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GabijaTo Cover, to Protect Cover
GaiaThe Word Ge with the Meaning Earth
GailFather has Been Pleased Foreigner Happy Cheerful
GaleCheerful Stranger Pleasant Foreigners
GalinaThe Calm Shining Serene Peace

GardaGuarded Fence Fencing Shelter
GarriSon of Garret Spear Fortified Town
GauriBlonde A Fair Woman Parvati
GayleHappy Cheerful Joy of My Father Stranger
GeaSpear Inspired By the Same Earth Goddess
GemmaPrecious Stone Gemstone Jewel Gem
GenevieveWhite Wave Race of Women Jennifer Soft
GenovevaWoman People Jennifer About: the Spreading
GeorgetteEarthworker Farmer Worker of the Earth Bauer
GeorgianaVariant of Georgia Farmer Earth Worker Earthworker
GeorgineWorker of the Earth Bauer Farmer Earthworker
GerdSpear Hard Enclosure Gerd To be Guarded
GerdaSpear The Word Gerd Meaning Enclosure Fence Force
GerdiFence Fencing
GertStrength of a Spear Hardy Brave
GertaWarrior Force Hard Spear
GertrudStrength of the Spear Power Force
GertrudeThrows and Faithful Spear Hunter Power Force
GesinaForce Power Spear Strength
GiinaThe Queen Pure King Race of Women
GildaGod's Servant Hair Victims Offering
GisellePledge Arrow Hostage
GitteThe Exalted One Sublime
GladysGladiolus Flower Disabled Lame Note to the Gender of Claudius
GlennaGood It is a Narrow Valley Between Hills Pure Glen
GörelStone Wall Spear Fight "Spear" and "Struggle"
GöthildGreat Goth, from Gautland The Goth
GötildaThe Goth Goth, from Gautland Great
GottliebeOffspring God Love
GraceGod's Favor Favour Charm Mercy
GreetaForm of Margaret The Pearl
GreettaChild of Light A Pearl
GretchenThe Pearl
GreteThe Pearl Pearl
GretelForm of Margaret Pearl
GrethaChild of Light A Pearl
GretheThe Pearl

GriseldaStruggle Fight Gray Thank You
GriseldisFight Struggle Gray
GudrunSecret Fight Composition Rune
GujeWily In Battle Secret Sign Rune Fight
GulFlower Bouquet Rose
GullanRose White Fight War
GullveigBattle White Fight Rose
GullviFull of Life Purple
GunborgFight From the Fortified Hill Or Castle
GunbrittThe Exalted One Fight Sublime
GundaFight The Word Gund with the Meaning Fight
GundborgFrom the Fortified Hill Or Castle Fight
GundinaFight The Word Gund with the Meaning Fight
GundineFight The Word Gund with the Meaning Fight
GunhildWarrior Battler Fight War
GunillaWar Fight Battle
GunlisMy God is Abundance Fight
GunlögSwedish younger form of Gunnlaug
GunmajFight Wet Nurse Midwife
GunmariOf Death Fight Truth and Reason Bitter
GunnelFight War Battle
GunneliMy God is Abundance Fight
GunneviFull of Life Purple Fight
GunniOne who is Unspoiled
GunnlisFight My God is Perfect
GünterArmy Fight Struggle Warrior Lord
GüntherArmy Fight Struggle Warrior Lord
GunviFight Full of Life Purple
GustaavaStaff of the Gods Staff of the Goths Got Which Means God
GustavaStaff of the Gods Staff of the Goths Got Which Means God
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This Finnish names list for girls is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the finnish girl names starting with G featuring all finnish names. Finnish names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Finnish name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.