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AffuFinnish variant form of Affe
AgapeetusFinnish variant spelling of Agapetus
AgapiosFrom Agape meaning love
AgathonMasculine form of Agatha

AgatonNordic spelling of Agathon
AgeSwedish pet form of August (see Augustus)
AgurOld Swedish form of *Agvarr
AharonHebrew name High Mountain Exalted
AhasVariant spelling of Achaz (The Name Of God)
AhtiFinnish God of Ocean and River
AhtiaFinnish variant form of Ahti
AhtoFinnish variant form of Ahti
AhvoFinnish form of the Hebrew name Agabus meaning 'locust'
AikasarriaAncient Finnish name
AilínLittle Rock Rock Another form of Alan Comely Peace Cheerful God of Shine Handsome Noble Rock or Noble
AiloVariant form of Ailu Ase
AimarFrom Adria Red Ruddy Red Coloured Home
AimoGenerous Amount Finnish form of Achaz (meaning: the Lord has) Fair-sized Proper
AippaVariant form of Aippo
AippoFinnish pet form of Aimo
AitoFinnish aito = 'true, authentic'
AkaatiVariant form of Akaaton
AkaatonFinnish form of Agaton
AkatiusFinnish spelling of Achatius
AkeFrisian short form of names with "Adal" or "noble" (meaning: noble) or with "agile" (Meaning: sword tip).
AkiShort form of Jaokim Clear Crystal Bright Autumn
AkillesHigh Priestess of Mecca Goat Not Born Love of Vishnu One who is Self Existent
AkimRussian form of Joachim
AkkeVariant form of Akki
AkkuGreenlandic younger spelling of Avko
AkseFinnish pet form of Akseli (see Axelen)
AkseliFinnish Form of Axel
AksoFinnish variant form of Akse
AksuFinnish pet form of Alexander
AkuShort Form of Aukusti
AkustiVariant form of Aukusti
AlShort Form of Albert
AladdinExcellence of religion From Ala-al-din having component 'Ala' - excellence and 'din' - faith or religion
AladinSolitary Adviser Nun Wish Desire Aristocratic Individual Little Giver Lady Alone Wise Guardian Will Helmet Protection Just One Noble One Name of a God One who Brings Victory True Image Severe True Faith Beloved Permanent Magic
AlanDeer Fox Rock Derivations of Alans

AlandFair Handsome Both a Diminutive of Albert
AlaperttiFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlapiinFinnish variant form of Alpiin
AlapiiniFinnish variant form of Alpiini
AlappiFinnish variant form of Alpertti (see Adalberaht)
AlappoFinnish variant form of Alappi
AlariFinnish short form of Alarikki
AlaricRuler Of All Noble Ruler Highborn Ruler All-powerful Ruler
AlarikDark and Rich Woman from Hadria Fearless Right Hand Side
AlarikkiFinnish form of Alarik
AlavariFinnish variant form of Alvari
AlbanFrom Alba A City on a White Hill Man from City Alba The Albanian
AlbanusLatin form of Alban
AlbertNoble Noble and Bright Highborn Brilliant Noble Famous Bright through Nobility Bright
AlbertoItalian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Albert
AlbertusNoble Bright Famous Latinized Form of Adalbert (See Albert)
AlbinWhite Old English for Brilliant Pale-skinned Bright Blond Fair One Mountain From Alba The White Form of Albinus
AlbinusName of an Abbot White Blond Fair One Derivative of Albus
AlbrechtHighborn Brilliant Noble Bright Famous German Cognate of Albert
AlbrecktCreative spelling of Albrekt
AlbrektHighborn Brilliant Noble Bright Famous
AleOld Wise Ruler Old Leader
AlecAbbreviation of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Defending Men He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AlekFrom the Farm by the Spring From the Well Settlement Form of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Man's Defender Low German pet form of names with "nobility" (meaning: noble).
AlekkaFinnish dialectal variant form of Alek
AleksNoble and Bright Form of Albert Noble Majestic Wolf Noble Famous He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AleksanderFrom the Old House Old He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AleksejHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AleksiHelper of Man Defender of Mankind The Defender
AleksiusFinnish and Faroese variant spelling of Alexius
AlenFair Handsome Both a Diminutive of Albert Noble Rock Comely
AleriFinnish short form of Alerikki
AlerikkiFinnish variant form of Alarikki
AlesNobly Famous Defender
AlexForm of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AlexaFrom the Farm by the Spring From the Well Settlement Short form of Alexandra (Meaning: Protector). In Germany increasingly popular.
AlexanderHelper and Defender of Mankind Protector of Mankind Warrior Defender of Men He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AlexandraProtector of Man Man's Defender Feminine of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind To Defend To Help Greek name, feminine form of Alexander (Meaning: Protector). In Germany since the Middle Ages used and popular. Namesake: Alexandra Maria Lara, German actress.
AlexeiOld Aged and Wise Ruler Old Wise Leader The Defender
AlexejThe Defender
AlexeyProtector of Man Man's Defender Feminine of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind To Defend To Help
AlexiDefender of Mankind Helper

AlexisHelper Defender of Mankind Man's Defender To Help The Defender
AlfCounsel from the Elves Elf Magical Counsel Short form of names with "Alf" (meaning: Nature spirit), for example, Alfred (meaning composition of "natural spirit" and "Council"). In Germany rarely awarded, represented in England frequently.
AlfeFinnish variant form of Alf
AlffeFinnish variant form of Alfe
AlffiFinnish variant form of Alfi
AlfoOld Finnish form of Alfons
AlfonsFather Visigoth origin, meaning: the embattled. In the Romansh language region common name, in Germany rarely awarded. Namesakes: Alfons Schuhbeck, German (TV) Koch.
AlfonsusLatinised form of Alfons
AlfredWise Counsellor Name of a King Counsel from the Elves Elf Magical Counsel Supernaturally Wise Elf Counsel English origin, meaning composition of "natural spirit" and "advice". In Germany since the late 20th century with declining popularity, particularly in England spread. Namesakes: Alfred Doblin, German writer.
AlfreeFinnish variant form of Alfred
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