceFavourMercyHe (God) Was Gracious
138. DorisFrom DorisDorian WomanWoman of the SeaGiftGift from GodName of a PlaceThe Dorian Woman
139. JoeGod will AddForm of JosephHe will EnlargeYahweh is GodGod Add Another SonHe (God) Will Add
140. LawrenceCrowned with LaurelsForm of Lawrence
141. JuliaYouthfulSoft HairedDown-bearded YouthJove's ChildYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedGod is GraciousDedicated To Jupiter
142. JudithPraisePraisedJewishAdmiredA Women from JudeaWoman From Jehud
143. KathrynPureForm of CatherineVirginalMaybe The Pure
144. MildredGentle AdviserGentle Strength
145. GeraldSpear
146. RogerFamous WarriorRenowned SpearmanFamous with the SpearFame
147. LillianBlend of Lily and AnnVariant of LillianSymbol of InnocencePurityBeautyLily FlowerLilyEnglish diminutive of Elizabeth (meaning: my God is perfect).
148. CherylManlyStrongDiminutive of CharlesFree Man
149. MeganPearlStrong and CapableStrongGreatDiminutive of MargaretMargaretThe Pearl
150. AndreaThe Manly
151. KeithOf the ForestWoodFrom the Battleground
152. JeremyYahwe Uplifts
153. OliviaOlive TreeElf Army
154. ChristianFollower of ChristAnointedChristianAnointed Christian
155. JesseWealthyLord ExistsBlessing of GodGod SeesHe (God) BeholdsMaybe Gift
156. HannahGraciousGraceGrace of GodFavourGod has Favoured MeMother of SamuelAffectionFavoured Grace
157. TaylorTo CutTailorOne who Cuts ClothCutter of Cloth
158. SaraPureLadyExcellentForm of SarahQueenAbraham's WifePricelessInestimableSolidPreciousBestStarHappyBeautifulHebrew origin, meaning: Princess. Traditional, timeless name, popular in many countries. Known in the Bible as Abraham's wife. Namesake: Sarah Kirsch, German writer.
159. HarryArmy Man
160. JacquelineSupplanterHolder of the HeelYahweh May ProtectOne who Supplants
161. SeanRufusRed-hairedRed SkinnedLittle Red OneIrish form of Jean or Johannes (meaning: God is merciful). Popular in Ireland. Namesakes: Sean Connery, the Scottish actor.
162. TeresaHarvesterLate SummerTo Flow DownMaybe The Hunteress
163. RalphWolf CounsellorWise ProtectorWise Wolf
164. EthanHeaven
165. GloriaPrayer of GodGlory
166. AustinGreatMagnificentVariant of AugustineVenerableMajesticDignityWorthy of RespectHelpfulThe August
167. RoyKingRedRegalRed HairedThe Red
168. JaniceGod's Gracious GiftForm of JaneYahweh Is Gracious
169. TheresaHarvesterSummerOne who ReapsReaperMaybe The Hunteress
170. AlexisHelperDefender of MankindMan's DefenderTo HelpThe Defender
171. LouisFamous WarriorRenowned WarriorFamous in BattleLoud
172. BillyResolute ProtectorForm of WilliamResolute GuardianWill DesireWillHelmetProtectionWill HelmetProtect
173. BruceWoodsBrewerFrom the Brushwood ThicketWillow-landsSurname Since Medieval TimesNow a Common Given NameA Place Name
174. JudyHe will be PraisedForm of JudithAdmiredJewishA Women from JudeaPraiseWoman From Jehud
175. BeverlyFrom the Beaver MeadowMeadow of BeaversBeaver StreamName of a Place
176. BryanHonorableForm of BrianStrengthNobleVirtuousHill
177. MadisonSon of MaudSon of the Mighty WarriorSon of MaddeChild of Mighty WarriorChild of Matthew
178. EugeneFrench form of Eugene (meaning: the well-born). Namesakes: Eugène Delacroix, French painter.
179. LeslieFrom LeslieFrom the Gray CastleGarden of HolliesSmall MeadowThe Gray CastleHolly GardenDwells at the Gray FortressGarden in the Paradise
180. NoahRestComfortWandererPeacefulReposeConsolationMotion
181. DeniseGod of WineFeminine of DennisFollower of DionysiusTo AdviseAloneNunSolitaryDedicated To Dionysos
182. DylanDarlingBelovedFrom AirelOpenVariant of Darrel OpenThe SeaGreat Sea
183. JaneJehovah has been GraciousGraciousGod is MercifulThe Lord is GraciousYahweh Is Gracious
184. MarilynCombination of Mary and EllenBitternessWished for ChildStar of the SeaModernMaybe Bitterness
185. AmberNobilityNoble KindSofterSmall Winged OneSincereHealingSkyFrom the StoneHealingReddish-yellow Precious JewelGold-brown Semiprecious StoneAmber
186. DanielleGod is My JudgeFeminine of DanielJudged Only by God
187. BrittanyBeacon HillSwordBroom Covered HillGorse HillEngland
188. DianaDivineWindow of FloranceFrom the Greek Goddess of the MoonHeavenlyLight
189. AbigailHead of a MonasteryFather's JoyGives JoyThe IntelligentFather of ExaltationFather in Rejoicing
190. RussellLittle Red OneFoxReddishRed-headRed SkinnedRedhead
191. WayneWagon BuilderCartwrightWagon Maker
192. IreneFrench form of Irene (meaning: the Peaceful). Namesake: Irène Joliot-Curie, French scientist.
193. JamieSupplanterOne who SupplantsVariant of Jacob SupplanterFeminine of JamesPet Form of James Used as a Woman's NameYahweh May Protect
194. AnnieGraceFavouredGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourDiminutive of Ann Frequently Used as an Independent NameHe (God) Was Gracious
195. RubyReddishRed Colored Precious GemstoneRedRuby JewelRebornThe Red Gemstone
196. CharlotteLittle and WomanlyTiny and FeminineFeminine of CharlesGlam
197. NatalieChristmas DayBorn on ChristmasChrist's BirthdayNatal DayForm of NatalieTo be Born-from Natalia
198. AlanGod of ShineHandsomeCheerfulRockComelyPeaceLittle RockNobleRock or Noble
199. JuanVictory of the PeopleDiminutive of DominickLordAbbreviation of NicholasPeople's VictoryChild Born on SundayVictorious PersonGoodBeautifulYahweh Is Gracious
200. ShannonSmall and WiseOldAncientWise OneRiver NameOld RiverRiver of WisdomAmerican name of Irish origin, meaning composition of "old, wise" and "river", inspired by the eponymous Irish river a girl's name.
201. HowardWatchmanGuardian of the HomeHigh GuardWarden
202. FredForm of FrederickPeacePeaceful RulerCounsel from the ElvesElfMagical CounselHoly Peacemaking
203. LoganDweller in a Little HollowSmallRound HillFinnian's ServantLog in Water to be Still and at Peace
204. GabrielChristanGod is My StrengthAble-bodied One of GodMessenger of GodStrong Man of GodStrong as a Bear
205. LoriThe Laurel TreeSweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryLaurelForm of LauraCrowned with LaurelLand of the People of LotharLand of the
206. PhilipWarlikeLoves HorsesHorse LoverFriend of Horses
207. VincentConqueringPrevailingVictoriousThe Winning
208. TiffanyEpiphanyReferring to the EpiphanyManifestation of DivinityAppearance of GodManifestation Of God
209. KaylaPureVariation of KayKeeper of the KeysBelovedCrown of LaurelsLike GodLaurelCrownSlimFairDescendant Of Caollaidhe
210. FlorenceProsperousFlourishingTo Flower in the Sense of a BlossomBlossomingCharming
211. SophiaWisdomForm of SophieSkillGraceful
212. LouiseRenowned FighterFamous WarriorFame and WarFeminine of LouisLoud
213. ShawnThe Lord is GraciousAmerican Spelling of SeanGod is GraciousVariant of John from Sean
214. LoisMeadowGlad TidingsCowWeary OneDelicateSoftTo TireJacob's WifeEnglish name of Hebrew origin, meaning: the pleasant, pleasing Short form of Heloise (meaning: the healthy, well: healthy wood) and Louise ((meaning composition of "famous" and "struggle").
215. KathyGujarati Words for String which Made by Coconut's FibersPureVirginalClearForm of CatherineMaybe The Pure
216. RobinA Singing BirdBright FameFamedShiningVictoryFamousA Bird Name
217. TammyTwinPalm TreeShort Form of TamaraThomasina and Other Names Beginning with TamPerfect OneDate Palm
218. RandyWolf's ShieldStrong DefenderShield Wolf
219. CrystalClearUnblemishedBrilliant GlassIceCrystal
220. BonnieGod is My OathForm of ElizabethGod's PromiseGod's WitnessPretty
221. PhyllisGreen LeavesLeafy FoliageGreen Bough
222. BobbyBright FameAbbreviation of RobertShort Form of RobertStrangeBright Famous One
223. AnneGraceFavourGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourMercyGraciousEagleGodVariant of Hebrew HannahEnglish, French, Hebrew Nebenform of Anna (meaning: Grace, mercy). Namesake: Anne, British princess.
224. ErinIrelandPoetic Name for IrelandPeaceThe Irish Woman
225. AngelMessenger of GodAngelMessengerA Little Messager from GodShine of Glory
226. IsabellaConsecrated to GodGod is My OathGod is PerfectionPledged to GodGod's PromiseVariant of ElizabethMy God is BountifulGod of Plenty
227. VictorConquerorWinnerChampionOne who ConquersVictorThe Victor
228. JohnnyVariant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been GraciousHas Shown FavourForm of JohnGod GaveThe Lord is GraciousSimilar to JohnGod is GraciousYahweh Is Gracious
229. FrancisFreeFrench ManA Man Form FranceFrenchwomanA Free ManLittle Frenchman
230. TracyDomain Belonging To THRACIUSFighterBraveWarlikeWarriorSummerPlace of ThraciusHarvesterMaybe The Hunteress
231. PhillipOne of the Biblical 12 ApostlesHorse LoverFriend of Horses
232. MartinFrom the God MarsWar-likeDedicated to MarsWarring
233. BradleyDweller at the Broad MeadowBroad ClearingBroad Meadow
234. JosephineHe (God) Will Add
235. AlyssaSweet AngelNoble SortOf A Noble Kind
236. ClarenceClearLuminousFamousOne who Lives Near the River ClareOf ClareBrightName of a PlacePlain
237. TravisTo Cross the RiverForm of TraversCrossroadsCrossingToll TakerCollector of Tolls
238. ErnestSincereSerious Battle to the DeathEarnestSeriousBattle to the DeathThe Ernest
239. StanleyLives by the Stony MeadowRocky MeadowRocky Meadow or from the Stony FieldEnglish name, meaning: stony field, similar to a family or place names. Namesakes: Stanley Kubrick, American film director.
240. CameronBent NoseCrooked StreamCrooked NoseClan
241. CraigDweller by the CragFrom Near the CragRockRocky Outcropping
242. DaleValleyDweller in the ValleyValley DwellerDale
243. AllisonSon of the Highborn
244. EllaForeignBeautiful Fairy WomanTrue to AllLittle Ash-girlThe Name of a Fairy-tale HeroineAllCompletelyLightTorchBright Light
245. EdnaBringer of LightLightIlluminationEnglish name of Irish origin Biblical Hebrew name Urprungs, meaning: joy, bliss. Particularly common in the United States. Namesake: Edna Ferber, American writer.
246. PeggyPearlChild of LightVariation of MargaretThe Pearl
247. PéggyPearlChild of LightVariation of MargaretThe Pearl
248. LeeGladePoetPlumMeadow with Coarse GrassMeadow of the SheepThe KingFair-haired Courageous OneLion-boldLion-manPastureMeadowClearingDweller Near the Wood or ClearingWoodWeary
249. LeonardFrench form (of meaning composition: "Lion" and "strong") by Leonhard.
250. TinaRiverClayWar LikeConstantChristian WomanHolyPureAnointedLittle OneFollower of ChristAn InstrumentMaybe The Pure
251. EarlNoblemanChiefLeaderWarriorPrince
252. DawnDaybreakAwakeningDawnSun Arising
253. JimmySupplanterGod May ProtectHolder of HeelsForm of JamesOne who SupplantsHeld by the HeelName in the BibleYahweh May Protect
254. CarlosManlyStrongStrong and Manly
255. CodyDescendent Of CUIDIGHTHEACHCushionHelpfulHelperPillowSon
256. DannyForm of DanielGod is My Judge
257. RitaPearlChild of LightVariant of MargaretBraveHonestWay of LifeThe Pearl
258. EleanorLightVariant of HelenShinning LightSun RayTorchForeign
259. ToddFox
260. ElijahIllustrious PledgeTrustedShining PledgeBright PromiseBright OathBeautyfulMy God Is Yahweh
261. WandaGet FatWandererA Slavic Name for the Tribal GroupVandalsLook HealthyOpen AreaWend
262. EthelNobleRighteous
263. CourtneyCourt AttendantDweller by the Dark StreamCourt-dwellerDomain of CurtisFrom CourtenaySnub NosedCourtlyCourteousRoyal AttendantShort
264. AudreyNoble Strength
265. PaulaSmallHumbleStringLittleThe Small
266. AlexForm of AlexanderHelper and Defender of MankindHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
267. NormaFrom the NorthPatternCourageNorsemanRuleStandardFemale Version of NormanCarpenter's Square
268. ClaraBrightClearFamous
269. CalebBoldVery BoldNoteworthy and ValorousBold PrinceMessengerDogFaithful DogBoldCourageousFaithDevotionWhole Hearted
270. JessieFair and YieldingJasmine FlowerWoman of WealthGiftGod BeholdsGod has been GraciousDiminutive of Jane and JesusSimilar to JenniferEnglish short form of Jessica (meaning: God sees) Pet form of Jean and Janet or Johanna (God is gracious). Namesake: Jessye Norman, American singer.
271. IsaacLaughing OneLaughterHe will LaughHe Laughs
272. EllenSun RayShiningForm of EleanorVariant of HelenBrightnessMercyTorchMoon ElopeMoonEnglish In addition to the form of Helene (meaning: the Shining) Danish form of Helene (meaning: the Shining). Namesake: Ellen Key, Swedish educational reformer and writer.
273. MasonStoneworkerStone WorkerMason
274. ConnieSteadfastnessForm of ConstanceTo be KnowledgeableBrave CounselThe SteadfastHorn
275. MarjoriePearlDiminutive of MargaretChild of LightThe Pearl
276. LuisGod is MercifulJohnGod is GraciousScottish Form of Joan Gracious Gift from GodLoud
277. AllenForm of AlanNobleRockComely
278. JoelYahweh Is God
279. GladysLameDisabledPrincessSmall SwordLimpingCountryRulerGladiolus FlowerThe Limping
280. CarrieMelodySongForm of CarolManlyFemale Version of CharlesCarlDarlingSong of Joy
281. EdithProsperous in WarJoyousProsperityBattleRich GiftStrife for WealthRich in War
282. EvanThe Lord is GraciousYoung WarriorRight HandedBorn of YewGod is GraciousYahweh Is Gracious
283. NathanielGift of GodGiven by GodGod has Given
284. EvaLifeTo LiveTo BreathGood NewsForm of EveBelovedLiving OneBreath of LifeLife-giving
285. LukeFrom LucaniaBringer of LightA Region of Southern ItalyNative of LucaniaBrightForm of Lucus
286. FrederickPeaceful RulerElfMagical Counsel
287. WendyFriendLiteraryWendsVandalsFenceEnclosureProtectionWhite and SmoothSoftFair Bow
288. CurtisPoliteCourteousCourtly
289. MarionBitterAs in a Bitterly Wanted ChildRebelliousStar of the SeaStarSea of BitternessWished-for ChildEnglish, French pet form of Marie. In Germany since the early 20th century spread. Namesake: Marion Cotillard, French actress.
290. ValerieThe Healthy
291. HazelFrom the Headland with the Hazel TreesHazelnutA Nut-bearing TreeThe Hazel TreeNutColour of Sun SetReddish Brown
292. ElaineShiningVariant of HelenTorchBright LightThe Bright
293. CindyMoonLittle Ash-girlThe Name of a Fairy-tale HeroineForm of CynthiaMoon GoddessFromWoman From The Mountain Kynthos On Delos Island
294. EstherStarMyrtle LeafLike a StarStampedding HorsesSweetMaybe Star
295. MorganSea CircleBright SeaWhite Sea DwellerFighter of the SeaSea WarriorDweller of the Sea
296. VanessaGenus of ButterflyStarCoined from
297. NormanSurnameNorthernerMan from the NorthNorthman
298. MarvinSea LoverFriend of the SeaEminent MarrowSea FriendGreatMarrow Eminent
299. TonyWorthy of PraiseTwinForm of AnthonyPricelessInvaluableFlourishingDerived from VictoriaTriumphantBeyond Price
300. AvaVoiceCallSatellite CommunicationAliveLiving
301. BriannaDweller on the Broad IslandWide IslandSpiritedBroadHill
302. GlennValleyValley in the MountainsFrom GlenGlen is a Narrow Valley Between HillsMaybe From The Valley
303. MonicaAdviserSolitaryAloneUniqueA Wise CounsellorSaintNunTimekeeperNobleAristocraticGreek, Latin origin, meaning: recluse. Mid-20th century popular in Germany. Namesake: Monika Maron, German writer.
304. AntonioHighly PraiseworthyFrom a Roman Clan NameIn the 17th CenturyPricelessOf Inestimable WorthInvaluableSpanish Form of AnthonyBeyond Praise
305. RodneyIsland ClearingFrom the Island Near the ClearingRenown IslandHroda's Island
306. AdrianFrom Adria-a North Italian CityDark OneFrom HadriaMan from Etruscan city, Hadriathe Adriatic from the stem end. Timeless name that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the form known as Pope Hadrian Name
307. JasmineA FlowerFragrant FlowerFlower of JasmineGift from GodA Plant in the Olive Family
308. DanaGod is My JudgeA DaneJudgeArbiterMother of the Gods in MythsFrom DenmarkOld English
309. MelvinCouncilProtectorSword FriendMill WorkerPolished ChiefBad Village
310. MelanieThe Dark
311. AlfredElfWise CounsellorName of a KingCounsel from the ElvesMagical CounselSupernaturally WiseElf Counsel
312. EdwinProsperous FriendValuedWealthy FriendBlessed FriendRich Friend
313. SteveWreathAbbreviation of Steven and Stephen Often Used as an Independent NameCrownedA GarlandThe Crowned
314. HunterA HuntsmanHunter
315. ChadOf Great LoveWarriorWarlikeName of a SaintFierceManBattle
316. LucasBringer of LightA Region of Southern ItalyMan from LucaniaLight
317. SylviaForestFrom the ForestWoodWoman of the WoodForest Man
318. AprilTo OpenSecondTo Open UpAprilOpening of Flowers in SpringThe openingSpring
319. SheilaSlang Term for WomanBlind One
320. TheodoreGift Of God
321. KatiePureForm of KatherineVirginalMaybe The Pure
322. LynnDwells by the TorrentWaterfallPondPrettyA CascadeLakePoolGentle
323. AlexandraProtector of ManMan's DefenderFeminine of AlexanderHelper and Defender of MankindTo DefendTo HelpHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
324. EricaAlways RulerHonorable RulerThe Heather PlantForeverRegalQueen-likeAloneAlone-Ruler
325. SherryDescendent Of SearrachDarlingBelovedDearA PlainFlat Pasture
326. DerekRuler of the PeopleThe People's RulerFirst of the PeopleKing of Nations
327. MarcusWar-likeMarsThe Roman God of WarFrom the God MarsDedicated to MarsForm of MarcRoman God MarsDefenceOf the SeaDedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
328. JefferyDivinely PeacefulDerived from One of Three Old German NamesPeaceRegion
329. JacksonSon Of JACKGod is Gracious
330. HerbertIllustrious WarriorExcellent ArmyRulerBright Army
331. JesusSon of HarryYahweh Is Salvation
332. PaulineSmallHumbleFemale Version of PaulLittleThe Small
333. ThelmaGift of GodSupreme Gift
334. MicheleWho Is Like God?
335. AliciaElf CounselElf StrengthOf A Noble Kind
336. EddieNames Beginning with EdForm of EdwardGuardian of ProsperityWealthy DefenderWealth ProtectorWealthy GuardianGuard Of His Wealth
337. CarolineLittle and WomanlySong of HappinessFemale Version of CharlesCarlJoyBeautiful WomanLittleWomanlyDiminutive with Royal Connotations
338. LucilleLightBorn at DaybreakThe Bright
339. IanGod is GraciousGift from God Form of JohnYahweh Is Gracious
340. RickyRulerPeaceful RulerDominant RulerBrotherStrong PowerLuckyPowerfulBrave RulerAbbreviation of RichardFemale Version of EricRuler ForeverRich
341. LeahMeadowGlad TidingsCowWeary OneDelicateSoftTo TireJacob's WifeWild Cow
342. JaydenAttractiveFrom the Initials J CBased on the Initials J CAn Abbreviation of JacindaThankful
343. KristenFollower of ChristAnointedChristian
344. SuzanneLilyForm of Susan
345. VeronicaSolitaryAdviserNunWishDesireAristocraticIndividualLittleGiverLadyAloneWise GuardianWillHelmetProtectionJust OneNoble OneName of a GodOne who Brings VictoryTrue ImageSevereTrueFaithBringing Victory
346. MiaBeautyMine
347. WesleyThe West MeadowWestern Meadow
348. AnitaGraceFavourWithout GuileLeader
349. KimFrom the Royal Fortress MeadowChief WarArmletRegal HillGoldenNoble or BraveWhat
350. TroyCurly HairedFoot-soldierMan From Troyes
351. DoloresValleyDeanVindicatedSupervisorAvengedJudgementPain
352. JoanneGod is GraciousGift from GodVariant of JoanYahweh Is Gracious
353. GeraldineSpear
354. GailLivelyCheerfulHappyForeignerGod is JoyFather in RejoicingMy Father is JoyAbigailMy Father Rejoices
355. LorraineFrom LorraineMade Famous in BattleLaurel
356. BerthaIntelligentFamousShiningNobleGloriousBright or Glorious
357. RhondaRebornBorn AgainGood Spear
358. JillYouthfulGirlAbbreviation of Jillian or GillianJove's ChildSweet HeartA Young WomanDowney-haired Child
359. IsaiahGod is My SalvationThe Lord Helps MeThe Salvation of the LordGod's HelperYahweh Is Salvation
360. JuanitaGod is Gracious
361. RayRegalCounsellorAbbreviation of RaymondAdviceBeam of LightGraceWell Advised ProtectorWise ProtectorDear BrookAbbreviation of R
362. VivianSea of BitternessGod is My TeacherStar of the SeaForm of MariahA Bitterly Wanted ChildAlive
363. JulianYouthfulDown-bearded YouthJove's ChildDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft Bearded
364. DustinValiant FighterBrave WarriorThor's Stone
365. ConnorExaltedWiseHigh LongingWolfLoverHoundKingUlsterHound LoverLover of WolvesMaybe Dog Lover
366. MikeWho is Like GodForm of MichaelWho Is Like God?
367. DarleneDearLittle DarlingBelovedTenderly Beloved
368. SallyPrincessLadyForm of SarahNoble Lady
369. ChloeGreen Shoot
370. HollyTo PrickHolly GroveShrub with Red BerriesEvergreen
371. CalvinMighty SpearmanSpear RulerSacred NameVariant of the Saint's Name JeromeForm of GeraldSpear WarriorThe Lord ExaltsBrave with the SpearThe Little Bald One
372. JaredHe DescendsDescending One who RulesDescent
373. LeroyFord Near the CliffName of a PlaceNear a SlopeKing
374. LeoThe Lion
375. BernardBearBrave as a BearCourageousStrongBear-brave
376. OscarDeer LoverGod's SpearDear FriendLover of DeerSpear of StrengthDivine StrengthAse
377. LucyBringer of LightLightIlluminationThe Bright
378. RandallShield Wolf
379. AidenA WendWandererBorn of Fire
380. JuneSixth Month of the YearJuneBorn in JuneVital Force
381. RileyBraveCourageousValiantDweller by the Rye FieldRye MeadowRye ClearingDescendant of Roghallach
382. LiamDefender of MankindFeminine of AlexanderDefending MenWill
383. BeatriceTraveller
384. JayBlue JayHe who SupplantsThe Lord is SalvationVictoryBlue Crested BirdA Bird in the Crow FamilyWinName of Bird
385. ShaneForm of SergioAttendantEnglish name, feminine form of Sean In addition to the form of Shan a boy name.
386. JeremiahYAHWEH Has UpliftedGod will UpliftExalted of the LordLord ExaltsYahwe Uplifts
387. CharlieHandsomeManlyForm of CharlesStrongFree-womanCutest Boy
388. BrookeA Small StreamNear the Stream or BrookFrom the Western StreamA Small Fresh Water StreamA BrookA StreamBreaking ForthDweller by the BrookLoverWho Lives Near The Brook
389. CoreyDweller in or Near a HollowHill HollowChosenRavenFrom the Round Hill or HollowStrong and LivelySeething PoolGod's Servant
390. CliffordFord Near the CliffName of a PlaceNear a Slope
391. RonnieRules with Good JudgmentCounsel PowerExaltedOn HighForm of VeronicaTrue ImageWise RulerRules with CounselStrong CounselOne who Brings VictoryAdvice
392. DebbieA BeeForm of Deborah
393. IdaName of a KingA Stream of PraiseA Period of TimeProsperousHappyWorkLabourWomanThirstGoodnessKnowledgeA NymphHard WorkingThis MomentInsightPlanet EarthIndustriousDiligentNorman Origin
394. EileenSimilar to ClaraBrightFamousBeautifulClear
395. CaseyMelodySongForm of CarolManlyFemale Version of CharlesCarlDarlingSong of JoyDescendant Of Cathasaigh
396. ReneeBorn Again
397. RenéeBorn Again
398. BerniceBringer of Victory
399. StacyProductiveFertileResurrectionDiminutive of AnastasiaFruitfulGood GrapesOne who will be RebornGiving FruitProsperous
400. MadelineOne who is ElevatedWoman from MagdalaFrom the High TowerOf Magdala
401. ClaireBrightClearFamous
402. ManuelPowerfulStrong
403. BlakeDark ComplexionedPale SkinnedDarkPaleWhiteDark-hairedBlackmanPale-skinnedBlack
404. BarryMarksmanFrom the Land that was BurnedLives at the BarrierSharpPointedBear-strengthSpearJavelinWhite
405. KristinDark Haired OneCiar's PeopleDuskyDarkName of a CountyQueenChristian
406. JoGod is GraciousAbbreviation of Names Like Joanna and JosephineIt is also Used as a Prefix in Compound Names Like Jobeth and JolisaHe will EnlargeYahweh Is GraciousHe (God) Will Add
407. AmeliaIndustriousWork LabourWorkFertileEffortStrainWork of the Lord
408. TommyTwinForm of Thomas
409. OwenHelp from AllahWell BornYoung FighterBorn of YewYouthThe Lord is Gracious
410. ElsieForm of ElizabethConsecrated to GodPledged to GodOath of GodGod is SatisfactionMy God is BountifulGod of PlentyMy God Is Abundance
411. ReginaQueenPurple FlowerKing
412. RéginaQueenPurple FlowerKing
413. SydneyWide MeadowFrom Saint DenisBright FamePlace Name
414. GertrudeStrength of a SpearSpear HunterSpear StrengthBeloved Warrior
415. DeanHollowValleyChurch Official
416. WarrenWatchmanPark WardenLoyalGame Park
417. MiguelBraveMightyPowerfulHard StrengthWho Is Like God?
418. LorettaCrowned with LaurelsSmall Sage OneSweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryBayLaurel TreeSweet Bay TreePure
419. RosaRoseLittle RoseFlower NameTruthfulKindnessDewFamous Guardian
420. TaraA StarThe Name of a Buddhist GoddessHillTowerCragRocky HillThe Pupil of the EyeA Hill Where the Kings MetWife of Lord Brihaspati
421. GavinLittle FalconWhite Hawk of Battle
422. RobertaBright FameFamous One
423. AveryCounsel from the ElvesRules with Elf-wisdomElf CounselElfin RulerElf Ruler
424. BessieGod is My OathForm of ElizabethConcentrated to GodHouseGod's PromiseMy God Is Abundance
425. CathyPureMaybe The Pure
426. StellaSea of BitternessAbbreviation of MaryMargaret and MiriamPearlBitterRebelliousStar of the SeaBelovedLatin origin, meaning: Star.
427. JackieGod has been GraciousHas Shown FavorBased on John or JacquesSon of JackHe who SupplantsDiminutive of JackGod is GraciousSupplanterFlower NameYahweh May ProtectYahweh Is Gracious
428. AnnetteFavourGraceGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourEagleIntroduced to Britain in the 13th CenturyHe (God) Was Gracious
429. LaurieFrom LaurentiumLaurelCrowned with LaurelsFrom Laurentum
430. DonForm of DonaldBrown StrangerWorld LeaderManGreatChiefRuler Of The World
431. CassandraSong of JoySong of HappinessWomanlyForm of CarolyneProtrude
432. JonThe Lord is GraciousGod has GivenGift of GodGod is GraciousJehovah has been GraciousVariant of JohnAbbreviation of JonathanLow German, Nordic short form of Johann (meaning: God is merciful) Variant of John (meaning: God is merciful).
433. ChrisBearer of Christ or AnointedForm of ChristopherChristian
434. DevinPoetEnglish and American Place NameDivinePerfectBardResembling a GodThe Poet
435. LeonFrench form of Leo (meaning: lion) Short form (of meaning composition: "Lion" and "strong") by Leonhard.
436. SavannahA Treeless PlainFrom the Open PlainEnglish name, meaning similar to the eponymous town in the US. Particularly widespread in the US.
437. LydiaWoman from LydiaNoble KindOf the Noble SortLydia was an Area of Asia Famous for Its Two Rich KingsMidas and CroesusBeautyHappiness
438. DominicBelonging to the LordLordForm of Dominick
439. MollyPet Form of MaryThe Perfect OneBitternessSorrowStar of the SeaMaybe Bitterness
440. LindseyFrom the Island of Linden TreesLinden Tree Near the WaterPool on an IslandWetland
441. JeanetteThe Lord is GraciousLittle JeanFemale Version of JohnVariant of JaneGod is MercifulGod is GraciousYahweh Is Gracious
442. JeanneVariant of JaneThe Lord is GraciousGod is MercifulGod is GraciousYahweh Is Gracious
443. MitchellWho is Like GodForm of Michael Like God
444. ChaseChaseHuntHuntsmanHunter
445. ColleenGirl
446. KaitlynGood ThinkCleverJustUprightRighteousTrueJudiciousFairMaybe The Pure
447. LloydGraySacredGrey Haired
448. StaceyProductiveFertileResurrectionTo StandEnglish pet form of Anastasia (meaning: the Risen One) a boy name.
449. AlmaBitterFrom the Gaelic Maili which is a Pet Form of Mary BitterStar of the SeaSoulWith Dark Red LipsNourishing SoulAll GoodGiving NurtureKindBraveThe Nourishing
450. BillResolute ProtectorForm of WilliamResolute GuardianWill DesireWill HelmetProtect
451. SethAppointed OnePlaced
452. JeromeFrench form of Jerome (meaning: holy name).
453. BrettFrom BritainA BretonNative of BrittanyThe Breton
454. ShelbyShelteredSettlement of HutsFrom the Manor VillageFrom the Village on the LedgeThe Place Where Willows GrowSheltered TownEstate on the LedgeEnglish name, meaning similar to an English place and family names. Particularly widespread in the US.
455. PearlThe Precious StonePearlGem White in ColorPure by HeartGemstoneA Gem of the SeaGemDiamond
456. DarrellDarlingForm of DarylDearTransfered SurnamePossibly Originated as a French Place NameLike DarcyFrom Airelle
457. ChelseaChalk PortLanding PlacePort
458. AlvinRelated to elf
459. MinnieGod is My OathMy God is BountifulGod of PlentyWillMaybe Bitterness
460. BethGod is My OathHouse of GodForm of ElizabethHouseGod's PromiseMy God Is Abundance
461. AgnesLatin or Greek origin, meaning: the Pure. In Germany spread for a millennium and unchanged popular. Known among others by Friedrich Hebbel's tragedy "Agnes Bernauer" (1852). Namesake: Agnès Varda, French film director.
462. HaileyFrom the Hay MeadowHay ClearingHeroHay Woods
463. NaomiEnjoymentPleasureAbove AllBeautyDelightfulEs-tower of JoyGangaHonest BeautifulMother-in-law of RuthPleasantnessJapanese name meaning composition of "honesty" and "beauty" English form of Noemi (meaning: joy). Namesake: Naomi Campbell, American model.
464. JoannAnother form of JaneGod is MercifulJehovah has been GraciousThe Lord is Gracious Short form of names ending in "Jane". Namesake: Jane Austen, British writer. feminine form of John or (meaning: God is merciful) In addition to the form of JanaEnglish form of Johanna (meaning: God is merciful)
465. TrevorPrudentGreat SettlementLarge HomesteadBig Village
466. LillieLilyThe Flower Lily is a Symbol of InnocencePurity and BeautyVariant of Lillian Derived from the Flower Name LilyPurity
467. RosemaryBitter RoseDew of the Sea
468. HaleyHay ClearingHay MeadowField of HayUsually a SurnameIngeniousScientificIngenious or Scientific
469. YvonnePurposeful PeaceWill-helmetWillDesireBrightFamousFrench origin, feminine form (meaning: yew).
470. MichealFamous WarriorDiminutive of LewisIn WalesRenowned WarriorLike a LionResembling a LionWho Is Like God?
471. FloydWhite HairedThe HollowFloodGray-hairedGraySacredGray HairedGrey
472. CarterOne Who Uses A CartTransporter of Goods with a CartCart DriverCarterSomeone who Uses a CartDriver of a Cart
473. GordonHill Near the MeadowFrom the Cornered HillTriangular HillLarge FortificationFrom the MarshesOne of Scotland's Great ClansSurnameMaybe Great Hill
474. JimSupplanterHolder of HeelsForm of JamesOne who SupplantsYa-hew May ProtectYahweh May Protect
475. VickiVictoriousConquerorPet Form of VictoriaThe Victor
476. CarmenGardenOrchardSon ofFruit Garden
477. OliverOlive TreeElf ArmyThe Biblical Olive Tree Symbolizes Fruitfulness and Beauty and DignityExtending an Olive Branch Signifies an Offer of PeaceName of Tree which Gives Olive Oil
478. LandonLong HillOpen Grassy MeadowRidgeFrom the Grassy Plain
479. GinaPowerful Mother of Black PeopleWell BornRace of WomenPowerful WomanWhite WaveQueenA Girl from the FarmVirginSilveryPureVariant of ReginaKing
480. ErikFrom the Elder TreeOne's ElderAlone-Ruler
481. EdgarWealthy Spear-manOwner of SpearProtector of the GodRichGod SpearBlessedRich Spear
482. GeorgiaFarmerEarth Worker
483. LewisFamousRenowned WarriorForm of LouisFamous in BattleFame and WarFighterLoud
484. KelseyCenel IslandBraveShip's IslandShining Upon ManFierce IslandFrom the Ship's Island
485. JohnnieVariant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been GraciousHas Shown FavorThe Lord is GraciousGod is MercifulGod is GraciousModern Female Version of John and JonYahweh Is Gracious
486. NellieShining LightEleanorMost Beautiful WomanDerived from the Greek HelenThe Bright OneHorn ColouredYellowForm of CorneliusHornSun RayTorchMoonMoon ElopeDiminutive of EleanorDiminutive of
487. CarlaFem Form of CarlMan
488. MaxBy the Great StreamA Short Form of MaxwellGreatestLittle MaximusVery Great
489. WyattWar StrengthGuideSmall FighterLittle WarriorHardy WarriorWar Brave
490. VernonYouthfulAristocratic Surname Brought to England at the Time of the Norman ConquestPlace of Alder TreesSpring Like
491. TerriHarvesterAbbreviation of TeresaRuler of the PeopleTheresaLate SummerMaybe The Hunteress
492. ClydeRefers to the Scottish Clyde RiverHeard from AfarWarmRefers the Clyde RiverMuddy
493. DestinyFateDestinyCertain FortuneThe Mythological Greek God of FateOne's Fate
494. NoraSea of BitternessForm of MaryWished-for ChildRebellionStar of the SeaBitterBelovedIrish name meaning: torch Irish short for Eleanor or Eleonore (meaning suggesting the other) Latin name, meaning: the Honorable Arabic name, meaning: bringer of light. In Germany for more than three centuries spread. Widely known through the drama "A Doll's House" (1879) by Henrik Ibsen.
495. MarioSon ofTaken from MackenzieGreatestOf the Sea or SailorBitterKing-rulerWarlikeManlyFrom the God MarsThe EndFinalWarringItalian, Spanish form of Marius (meaning similar to an ancient Roman sex). Used in Germany for over 100 years. Widely known through Thomas Mann's novella "Mario and the Magician" (1930). Namesakes: Mario Adorf, German actor.
496. SueLily
497. SebastianMan from SebasteWhich was a City in AsiaReveredMajesticVehement Protector
498. JennaParadiseLittle BirdHeavenGod is GraciousFair PhantomFairWhite and SmoothForm of JenniferWhite SpiritWhiteWell BornFeminine of EugenePureSmoothSoftEnglish In addition to the form of Jenny.
499. MaureenDark SkinnedGreatDarkSea of BitternessStar of the SeaMaybe Bitterness
500. DerrickRuler of the PeopleForm of DerekRulerPeople's RulerFirst of the PeopleKing of Nations
501. HeidiValleyValley in the MountainsFrom GlenGlen is a Narrow Valley Between HillsOf A Noble Kind
502. LilyLilyForm of LillianManuscripts of GodLily FlowerA Symbol of Purity
503. ArlenePledgeOath
504. MarianA Combination of Mary and AnnBitterSea of BitternessRebelliousnessWished for ChildOf the Clan MariusEnglish name, feminine form of Marianus or Marius (meaning similar to an ancient Roman sex) Bundling of Anna Maria and (meaning: Grace, mercy), a boy name.
505. DaisyEye of the DayFlower NameDay's EyeDaisy
506. WilmaWillDesireHelmetShort Form of WilhelminaResolute ProtectorFeminine Variant of WilliamWill-helmetProtectWill Helmet
507. LeviUnitedCombinedAttachedPossibly GovernorGuideJoinedGovernorAdhesionJoined toCrownGarlandLifeMaybe Joined To
508. TomTwinForm of ThomasHonest
509. RicardoShield WolfRich
510. MarcWarlikeFrom the God MarsForm of MarkDefenceOf the SeaDedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
511. ConstanceConstancySteadfastnessThe Steadfast
512. PaigeSweetPageYoung ChildA Young AttendantLittle ChildServerYoung ServantThe Page
513. BrentHilltopBurntSteep HillMountHigh Place
514. VeraTruthVictoryOne who Brings VictoryTrue ImageTrustworthyFaithfulSummerFaith
515. LenaThe Bright
516. VioletBluish PurpleViolet FlowerPureGentleViola
517. MyrtleAn AromaticEvergreen ShrubBotanical NameThe Myrtle is a Dark Green Shrub with Pink or White BlossomsA FlowerSymbol of Victory
518. JoyHappinessRejoicing
519. MauriceDark-skinnedMoorishThe One From Mauritania
520. SabrinaFrom the BorderSword LikeName of the River SevernCactus FruitA Welsh River NameFrom CyprusPrincessWhite RoseThorn
521. AubreyBearlikeElf RulerRuler of the Elves
522. HermanBrightHighbornBrilliantDay-brightFameStrengthBright as an AngelShining IntellectRenowned NorthernerFamousWillDesireNobleShiningHigh Ranking SoldierArmy
523. FranklinFreemanFree LandownerLand HolderA Man from FranceFranch ManOf The Franks
524. KristinaFollower of ChristAnointedChristian WomanChrist Bearer
525. MelindaGratefulGentleDarkHoneySweetSupplanterHolder of HeelYahweh May ProtectCombination of Melanie and Linda
526. JimmieSupplanterHe who SupplantsHeld by the HeelYahweh May Protect
527. MabelLovableLove
528. LindsayLINCOLN IslandFrom the Island of the Lime TreeA LakeA Place of Linden TreesWetland
529. FaithTrustBeliefFaithfulLoyaltyHopeConfidenceOne of the VirtuesFaithCharity
530. DeannaDivineValleyVariant of DianaLight
531. FranciscoCourageousLittle Bald OneHairlessDogShort for Names Beginning with CalLittle Frenchman
532. GabrielleLuckySuccessfulGreat HappinessHappyFortunateEnjoying Good LuckStrong Man Of God
533. MarciaWarlikeFrom the God MarsDedicated to MarsProtector of ManMartial OneWar LikeDefenceOf the SeaPr
534. GeneWell-bornNobleForm of EugeneBorn LuckyWell Born
535. CharleneMan
536. ColeDarkly ComplexionedCoalRenowned MarinerYoung CreatureVictory of the PeoplePrince of Red RosesThe Black
537. BillieResolute ProtectorWill-helmetWillDesireHelmetProtectionProtectDeterminationBeautiful
538. CoraMaidenSeething Pool
539. AlejandroOld and Wise ProtectorDefenderOld FriendHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
540. CoryDweller Near a HollowFrom the Round HillSeething PoolRavineThe HollowRaven
541. MackenzieSon Of COINNEACHLoveMotherMomMummy
542. MattieProsperous in WarJoyousProsperityBattleRich GiftStrife for WealthRich in WarLadyMight
543. ViolaForm of VioletViolet FlowerPurpleTwelfth NightViola
544. LesterFortified PlaceFrom LeicesterRoman Fort
545. KatelynPureFrom Katherine and LynnMaybe The Pure
546. XavierBrightSplendidThe HelperNew HouseOwner of a New HomeSaviour
547. IvanGift of GodGod's Gracious GiftArcher
548. TamaraGazelleRoeBeautyGraceRoe-buckSmall DeerFlowerSpiceDate TreePalm TreeDate Palm
549. ClaytonClay SettlementSettlement by the Clay PitFrom the Clay TownDwelling Near the Clay-bedSurnamePlace NameClay-pit Site
550. GarrettMighty with a SpearStrong SpearPowerful with the Spear
551. JorgeFarmerA Tiller of the SoilSpanish Form of George Farmer
552. ElmerNobleFamousHighborn and Renowned
553. MarleneFrom the High TowerContraction of Maria and MagdaleneBeloved from MagdalaStar of the Sea
554. GilbertIllustrious PledgeTrustedShining PledgeBright PromiseBright Oath
555. AddisonSon Of ADAMSon of the Red EarthIn the Bible God Created Adam-the First Man-out of the Red Earth and Breathed Life into HimChild of Adam
556. JennieWhite WaveRace of WomenWell BornFeminine of EugeneFairSmoothWhite and SmoothSoft
557. ClaudiaLamePerseveringLimpingDisabledThe Limping
558. PatsyBringer of LightLightThe Light of IndiaNobleman
559. GlenFamous WarriorRenowned SpearmanFamous with the SpearFameAppointed OnePlacedMaybe From The Valley
560. SofiaCatlikeForm of SabineOf Ancient Italian CultureWoman from the Sabine TribeBeautifulPure OneAlwaysForm of SarahPrincessKnowledgeWisdomWillWise Form of Sophia
561. NinaLifeHazelnutLittle BirdDesiredLife GivingLightBirdLove HopeLovely-eyedFull of GraceLittle GirlGirlGraceDiminutive of AnnOrnamentedSlenderStrongFireGod had GraciousBeautiful
562. SamTold by GodGod has ListenTo HearSunHis Name is GodSun ChildLittle SunStrong PersonHeard of God
563. ColinVictory of the PeopleYoung BoyAbbreviation of Nicholas People's VictoryYoung CreatureVictorPeople's VictoryCubPupDoveOak Meadow
564. KayleeFrom Kay and LeeBelovedVariant of Kay and KaylaKeeper of the KeysLike GodSlenderPastureDescendant Of Caollaidhe
565. ErikaEver-powerfulHonorable RulerRuler ForeverAloneAlone-RulerHeather
566. AndreThe Manly
567. AlexaFrom the Farm by the SpringFrom the Well SettlementHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
568. GrantGreat PlainsTallBigGreatThe Great
569. ZoeLife
570. SadiePrincessLadyMercyRansomWage
571. JakeSupplanterHeld by the HeelForm of JacobHe who SupplantsGod is GraciousYahweh May Protect
572. HaydenHay ValleyFrom the Hedged in ValleyFrom the Hedged ValleyThe Rosy MeadowHeathen
573. ChesterCamp of SoldiersFortFrom the Rock FortressStone CampFrom the Fortified CampCastle Dweller
574. HarveyArmy WarriorBattle WorthyBurning for Battle or Strong and ArdentEager for BattleStrong and Worthy
575. TonyaPraiseworthyFemale Version of AnthonyAbbreviation of Antonia and AntoinetteBeyond PriceInvaluablePriceless
576. AutumnSeason NameThe Fall SeasonAutumn
577. JeffDivinely PeacefulForm of JeffreyGod's PeacePeaceRegion
578. SpencerDispenser Of ProvisionsDispenserProvisioner
579. MarissaSea of BitternessLittle MaryWished-for ChildRebellionBitterStar of the SeaMaybe Bitterness
580. PriscillaAncientPrimitiveVenerableThe Ancient
581. IsabelConsecrated to GodMy God is BountifulGod of PlentyGod's PromiseGod is My Oath
582. GwendolynFair BowWhite RingBlessed RingGoddess of the Moon
583. DeloresAchesForm of DoloresLady of SorrowsPain
584. AngelinaNobilityNoble KindSofterSmall Winged OneSincereHealingSkyFrom the StoneReddish-yellow Precious JewelGold-brown Semiprecious StoneAmberMessenger Of God
585. BaileyAdministratorStewardPublic OfficialMan in ChargeBailiffIn the Middle Ages a Bailiff was a Minor Officer of the LawAbleBerryLaw EnforcerCourtyard Within Castle WallsSurnameBerry ClearingCity Fortification
586. MiltonSettlementTownSettlement by the MillFrom the Middle TownMill SettlementMill Town
587. JaimeVariant of Jacob SupplanterSupplanterThe SunYahweh May Protect
588. DakotaAlliesFriendsVirginalUnblemishedYoung Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious CeremoniesAttendant for a Temple
589. PeytonP&AeligGA's TownWarrior's TownFrom the Fighter's FarmPatricianNobleForm of PatrickFighting Man's EstateRoyalVillage of the WarriorFighting-man's EstateFarm of PoegaPeacock Town
590. TanyaLives by the Stony MeadowRocky MeadowRocky Meadow or from the Stony FieldWorthy of PraiseOf the FamilyFairy Princess
591. ColtonCOLA's TownCoal TownTown of Colt-breedingDark Settlement
592. DuaneDescendent Of DUBHÁNDarkForm of WayneWagonerSwarthyHairLittle Dark OneThe Little Dark One
593. EliUpliftedElevationThe Lord will HelpThe Lord is My GodAscendMy GodAscentDefender of MankindHebrew origin, meaning suggesting the superior Hebrew short form of Elias (my God is Yahweh) Kurdish Nebenform of Ali (meaning: the Exalted) a girl's name. Namesakes: Elie Wiesel, American writer of Hungarian origin.
594. TristanTumultSadOutcryFrom the Celtic Name TristanDedicated to MarsBoldRiot
595. ParkerKeeper Of The ParkGamekeeper of a ParkForest RangerKeeper of the ForestPark KeeperPark Warden
596. BryceSon of a NoblemanQuick-movingSpeckledSurname Form of BriceArdentStrengthPiedSpottedNobleSwift
597. MaggieChild of LightPearlFlower NameScottish Form of MargaretThe Pearl
598. BraydenBroad HillsideDescendant Of Bradan
599. CecilBlindSixthBlind One
600. GabriellaGod Gives StrengthHeroine of GodStrong Man of God or Messenger of GodGod's Able-bodied One
601. YolandaVioletGraceful RoseBesides short and form of Jolanda (meaning suggesting violets bloom).
602. MaxineGreatestGreat WomanVery Great
603. PrestonPriest TownThe Priest's VillagePriest's TownPriest's Settlement
604. AlisonSon of the HighbornNoble Sort
605. RubenDwells by the TorrentWaterfallPondPrettyA CascadeLakePoolLuckyBehold
606. CaitlinBirdVariant of ByrdLike a BirdUnusual Nature NameMaybe The Pure
607. SophieWisdomSkill
608. GenevieveFrench form of Genoveva (meaning composition: "people" and "woman").
609. CaroleBelovedFriendDear OnePrecious JewelMan
610. AidanIntelligentLittle Fiery OneName of a SaintHelpFieryFire
611. MaeThe Fifth Month of the YearKinswomenMayThe Month May was Goddess of Spring GrowthBitterPearlBeloved
612. ReginaldPowerful RulerCounsel PowerRuler's AdviserRuler with CounselWell-advised RulerAdvice
613. RéginaldPowerful RulerCounsel PowerRuler's AdviserRuler with CounselWell-advised RulerAdvice
614. MirandaAdmirableWonderfulShe who Must be AdmiredWorthy of Admiration
615. VickieTwinThe Victor
616. GlendaPureCleanHolyClean and GoodDivine Goodness
617. CarsonMossy PlaceSon of the Marsh-dwellersRockCoastal RocksSon of CarrMarsh AreaSurnameMaybe Son Of Carr
618. LeonaLionessFeminine of LeonBrave as a LionessThe Lion
619. RobertoBright with FameWide FameSpanish Form of Robert Shining Fame
620. BrandyBeverage BrandyName of a LiquorBrandy Drink
621. MiriamSea of BitternessBiblical NameRebelliousnessPregnant MotherStar of the SeaWished-for ChildBitterSea of SorrowProphetessScrapedRocksBelovedMaybe Bitterness
622. KylieMaybe BoomerangNarrow
623. MariahSea of BitternessGod is My TeacherStar of the SeaForm of MariahA Bitterly Wanted ChildMaybe Bitterness
624. BobbieBright FameBright RenownStrangeForeign
625. SidneyFrom Saint DenisWide MeadowFrom St DenisFrom the Wide Island
626. DanGod is My JudgeForm of DanielJacob's SonJudgeRed
627. MargieFrom the NorthPatternCourageNorsemanRuleStandardFemale Version of NormanThe Pearl
628. DoraKindA GiftGiven by GodGift of God
629. JocelynMedieval Male Name Adopted as a Feminine NameTribal Name of the GautsJoyceHappyJoyfulTribal Name of the Gauts NameA Member of the German TribeThe GautsSupplanterCheerful
630. MarshaWarlikeDedicated to God MarsA Star's NameMartialFrom the God MarsRespectableWar LikeDefenceOf the SeaDedicated To Mars
631. DiegoHe who SupplantsThe SuplanterYahweh May Protect
632. EverettStrong as a Wild BoarStrong as a Boar
633. LanceLandA LanceA Light Spear
634. ArnoldEagle PowerPowerful as an Eagle
635. JoannaGod is GraciousGift of the LordGod's GiftGift from GodYahweh Is Gracious
636. EduardoWealthy GuardianWealthy DefenderWealthFortuneProsperous GuardianGuardian of ProsperityGuard Of His Wealth
637. NeilChampionBlueLike a HornMaybe Champion
638. DarrenGretaOak Tree
639. KayRejoicedShort Form of Katherine and Other Names Beginning with KHappyPureClearForm of KatherineVirginalKeeper of the KeysElder Sister
640. HectorSteadfastAnchorHolds FastStarCoined from Esther VanhomrighTenaciousDefendHold FastCoined from Esther Vanho
641. BrandiBeverage BrandyWarm and ComfortingVariant of the Beverage Brandy Used as a Given Name
642. WhitneyFrom the White Island
643. MicahShiningSea BrightWho Is Like Yahweh?
644. MakaylaDearly LovedLovableBeautifulWho Is Like God?
645. AnaForm of AnnaGraciousGod's FavourResurrectionPlayfulWantedFavouredBeautifulGraceStrongCleverFull of PrideBrightHe (God) Was Gracious
646. KarlFarmerFree ManStrong and MasculineManForm of Charles
647. ToniLilyForm of SusanCragHillStar
648. JosiahYAHWEH SupportsJehovah has HealedFire of the LordThe Lord Supports
649. KatrinaPureTortureForm of KatherineVirginalHolyMaybe The Pure
650. LonnieReady for BattleSolitaryVariant of Alona or LeonaLionBraveHardyFight
651. ChristyAnointedForm of ChristopherChrist-bearerAbbreviation of ChristineCrystalChristian
652. HattieRuler of an EnclosureHome RulerEstateMistress of the Home
653. KaraTaxHandThe Cause ofGracefulBeautifulPureFriendDarlingDear OneBeloved
654. BrooklynBroken LandA Fresh Water Small StreamCombination of Brook and LynnWater
655. KerryDark Haired OneCiar's PeopleDuskyDarkName of a CountyQueenBlack
656. PennyBobbin WorkerWebThreadEyeFaceVoiceFlowerA Diminutive of PenelopeWeaver
657. AlexandriaForm of AlexanderHelper and Defender of MankindHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
658. RolandFamous Land OwnerRenowned in the LandRenownedFame
659. BethanyBattle MaidPrayerWarrior MaidHouse of FigsMaybe House Of Figs
660. ClintonSettlement Near the Headland Settlement on a HillFrom the Headland EstateTown on a HillSettlement by the River GlymeSurnamePlace NameNear a HillSettlement Near the HeadlandFairWhiteFrom
661. JavierGod's Gracious GiftFemale Version of JohnThe Lord is GraciousGift from GodGod is GraciousOwner of a New HouseBorn in JanuaryThe Mountain that is a Mile in HeightA NightFlowerVictoriousForestGreen BranchesBrightVariant of XavierObscure
662. ArianaManPledgeLand of AriansNoblePureVery Holy WomanLike SilverFrom HadriaMost Holy Woman
663. SierraMountain RangeForm of RolandFamed Throughout the LandNoblemanLeaderFamous WolfWolf FameRenowned in the LandEarlSierra
664. FernandoFrom the Elder TreeOne's ElderMaybe Bold Protector
665. OmarAn EraThe HighestThe Highest of Muhammads FollowersLong-livedElevatedFollower of the ProphetFirst SonDiscipleGifted SpeakerFamousExpressiveLifeLong LivingFlourishing
666. NatashaChild Born at ChristmasRebirth-from AnastasiaA FlowerChrist's BirthdayForm of NatalieBorn On Christmas
667. DianneBeeTo Speak Kind WordsHebrewQueen BeeLight
668. CeciliaDim SightedThe Way for the BlindSixthBlind One
669. KendraCenterUnderstandingKnowledgeFamily RulerProphetessKnowingKeen PowerWater BabyMagicalWisdomGreatest ChampionCentreHigh Hill
670. TraceyFranceBravePlace NameFrom ThraciaPlace of ThraciusTheresaHarvesterReaper
671. AdaFulfilling a DutyPayingBeautyEleganceGraceful MannerPureNobleKindNobilityThe Oldest DaughterHappyOrnamentChild of the Red EarthBrightnessProsperousStyleSpecial ThingsOrnamented
672. MeghanPearlStrong and CapablePreciousDiminutive of MargaretThe Pearl
673. AllanHarmonyStoneNobleFairHandsome OneRock
674. NolanDescendent Of NUALLÁNFrom the Wealthy Man's MountainFrom the Mount of the Rich ManMountain Belonging to the RulerOf the MountainFrom MontgomeryDescendant Of Nuallan
675. MelodyMusicRythmicInstrumentSongMelody
676. MargueriteLamePerseveringLimpingDisabledThe Pearl
677. BobBrightForm of RobertBright Famous OneFame
678. JohnathanHe DescendsDescending One who Rules
679. BrianaDistilled WineVariant of the Beverage Brandy Used as a Given NameHill
680. TannerOne Who Tans HidesLeather-workerTanner
681. DarrylDarlingForm of DarylDearTransfered SurnamePossibly Originated as a French Place NameLike DarcyFrom Airelle
682. ClaudeLamePreservingDisabledLimpingThe Limping
683. KendallValley of the River KentFrom the Bright ValleyExalted Effigy
684. MayaDark-skinned ManUncertainPerhaps Mother or Great OneIllusionDurgaTo IncreaseA PrincessWaterTruth and EverlastingWealthDreamAbbreviation of AmaliaIndustriousStrivingWorkVariant of MaiaMaybe Wet Nurse
685. MarshallStewardHorse-keeperSteward of HorsesShoeing SmithMarshall
686. JennyWhite WaveDiminutive of Jane and JenniferWhite SpiritRace of WomenFairSmoothWhite and SmoothSoftYahweh Is Gracious
687. FeliciaLuckySuccessfulGreat HappinessHappyFortunateEnjoying Good LuckThe Lucky
688. MaxwellDweller by the SpringFrom Maccus's PoolFrom the Great WellMack's WellSurnameThe Stream of MackHard Hitter
689. IsabelleConsecrated to GodMy God is BountifulGod of PlentyPledged to GodGod's PromiseGod is My OathVariant of ElizabethGod Is Perfection
690. DevonEnglish and American Place NameFrom DevonBardPoetMan from DevonshireDefender
691. GuyGuideStaff of the GodWarriorWoodValleyForest
692. GuadalupeOur Lady Of GuadalupeBeauty of FormCharmLove and Protection of GodUnmerited FavorGracefulBlessingGood willPlentyWolf River
693. AngelicaAngelic
694. BrendanSword-bladeSmelly HairPrinceWell Known Irish Playwright and Wit Brendan BehanTravellerLittle RavenMaybe Prince
695. AndyManlyBraveVariant of English AndrewForm of AndreaWarriorThe Manly
696. BridgetStrengthPowerStrong WilledStrong Man of GodTo HelpThe Exalted OneThe High OneSaint
697. BradyDescendent Of BRÁDACHDweller on the Broad IslandWide IslandSpiritedBroadDescendant Of Brághadach
698. AbrahamFaultlessFather of a Multitude and Many NationsFather Of Many
699. KarlaPeasantFarmerStrongLittleWomanlyFree Woman
700. HarrietRuler of an EnclosureHome RulerRules the HomeEstate
701. PedroMeadow-dwellerItalySon of MistLionMan from NaplesLion of the WoodlandLion of the New CityThe Rock
702. AdrianaDark and RichWoman from Hadria
703. AriannaGentle MusicBrings RainManPledgeFeminine of ArienMelodyHoly OneMost Holy WomanFrom Hadria
704. HopeHopeTrustFaithBeliefExpectation Belief
705. GenevaWillDesireHelmetGod's ProtectionWill-helmetAppleProtection
706. MadelynFrom LeslieFrom the Gray CastleGarden of HolliesSmall MeadowHolly GardenDwells at the Gray FortressGarden in the ParadiseOf Magdala
707. BlancheSea of BitternessAbbreviation of MaryMargaret and MiriamPearlBitterRebelliousStar of the SeaBelovedThe White
708. LolaLady of SorrowsStrong WomanSorrowLittle and WomanlyFemale Version of CharlesCarlRenowned in BattleFickleChangingBeautifulGoddess LakshmiPain
709. VelmaResolute ProtectorWillDesireHelmetProtectionWill-helmetProtectForm of Wilhelmina
710. JodyForm of JosephGod AddsGod will IncreaseThe Praised OneWoman from JudeaWoman From JehudHe (God) Will Add
711. BeckyThe EnsnarerOne who SnaresTrapsBoundTie
712. AshtonAsh Tree TownAsh Tree EnclosureFrom the Ash Tree FarmAsh Tree SettlementTown of Ash Trees
713. ShellyMeadow on a LedgeFrom the Ledge MeadowMeadow on the LedgeLittle RockEweFemale SheepStyleMannerMethodLanguageMeadow On A Shelf
714. JadePrecious Green StoneThe Most Beautiful StoneJadeGreen GemstoneStone
715. JadenRainbowFlowerRadianceThankful
716. ArielCombination of Anna and BelleBeautifulGracefulEasy to LoveLion Of God
717. NicolasConquerer of the PeopleVariant of NicholasPeople's VictoryVictorious PersonVictory Of The People
718. KurtBold
719. FannieFreeLiberatedFrenchwomanFrom FranceLittle Frenchman
720. SusieLilyFrom the Name Susan
721. LulaNobleRighteousFamous WarriorThe Bright
722. MistyFoggyMisty
723. CandaceMajesticDignityGrandeurGreatMagnificentWorthy of RespectHolyA Old MonkBrother of Rama
724. RaulWolf CounsellorWolfForm of Ralph Wolf CounselStrong DefenderWise WolfWise Counsel
725. JacquelynSupplanterHolder of the HeelYahweh May ProtectOne who Supplants
726. KristineFollower of ChristChrist-bearerAnointedChristian
727. SherriFrom the White MeadowForm of SharonBelovedPlace NameA PlainDarling
728. AaliyahRisingAscendingHigh-bornExalted OneTo AscendHighly ExaltedSublimeLoftyToweringThe High
729. DamianTo TameSubdue
730. TimOne who Honors GodTo Fear GodForm of TimothyHonoring GodPeople
731. BenBorn of the Right HandMeadow with Coarse GrassSon of the SouthBenjaminHebrew origin, meaning: son of ... Short form of Benedict (meaning: the Blessed) and Benjamin (meaning: son of fortune) Frisian short form of Bernhard (meaning: the Bärenstarke). Namesakes: Ben Becker, German actor.
732. BradBroadFrom the Broad MeadowBroad Clearing
733. FreddiePeaceful RulerCounsel from the ElvesDiminutive of FredericElfSupernatural CounselPowerStrong PeaceHoly Peacemaking
734. CooperBarrel MakerSellerSurnameCooper
735. AndresFrom the Old TownElla's TownThe Manly
736. RachaelLightPitySnow-cladA Western Usa StateSnow CappedEweThe Ewe
737. BrittneyFrom BrittanyBritainOriginally the Ancient Duchy of Bretagne in FranceLand of the BritonsFrom England
738. DesireeLonged forMuch DesiredLongingThe Longed-For
739. WallaceWelshmanStrangerForeignCelticFrom Wales
740. RickRich and Powerful RulerWar LeaderDominant RulerPeople's RulerPower of the WolfBrotherAll-rulerStrong PowerHardy PowerPowerful and Brave Ruler
741. HughBright MindBright in Mind and SpiritIntelligentHeartSoulMindSpirit
742. JillianYouthfulGirlChild of the GodsJove's ChildDown-bearded Youth
743. BreannaDark ComplexionedPale SkinnedDarkPaleWhiteDark-hairedBlackmanPale-skinnedBlackVirtuousHill
744. RossPromontoryHeadlandRed HairedSurnameWoodRoseCape
745. DrewManlyWiseMasculineBraveAbbreviation of AndrewThe Manly
746. LaylaCrowned with LaurelsForm of LawrenceDark BeautyWineIntoxicationNight BeautyBorn at NightSeductive
747. HildaBattleLightTorchSun RayCorposantBright OneShine OneSpiritual LightFight
748. DaltonThe Settlement in the ValleyPlace NameFrom the Valley TownValley SettlementTown In The Valley
749. EuniceGood VictoryVictorious
750. IrisRainbowFlowerRadiance
751. JodiPraisedGod will IncreaseOf JudeaWoman From Jehud
752. ByronPlace NameBarn for CowsFrom the CottageAt the Cattle ShedsPlace of the Cow ShedsCottageBearAt The Cow Sheds
753. RosieFamous ElfA Compound of the Names Lou and EllaRenowned in BattleFamous WarriorFeminine of LouisRenowned WarriorHandsomeBlack BeautyBorn at NightLoyalFaithfulDark Haired BeautyRose
754. KatePureBeautyKaren and KathleenTortureVirginalBlessedMaybe The Pure
755. SkylarScholarShieldProtectionLearned OneShelterShelteringEternal LifeStrengthLove and BeautyStudent
756. TyroneA County in Northern IrelandLand of OwenYoung SoldierLand of the Noble OneLand Of Eoghan
757. SandyDefender of MankindAbbreviation of Alexander Defender of ManDefending MenGood Lamp
758. SherylForm of CherylSimilar to CherryLittle and WomanlyDarlingBelovedFreeA Popular Twentieth Century Name
759. MoniqueAdmirableWonderfulShe who Must be AdmiredWorthy of AdmirationHermit
760. TrinityTriadThe Holy ThreeThree FoldThree in OneThe Father the Son and the Holy SpiritA TriadThreeTripleOne GodTrinity
761. GabrielaPeaceful RulerCounsel from the ElvesDiminutive of FredericElfSupernatural CounselPowerStrong PeaceHoly PeacemakingStrong Man Of God
762. DwightBlondWhite
763. AntoinetteInvaluableFemale Version of AnthonyHighly PraiseworthyFrom a Roman Clan NameIn the 17th CenturyBeyond PraisePricelessInestimable
764. AngeloCounsel from the ElvesElfMagical CounselMessenger Of God
765. MilesMercifulServantPeacefulSoldier
766. WillardWillDesire and HardyBraveBoldResoluteBold willStrong DesireStrong Willed
767. MamieSea of BitternessAbbreviation of MaryMargaret and MiriamPearlBitterRebelliousStar of the SeaBelovedMaybe Bitterness
768. RafaelGod Has Healed
769. RafaëlGod Has Healed
770. LyndaPrettyForm of LindaHoneyGentle
771. PerryDweller by the Pear TreePear TreeSon of HarryFrench Form of PeterRockTraveller
772. GregVigilant WatchmanFierceWatchfulVigilantThe Watchful
773. JuliusDowny-BeardedYouthfulDownySoft and Tender HairHairyJove's ChildDown-bearded YouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedDedicated To Jupiter
774. MeredithGreat LordProtector of the SeaSea LordGreat RulerGuardian from the SeaMaybe Lord Of The Sea
775. ZoeyLife
776. NelsonSon of a ChampionNew York Governor and American Vice President Nelson RockefellerSouth African Activist Nelson MandelaSolemnSon of Neil
777. SummerThe Warmest Season of the YearSummer SeasonName of the SeasonSummerThe Hot Season of the Year
778. NevaehChampionFeminine of NeilVictorNightMusicHeaven
779. KristiChristianAnointedFollower of ChristSmall Diamond
780. JanSupplanterThe Lord is GraciousGod is GraciousGod has been GraciousThe Grace or Mercy of the LordFrisian, Low German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Czech form of Johannes (meaning: God is merciful). In many countries, timelessly popular. Namesakes: Jan van Eyck, the Dutch painter.
781. CollinVictory of the PeopleForm of ColinVictorAbbreviation of NicholasYoung CreaturePeople's VictoryDoveOne who had Travelled to RomeYoung Pup
782. DwayneFrom the DunesDarkBlackThe Little Dark One
783. HarperHarpistMinstrelHarp PlayerPrettyMakerOne who Plays the Harp
784. EliasThe God is My LordJehovah is GodVariant of Hebrew ElijahThe Lord is My GodMy God Is Yahweh
785. SergioSun ChildBright Sun
786. RamonWiselyAdviceDecision ProtectionCounselor-protectorForm of Raymond Guards WiselyMighty Protector
787. MathewGift of the LordGift Of Yahweh
788. TedGift of GodWealthy SpearmanWealthy ProtectorCourageous PeoplePeople's RulerForm of TheodoreDivine GiftProtector of WealthGuard Of His Wealth
789. KelliPure OneForm of CatherineClearSummer ForestAbbreviation of KatherineChurch
790. KalebYouthfulDown-bearded YouthJove's ChildYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedDog
791. JanieJehovah has been GraciousHas Shown FavorNobleFemale Version of JohnThe Lord is GraciousWell-bornYahweh Is Gracious
792. GraysonSon Of The StewardSon of the Gray-haired ManSon Of Grave
793. PaytonA TownVillageWarrior's EstatePatricianNobleForm of PatrickRoyalNoble WomanSettlement of PoegaPeacock Town
794. KrystalA ClearBrilliant GlassIceFollower of ChristCrystal
795. ShelleyFrom the Ledge MeadowClearing on a BankForm of ShellyMeadow on a HilltopLittle RockEweFemale SheepEnglish name, meaning similar to an English place and family names Hebrew name, meaning: my a boy name.
796. ElenaLightSun RayShiningForm of EleanorVariant of HelenFeminine of AlexanderDefender of MankindSunThe Bright One
797. HarrisonSon of HarryHarry's Son
798. FrankieFreeDiminutive of Frank FreeFrankie is Occasionally Used for GirlsFrench ManA Man Form FranceFrom FranceFree OneOf The Franks
799. KennedyHelmeted ChiefArmoured HeadRough-headedUgly Head
800. EmmanuelGod is with MeGod Is With Us
801. IrmaOf the Nature of WindMoves ConstantlyUniversalConstant MovementWind
802. KristaFollower of ChristAnointedChrist BearerChristian
803. BeulahMarriedGracefulPricelessGraciousForm of AnnaGod has Favoured MeFriendlyGraceFavourMercy
804. GracieBeauty of FormGracefulGrace of GodFavourBlessingCharm
805. RebekahAdviceDecisionDecision and ProtectorWise GuardianCounsel ProtectionMight ProtectorTie
806. VirgilStaff BearerStrongSpring GreenFemale Version of VernonFlourishing
807. DallasMeadow DwellingWaterfall Near the FieldThe Valley MeadowsWisePlace Name of a Village in North-eastern ScotlandUsed as a First Name Since the 19th CenturyFrom the WaterfallMeadow StanceOvernight Dwelling.PFrom the Meadow DwellingPlace Name of a Village in Northeastern ScotlandMaybe Resting Place
808. ArmandoWill HelmetResolute ProtectorWillSon of WilliamArmy
809. DominiqueCherishedBelovedVariant of David BelovedDiminutive of DavidBelonging To The Lord
810. ShaunForm of SergioAttendantEnglish variant of Sean.
811. BiancaMajesticDignityGrandeurGreatMagnificentWorthy of RespectHolyA Old MonkBrother of RamaWhiteThe White
812. BelindaPrettyVery BeautifulAttractiveBeautiful SerpentBright
813. CesarCut
814. TerrenceSmoothTenderForm of TerenceGraciousGoodPolishedInstigatorRubTurnTwist
815. AydenForm of AugustusReveredExaltedWorthy of RespectGreatMagnificentMovement of Sun when the Sun RisingSomething KnowsOne who WitnessesAppearFire
816. RosalieRoseFlower NameRose GardenFair Rose
817. JaxonGod has been GraciousSon of Jack
818. ErickAn AntEnergeticPowerfulAlone-Ruler
819. ReneBorn Again
820. RenéBorn Again
821. MorrisSon of MoreSea-strengthMoorDark SkinnedThe One From Mauritania
822. AlbertaFeminine form of AlbertNoble and BrightForm of AlbertNobleMajestic WolfNoble Famous
823. KristyChurch VillageForm the Church TownSurnameVillage with the ChurchChristianAnointedFollower of Christ
824. MarcoSea of BitternessAbbreviation of MaryMargaret and MiriamPearlBitterRebelliousStar of the SeaBelovedDedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
825. CliftonSettlement By A CliffFrom a Town Near a CliffSettlement by the CliffTown By A Cliff
826. OpalOpalJewel Names Became Popular in the 19th CenturyThe EarthGemJewelA Jewel or Precious Stone
827. CheyenneBorn Dancer
828. TerranceSmoothRoman Clan NameSoftTenderPolishedInstigatorRubTurnTwist
829. VernaGod is MercifulGift of GodAlderTrue
830. JeannetteSpear of StrengthStrength of the SpearSpear MaidenSpear StrengthYahweh Is Gracious
831. FelixLuckySuccessfulFortunateHappyName of a SaintThe Lucky
832. WadeTo GoFordMovingFrom the River CrossingRiver Ford
833. StuartStewardStuart and Stewart are Clan Names of the Royal House of ScotlandSurnameHouse GuardEnglish name, meaning: property managers, modeled on an English surname, and name of the Scottish royal family.
834. FayeTrustBeliefFairyConfidenceRavenElfFay
835. KentBrightWhiteEdgeBorderChiefMost Beautiful
836. InezFamous ElfA Compound of the Names Lou and EllaRenowned in BattleFamous WarriorFeminine of LouisRenowned WarriorThe Pure
837. RamonaAdviceDecisionDecision and ProtectorWise GuardianCounsel ProtectionMight Protector
838. FloraFlowerThe Goddess of FlowerForm of FlorenceBlooming
839. CandicePureGlowingForm of Candace
840. KirkDweller by the ChurchChurch
841. DellaNobleOf NobilitySmall Winged OneHeartDelightOf A Noble Kind
842. DonnieWorld RulerForm of DonnIn Mythology the Irish Donn was Known as King of the UnderworldRuler Of The World
843. CamilleSwiftness of FootAttendant of TempleAttendant for a TempleMaybe Acolyte
844. AdrienneLilyForm of SusanNobleForm of AdelaideNoble and of Kind SpiritNoble MindedDecorationFridayBeautifulGorgeousDelicateSlenderRefinedGentleFrom Hadria
845. PatPatricianNobleLadyFemale Version of Patrick
846. GiovanniStrength of a SpearSpear HunterSpear StrengthBeloved WarriorYahweh Is Gracious
847. DarylDarlingDearBelovedA Town in CalvadosFranceTenderly LovedFrom Airelle
848. LutherFortuneBorn EighthWealthyGreatFamousPeople
849. GayleCheerfulHappyStrangerMy Father Rejoices
850. BrodyDitchFrom BritainBritA Native of BrittanyMaybe Ditch
851. GenesisBirthJewelPrecious StoneGem
852. SoniaBeautifulPrettyWiseWisdomWhere She Goes Happiness BringsSkillGoldenName which Brings Happiness
853. RomanCitizen of RomanMan from RomeThe Roman
854. LilaGoodNightFeminine of LyleSeductiveDark BeautyLilyPurityPleasureSportPastimeDelicatePlayfulDivine Drama
855. SonyaWisdomSkillForm of Sonia
856. ValeriaTwinThe Healthy
857. MarianneBitterSea of BitternessA Combination of Marie and AnneRebelliousnesses Wished for ChildA Blend of Marie Star of the Sea and AnneStar of the Sea
858. JonathonJehovah has GivenGift of GodYahweh Is Gracious
859. EliseGod is My OathConsecrated to God Abbreviation of ElisabethPledged to GodForm of ElizabethMy God Is Abundance
860. JadaGod is GraciousSon of JackHe who SupplantsDiminutive of JackPrecious Green StoneJade
861. LorenzoGolden VillageGold TownLaurel
862. DaveBelovedDavid's SonForm of David
863. MarcellaWarringLittle MarcusDedicated to MarsMartialWarlikeDefenceOf the SeaFemale Version of MarcellusForm of MarciaDedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
864. FredrickGraySacredGrey HairedPeace
865. GiannaMighty with a SpearSpear WarriorRuler of the SpearYahweh Is Gracious
866. DamonTo TameConstantSpiritSubdueBlue Sky
867. NicholePeople's VictoryVictory Of The People
868. JonahDovePureCreamy-white ColorHard TuskHard Tusk Used for Carving Fine Art and JewelleryThe Dove
869. YvetteArcherYew WoodYew Wood was Used for BowsYew TreeDiminutive of YvonneFrench name, feminine form of Yves or (meaning: yew).
870. CarlyLittle ChampionPlace NameThe Fortified TowerMan
871. JaceMoonNicknameA Combination of the Initials J and CA Healing
872. NataliaAdmirableWonderfulShe who Must be AdmiredWorthy of AdmirationFather of the MotherGrandfatherBorn On Christmas
873. LeonardoBrave as a LionAbbreviation of LeonardLion-bold
874. RobynBright Fame
875. DillonDexterousRight HandedDyerWoman DyerOne whoSea
876. CristianDweller Near a HollowFrom the Round HillThe HollowMaidenSeething PoolRavineChristian
877. PattyLadyNoblewomanMighty in BattleFemale Version of PatrickPatricianNobleman
878. DominickRich and Powerful RulerSon of DickRichard's SonBelonging To The Lord
879. CamilaBent NoseCrooked StreamCrooked NoseClanMaybe Acolyte
880. AngieRoseFlower NameRose GardenFair RosePresentEnglish pet form of Angela (meaning: Engel).
881. LynneWaterfallLakeA CascadeVariant of the Irish Gaelic Word LannHouseChurchForm of LindaPrettyGentle
882. MaryannCombination of Mary and AnnBitter
883. BennieBorn of the Right HandDiminutive of BenjaminSonBlessedSon of the SouthSon of My Old AgeSon Of The Right Hand
884. RickeyRichPowerful RulerDominant RulerBrotherStrong PowerHardy PowerBrave RulerAbbreviation of Richard
885. OlgaConsecrated to GodGod is My OathGod is PerfectionPledged to GodGod's PromiseVariant of ElizabethMy God is BountifulGod of PlentyHoly
886. KristopherFollower of ChristAnointedChristianCarrying Christ
887. HarleyFrom the Hare's MeadowMeadow of the HareFrom the Long FieldHare ClearingHeap of RocksDeer Hunter or ArcherThe Long FieldName of a Place
888. MalcolmDevotee of Saint ColumbaA DoveSaint Columb's DiscipleColumba's ServantDisciple Of Saint Columba
889. SkylerScholarShieldProtectionLearned OneShelterStudent
890. HomerWhite HairedThe HollowFloodGray-hairedGraySacredGray Haired
891. IsraelBeautiful MountainHome-lover's Estate or Hill with GrassFrom the Mountain TownPlace-name and Surname of One of the Great Noble Families of ScotlandContender with GodGod Contends
892. SheriDarlingBelovedDearLittle and WomanlyA ManThe Plains
893. EllieLightNobilityAllCompletelyExaltedSun RayShining LightForeignFamous Warrior
894. AlbertoNobleBrightHighbornBrilliantNobly Famous
895. JulioJove's ChildYouthfulDedicated To Jupiter
896. NoelBorn On Christmas
897. KadenSon of JohnFrom John's FarmYouthCompanionSon Of Cadán
898. MyraLovableDiminutive of AmabelWorthy of Being LovedSweetAdmirableAristocratic LadyWonderfulQuiet SongMyrrhA Fragrant Resin Obtained from a TreeSweet OintmentHoneyBelovedButterflyDivinely Precious
899. CadenSon Of CadÁNA Place NameSon Of Cadán
900. QuinnWisdomChiefWiseCounselReasonIntelligenceSurnameFreemanHeadHoundStrengthFifthDescendant of CuinnFifth BornBorn in Fifth Month
901. KariPureJoyful SongGust of WindCurly-hairedFemale Version of CharlesCarlForm of KatherineStrongFeminineStrong or FeminineAmerican name, meaning: Miss Scandinavian form of Katharina (meaning: pure) a boy name.
902. MckenzieProsperous in WarJoyousProsperityBattleRich GiftStrife for WealthRich in WarSon Of Coinneach
903. PenelopeA PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard Working
904. PénélopeA PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard Working
905. BrysonSon Of BRICESon of the Strong OneVariant of BryceSon Of Bryce
906. IraWatchfulWindDescendantsVigilantAlertEarthGoddess Saraswati
907. ScarlettBright RedScarlet ClothRed
908. EarnestSincereSeriousForm of ErnestTruthBattle to the DeathThe Ernest
909. SimonListening IntentlyHe who has HeardThe Word of GodTo Hear or be HeardHe (God) Has Heard
910. OtisSon of OttoWealthy
911. DanielaGod is My JudgeForm of DanielJacob's SonJudge
912. CassidyDescendant Of CaisideClever one with curly hairCurly-haired
913. LyleIslandFrom the Island of the Lime TreeA LakeA Place of Linden Trees
914. KarinaFlowerPureInnocentDear Little OnePrettyMaybe The Pure
915. LorenCrowned with LaurelsLaurelFrom LaurentiumSweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryOld Name with Many VariantsLaurel TreeSweet Bay Tree
916. RoxanneDawnBrightStar
917. GerardSpear
918. TabithaGazelleRoeBeautyGraceRoe-buckSmall Deer
919. JoeyGod will AddForm of JosephHe (God) Will Add
920. AbbyFatherMy Father is LightFather in Rejoicing
921. RexKing
922. AnnabelleA Combination of Anna and BelleEasy to LoveGracefulBeautifulGraceful or Beatiful
923. HubertShining IntellectBright MindIntelligentBright HeartBright HearMind and Spirit
924. CallieFortressLarkLovely FlowerMost BeautifulVariant of Cayley Lovely
925. BellaVoiceCallSatellite CommunicationAliveLivingGod Is Perfection
926. JosieGod will AddFeminine of JosephHe (God) Will Add
927. LincolnLakePoolSettlement by the PoolLake ColonyLake SettlementLithe
928. KaitlinGood ThinkCleverJustUprightRighteousTrueJudiciousFairMaybe The Pure
929. OllieOlive TreeForm of OliverAn OliveElf
930. SantiagoRed HairedSaint James
931. EnriqueName of a River in South Wales and a Cathedral and Town in CambridgeshireForm of EliElevationThe Lord will HelpThe HighestThe Lord is My GodHome
932. WilburWillDesireFortressDearly Loved StrongholdResoluteBrilliantWild BoarWalled Stronghold
933. GageMeasureA PledgeOathAssayer
934. CelesteHeavenly
935. JordynThe Descending
936. JulianaDowny BeardedYouthfulName of a PoemJove's Child
937. CeceliaTruthVictoryOne who Brings VictoryTrue ImageTrustworthyFaithfulSummerFaithBlind
938. LaverneHe who is ForemostPurifiedGod of Fertility and PeaceGod of Peace and ProsperityBeautifulVariation of Laverna
939. ReaganDescendent Of RIAGÁNFrom the Roe Deer MeadowDescendant Of Raigan
940. DamienTo TameSubduesSpiritSubdueVariant of Damon One who Tames
941. DonovanThe 7th Son of the 7th SonSomeone of the MedicalDescendant Of Donndubhán
942. DiannaDivineMythological Ancient Roman Divinity Diana was Noted for Beauty and SwiftnessOften Depicted as a HuntressLight
943. LillyLilyThe Flower Lily is a Symbol of InnocencePurity and BeautyLily FlowerVariant of Lillian Derived from the Flower Name LilyPurityBeautyMy God Is Abundance
944. TrentonTrent's TownTown by the Rapid StreamGushing WatersTrent's Settlement
945. MurielWoman from MagdalaTowerWomen of MagdalaFrom the High TowerMyrrhSea
946. AlanaOliveBeautifulDarling ChildRockLight and Buoy-anyAn Offering
947. SalvatoreRed HairedRoe DeerSaviorSaviorItalian form of Salvator (meaning: Savior, Redeemer). Namesakes: Salvatore Quasimodo, Italian poet.
948. AlishaRuler of the HouseShort Form of HenriettaGenerousFemale Version of HenryMoonFameNewsEthiopianOne who is FamousWelcomingHospitablePower of ZeusBelonging to ZeusGuestStrangerWomanBeautiful OrnamentLump of EarthFatherMy Father is LightFather in RejoicingGod GiftedProtected by GodEnglish Nebenform Indian name, meaning: protected by God.
949. HudsonHugh's SonSon of the Hooded ManSon Of Hudd
950. AdelineNobleNobilityKindBrightnessSweet
951. MalloryUnfortunateUnluckyUnhappyArmy CounsellorMisfortune
952. ErmaTrue to AllWhiteBlondThe Fair OneElf CouncilForeign TrueAlertTrustworthyAll TrueTroopImpartial JudgementCloseTrue FriendElfinImmense
953. OliveKind OneOlive TreePeaceThe Olive Tree
954. NealChampionBlueLord Shiva (Blue Throat)Engineer to the Gods with Twin Nal Helped Rama Build the Bridge to LankaMaybe Champion
955. AlfredoWise CounsellorSageCounsel from the ElvesElfMagical CounselSpanish Form of AlfredElf Counsel
956. HoraceHour in TimeTime KeeperHourSeasonThird
957. GeoffreyDivine PeacePeacePeaceful TravellerRegion
958. ColbyCoalDarkDark HairedCoal VillageFrom the Dark VillageCoal TownThe Dark FarmsteadFrom the Dark Farmstead
959. CeliaSky
960. SerenitySerenityTranquilityPeacefulnessCalmClear
961. VickyWinnerConquerorVictoryDiminutive Form of VictoriaVictoriousLordThe Victor
962. WendellA WendWanderer
963. ArturoGraceFavouredGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourDiminutive of Ann Frequently Used as an Independent NameMaybe The Bear
964. BernadetteBorn of the Right HandDiminutive of BenjaminSonBlessedSon of the SouthSon of My Old AgeBear
965. AimeeThe BelovedDearly lovedDiminutive of Amata
966. JanelleGod has been GraciousYahweh Is Gracious
967. RudolphMercifulServantPeacefulSoldierFame
968. EstelleLifeHazelnutLittle BirdDesiredLife GivingLightBirdStar
969. GretchenFriend of the ElvesFemale Version of ElvinNoble FriendMagical BeingDoeMarkedA Black AntelopeThe Zodiac Sign of CapricornKernelThe Pearl
970. KaydenMedieval English Form of the Irish CaitlinPureTortureCombination of Kate and LynnRoundGentleCaskCompanionFriendSon Of Cadán
971. MyaBlackbirdSmall FalconA BirdAbleBlack BirdSea BrightMaybe Wet Nurse
972. LelandFallow LandFrom the Meadow LandLand Lying Fellow
973. RyleeRye Field
974. MableLovableDiminutive of AmabelWorthy of Being Loved
975. KirstenFollower of ChristStone ChurchThe Anointed OneVariant Form of ChristineChristian Woman
976. LilianaMaybe Lily
977. ConnerRenowned SeafarerSeamanDarkDark-hairedBlack and FamousMaybe Dog Lover
978. WillisResolute ProtectorWill-helmetWillBoldBraveSon of will
979. MikaylaMichaelaLike GodFemale Version of MichaelGift from GodWho Is Like God?
980. AlecAbbreviation of AlexanderHelper and Defender of MankindDefending MenHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
981. TraciWarriorSummerHarvestCourageousBravePlace of Thracius
982. NadineHopefulThe Courage of a Bear
983. AuroraMajesticDignityGrandeurGreatMagnificentWorthy of RespectHolyDawn
984. EmmettIndustriousHard WorkingAn AntEnergeticPowerful
985. LaceyFrom NormandyFranceLacyLace-likeCheerfulForm of LarissaName of a CityMythical Woman
986. KelleyRejoicedShort Form of Katherine and Other Names Beginning with KHappyPureClearForm of KatherineVirginalKeeper of the KeysElder SisterChurch
987. LoraCrowned with LaurelsSmall Sage OneThe Laurel TreeFlower of the BayFlowerLaurentunLion StrengthReady for Battle
988. ElizaGod is My OathConsecrated to GodForm of ElizabethPledged to GodThe ChosenUniquePreciousMy God Is Abundance
989. CaitlynPureForm of CatherinePure BeautyMaybe The Pure
990. TommieTwin
991. CaraBelovedFriendDear OnePrecious Jewel
992. ArchieBoldForm of ArchibaldVery BoldNoteworthy and ValorousGenuine Courage
993. GerardoBrave with a SpearSpear HardSpanish Form of Gerard Spear Courageous
994. CristinaAnointedChristianFollower of Christ
995. EloiseFrench name, Nebenform of Heloise (meaning: the healthy, well: healthy wood). In Germany, known by the same name world hit by Barry Ryan (1968).
996. LanaAttractiveFairGood LookingLittle RockRockComelyLightBuoyantFloatBuoyant or Float
997. JohannaGod is GraceThe Lord is GraciousGod's Gracious GiftForm of JoanneYahweh Is Gracious
998. KennyHandsomeThe Valley of the KentAbbreviation of KennethSurnameBeautifulThe Handsome
999. KelliePure OneForm of CatherineClearSummer ForestAbbreviation of KatherineChurch
1000. DariusResolute ProtectorWill-helmetWillDesireHelmetProtectionProtectDeterminationBeautifulProphetPossessor Of The Good