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EaHouse Of Water
EbbaFlowing Tide Life Boar-like the Battle Alive Swedish name, feminine form of Ebbo (meaning: boar) Short form of Elburg (meaning composition of "sword tip" and "Castle".
EbbeWild Boar Divine Bear Strong Boar Brave Boar
EbenezerStone Of Help Lord Child Born on Sunday Of the Lord Belonging to God

EberhardBoar Hardness Strong as a Boar Brave Boar Strong Like A Boar
EckhardVariant of Eckehard (meaning composition of "sword tip" and "hard"). Namesakes: Meister Eckhart, German theologian and philosopher. Point
EddiRenewer English pet form of Edward (meaning: Guardian of property) and Edgar (meaning composition of "possession" and "spear"). Namesakes: Eddie Constantine, American actor.
EddieNames Beginning with Ed Form of Edward Guardian of Prosperity Wealthy Defender Wealth Protector Wealthy Guardian Guard Of His Wealth
EddyNames Beginning with Ed Form of Edward Guardian of Prosperity Wealthy Defender Wealthy Protector Wealthy Guard Guard Of His Wealth
EdelGift of God Variant of the Greek Dorothy independent form of names with "noble" (meaning: noble).
EdenPlace Of Pleasure Delightful Adornment Paradise Garden of Eden biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: luxuriant inspired by the Garden of Eden in the Bible English name, meaning similar to a family name a girl's name.
EdgarWealthy Spear-man Owner of Spear Protector of the God Rich God Spear Blessed Rich Spear
EdgardWealthy Spear-man Fortunate and Powerful God Spear Lucky Spearman Rich Spear In addition to the form of Edgar (meaning composition of "possession" and "spear"). Namesakes: Edgard Varèse, American composer and conductor of French origin.
EdiHealing Strife for Wealth Herb Guardian of Prosperity Battle Short form of names with "Ed" (meaning: possession).
EdinGazelle Small Deer
EdisRich With Clear Goals Rejuvenation Delight Grandmother Rich Battle Pleasant Contending War D
EdmondProsperous Protector Wealthy Defender Wealthy Protector English, French, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian form of Edmund (meaning: Guardian of property).
EdmundWealthy Defender Prosperous Protection Rich Protector Protector of Prosperity
EdouardWealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Guard Of His Wealth
EdrikWealthy Ruler
EduardWealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Prosperous Guardian Guardian of Prosperity Old English origin, meaning: Guardian of possession. Traditional, popular in many countries name. Known by the Baron Eduard in Goethe's novel "The Elective Affinities" (1809). Namesakes: Eduard Möricke, German writer.
EdvaldVariant form of Evald (see Ewald)
EdvardWealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Wealthy Rich Blessed Guardian of Prosperity Norwegian, Swedish form of Edward (meaning: Guardian of property). Namesakes: Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer.
EdvartVariant form of Edvard
EdvinBorn at Easter Goddess of the Dawn Easter Time Swedish form of Edwin (meaning composition of "possession" and "friend").
EdwardWealthy Guardian Guardian of Prosperity Wealthy Defender Blessed Guard Wealthy Protector Happy Guard Rich Guard Guard Of His Wealth
EdwinRich Friend Prosperous Friend Valued Wealthy Friend Blessed Friend Old English origin, meaning composition of "possession" and "friend". Namesakes: Edwin Hubble, American astronomer.
EekaFinnish variant form of Eka
EelaFinnish short form of Eelanti
EelanteFinnish variant form of Erland
EelantiFinnish variant form of Erland
EelesFinnish variant form of Eelis
EeliFinnish spelling of Eli
EelisMy God Is Yahweh
EeluFinnish variant form of Eeli
EemeFinnish dialectal form of Eemil
EemeiFinnish dialectal form of Eemil
EemelVariant form of Eemil
EemiVariant form of Eemil
EemuFinnish pet form of Eemil
EenoFinnish variant form of Eino
EenokFinnish spelling of Enok

EenokkiFinnish form of Enoch
EenukkiFinnish variant form of Eenokki
EeppoFinnish pet form of Eemil
EepramiFinnish variant form of Abram
EerharttiFinnish form of Erhard
EeriFinnish pet form of Erik
EerlaFinnish pet form of Erland
EerlanniFinnish variant form of Erland
EerlantiFinnish variant form of Erland
EerlanttiFinnish variant form of Erland
EerneFinnish variant form of Ernst
EernestiVariant spelling of Ernesti
EeruFinnish short form of Eervartti
EervarttiFinnish variant form of Edvard
EervinFinnish variant form of Ervin
EetiFinnish form of Edi
EetsaFinnish pet form of Edvard
EetuGuard Of His Wealth
EetvarttiFinnish form of Edvard
EetvinFinnish form of Edvin
EevalttiFinnish form of Ewald
EevertFinnish variant spelling of Evert
EeverttiFinnish variant form of Evert
EevuFinnish pet form of Evald
EfraFinnish short form of Efraim
EframiFinnish variant form of Efraim
EfremWealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Prosperous Guardian Guardian of Prosperity English, Italian form of Ephraim (meaning: the double Fertile, also inspired by a field name).
EgeEbony Wood Dark Beauty Deep Black Wood This Name is Most Often Used by Black Parents
EgidiusVariant of Aegidius or Aegid (meaning: shield-bearer, the Beschützende). Namesakes: Egidius Braun, German sports official. Oak
EgonLeader Terror
EideFrisian male form of Eida
EigilNorwegian dialectal variant form of Egil
EikkaFinnish pet form of Eino
EikkoFinnish variant form of Eikka
EikkuFinnish variant form of Eikka
EilertNorth German Frisian form of Eilhard (meaning composition of "sword tip" and "hard").
EiloMale form of Eila
EimarNordic name
EimelVariant form of Eemil
EinariFinnish form of Einar
EinoBringer of Light Illumination Alone
EinokkiFinnish variant form of Eenokki

EinukkiFinnish variant form of Eenokki
EirikkiFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Eirik
EiroFinnish pet form of Eirik
EitanWealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Wealth Fortune Prosperous Guardian Guardian of Prosperity
EitsuFinnish dialectal variant form of Eino
EivindYounger form of Eivindr Luck
EjnarNordic Icelandic first name origin, meaning: the fighting alone. Namesakes: Einar Schleef, German director and writer.
EjnoVariant spelling of Eino
EjvindDanish variant spelling of Eivind
EkaOne First
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