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GaelStranger Cheerful Happy Foreigner White Fair Blessed Generous Joyful Abbreviation of Abigail Gael is a Term for Descendants of the Ancient Celts in Scotland My Father is Joyful Name of a Celtic People
GaiusFrom the Free Land
GaleLively Cheerful Happy Foreigner Stranger My Father Rejoices Pleasant Merry A Stranger Old English origin, meaning: the Merry Old Irish origin, meaning: foreigners a girl's name.
GarySpear Mighty with a Spear Spear Carrier English short form of Garnett (the spear armed) and Gerhard (meaning composition of "spear" and "hard") Pet form of Gerald (meaning composition of "spear" and "rule"). Especially popular in the US. Namesakes: Gary Cooper, American actor.
GaurilkaFinnish dialectal variant form of Gabriel (Karelia)

GauroiFinnish dialectal variant form of Gabriel (Karelia)
GayleCheerful Happy Stranger My Father Rejoices
GeorgGerman Form of George Earth Latin-Greek origin, meaning: Bauer. In Germany in the 20th century very popular, now declining popularity. Namesakes: Georg Friedrich Händel, German composer.
GeorgeFarmer Earthworker A Tiller of the Soil Earth Worker
GeorgesFriend of the Elves Female Version of Elvin Noble Friend Magical Being Doe Marked A Black Antelope The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn Kernel Farmer
GeraldRule Of The Spear Mighty with a Spear Spear Warrior Ruler of the Spear In addition to the form of Gerwald (meaning composition of "spear" and "rule"). Particularly widespread in the English-speaking world. Namesakes: Gerald Ford, US president.
GerdSpear Hard Brave with the Spear Spear Brave To be Guarded Strength of the Spear Enclosure
GerhardStrength of the Spear Spear Strong Spear Rule Spear Brave Old High German origin, meaning composition of "spear" and "hard". In Germany very popular since the Middle Ages until the 20th century. Namesakes: Gerhart Hauptmann, a German writer.
GerhardusLatinised form of Gerhard
GermanWarrior Brotherly From Germany Brother The Teuton
GermanusBrother In addition to the form of German (importance: Teuton, also: brother, sister).
GermundOld High German origin, meaning composition of "spear" and "protection".
GeroldMighty with a Spear Form of Gerald Rules by the Spear Spear Ruler In addition to the form of Gerwald (meaning composition of "spear" and "rule").
GerritMighty with a Spear Brave with the Spear Spear Rule Friesian form of Gerharda or Gerharde (meaning composition of "spear" and "hard") a boy name.
GertStrength of a Spear Diminutive of Gertrude
GilFrench Form of Julius Shining Pledge Short for Names Beginning with Gil Kid Young Goat Serves Christ Joy Happiness Squire Young Shield Oak
GillaThe Fellow The Youth Serving-man
GillesFarmer Earth Worker OakPledge
GillisChubby Cheeks Gift of Bravery Brave Giver Puffy-faced Oak
GilmarFamous Hostage Short form of Giselmar (meaning composition of "hostage" and "famous").
GlenFamous Warrior Renowned Spearman Famous with the Spear Fame Appointed One Placed Maybe From The Valley
GlennValley Valley in the Mountains From Glen Glen is a Narrow Valley Between Hills Maybe From The Valley
GoranMountain Man Friend of God God's Friend
GordonSpacious Fort Hill Near the Meadow From the Cornered Hill Triangular Hill Large Fortification From the Marshes One of Scotland's Great Clans Surname English name, meaning similar to a Scottish surname. Namesakes: Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister.
GöstaYounger form of Göstav Goth
GoteOld Swedish variant form of Goti
GothildOld High German origin, meaning composition of "God" and "struggle".
GottfriedGold Gilded Golden-haired Made of Gold Precious Metal Blond Hair Fair-haired Old High German origin, meaning composition of "God" and "peace". Namesakes: Gottfried Benn, German poet. In the Middle Ages popular in Germany, now rare.
GottiMighty with a Spear Spear Carrier Wild Ass Grave Desert
GraceMercy God's Favor Grace Grace of God Kindness Thanks Love Favour Blessing Charm Good will
GrahamWarring Warlike Gray Homestead From the Gray Home Gravel Home Grand Gravel Home Gravelly Homestead Maybe Grey House
GramGrand Home Warring Grain
GrantGreat Large Great Plains Tall Big English name, meaning: the Great. Namesakes: Frederick Grant Banting, Canadian physician.

GregoriusWatchful Vigilant
GregoryWatchful Alert Vigilant Watchman The Watchful
GrelsYounger form of Gregers
GuidoGuide A Middle Ages Variant of Guy Forest Wood Warrior Germanic origin, Romanized form of names with "Wid" (meaning: Forest). Namesakes: Guido Reni, Italian painter.
GulFlower Rose Bouquet
GunWarrior Nordic short form of names with "Gund" and ending with "Gund" (meaning: fight). Gunde is also a boys name in Scandinavia.
GunbertSwedish form of Gundbert
GundelPet form of names with "Gund" and ending with "Gund" (meaning: fight).
GunderVigilant Watchman Watchful Alert Danish Nebenform of Gunnar and Günter (meaning composition of "struggle" and "Army").
GundisSwedish name, meaning composition of "struggle" and "goddess".
GuneliusFormer variant form of Gunne
GunhardSwedish form of Gundhard
GunniOld Norse short form of names containing the name element GUNN
GunterGray-haired In addition to the form of Günter (meaning composition of "struggle" and "Army").
GuntherVariant of or Gunter Gunter (meaning composition of "struggle" and "Army"). Known for King Gunther of the Nibelungenlied.
GurliIndian name, meaning: the white Persian name, meaning: Rose.
GuyGuide Staff of the God Warrior Wood Valley Forest English, French form of Guido (meaning: Forest). Namesakes: Guy de Maupassant, French writer.
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