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SaagaA Storyteller Fairy Tale
SaanaElevation Truth Lily Lily- a Flower Name
SaaraNoble Lady Precious Noblewoman
SaaruNoble Lady Precious Noblewoman
SaarukkaNoble Lady Precious Noblewoman

SabineThe Sabines were Tribe Living in Central Italy Sabine
SabrinPassion Patience Endurance
SabrineInhabitants of Sabine Inspired By An English River Nymph
SachaAlexandra Protect and Man Manly
SadeHonor Confers a Crown Rain Ray of Light Princess
SadyRansom Mercy Noblewoman Wage
SafiinaSweet or Sabine Catlike Beautiful
SafinaFrom the Border Sword Like Name of the River Severn Cactus Fruit A Welsh River Name From Cyprus Princess White Rose Thorn
SafiraSapphire Precious Gem Traveler
SahraPrincess Desert Brown with Tawny Complexion Noblewoman
SaiaPrincess Stylish
SaijaPrincess Stylish
SaikkaFasting Mother of Flowers Lightening
SaikkuA Fasting Woman Mother of Flowers Lightening
SailaSunshine Dwelling in the Mountains
SaimaMother of Flowers Lightening Fasting
SaimeMother of Flowers Lightening Fasting
SaimiMother of Flowers Lightening Fasting
SainiBrave Caste of East Haryana Sign A Cast in Hindu Dharma Fasting Woman
SaippaMother of Flowers Fasting Woman Lightening
SaippoMother of Flowers Fasting Woman Lightening
SakariYahweh Remembers Sweetness
SakiBlossom One who is Cloaked Bloom
SalenaThe Moon
SalkaIntact Peaceful
SalkkoFullness King of Mask Peaceful Happiness
SallamaariOf Love Calf Pearl Truth and Reason
SallamariOf Love Calf Pearl Truth and Reason
SalliLet as in Let Me
SallukkaKing of Mask Let as in Let Me
SallyLady Noblewoman Form of Sarah Princess
SalmaUnspoiled Beloved One Perfectly Healthy Beautiful Woman
SalmeStruggle Hall Strength House
SamTo Hear Sun Child Heard By God Strong Person
SamantaHearing Equality Bordering
SamanthaHearing Bordering Fair and Thoughtful God Heard
SameeraEarly Morning Fragrance Enchanting Fair Lady Entertaining Companion
SameerahConversation Partner Companion in Nightly Entertainment Entertainer
SamiLofty Supreme High Noble
SaminaHappy Fertile Land Flower Healthy

SamiraPleasant Community Enchanting A Chame Cool Breeze
SamirahEarly Morning Fragrance Entertaining Female Companion Wind
SammyHear His Name is God Powerful
SamuelaHear God Powerful
SamuelinaHear Powerful God Hears
SandaDefender of Men To Defend Manly
SandraProtect and Man Man's Defender Protector Form of Alexander
SandrinaProtector Defender of Men Protect and Man Manly
SandrineProtector Defender of Men Protect and Man Manly
SandrukkaHelper and Defender of Mankind Protector Defending Men Virile
SanelmaFinnish name meaning 'story, poem', derived from the Finnish verb sanella = 'to dictate'
SaniaFirst in Whatever She Want Brilliant Beauty Brillant Happy
SanjaGod Universal Creator He Who Wards Off (Other) Men Face of the Night Evening
SannamariWished of Chld Of Death Calf Beloved
SannuSize Lily Truth Elevation
SannukkaSize Lily Truth Elevation
SanraProtect and Man Man's Defender Protector Form of Alexander
SantaHoly The Devotees
SantiTranquillity Peace Saint
SantraSweet Like an Orange
SantruVirile Protect and Man Protector He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
SantuComplete Satisfaction Kind and Beautiful Girl Defending Men
SanyaFortunate Born on Saturday Beneficent First Light of Sun
SaphiraSapphire Beautiful
SapiinaForm of Sabine Of Ancient Italian Culture Beautiful Catlike
SappiinaSabine Woman Beautiful Catlike
SarahPure Woman of High Rank Noblewoman Princess
SariEssence Noble
SarianSolid Beautiful Form of Sarah Favour
SariannSolid Beautiful Form of Sarah Favour
SariannaInestimable Mercy Abraham's Wife The Whole World
SarianneInestimable Mercy Abraham's Wife The Whole World
SaritaLady Noblewoman River Durga Devi
SarlinaPure Excellent Lake Beautiful
SarlineStar Happy Priceless Pure
SarriEssence Noble
SaschaProtect and Man Protector Alexandra Manly
SashaDefender and Helper of Mankind Alexandra Defending Men
SasikkaAssistant Alexandra Princess

SaskiaAcute Acer The Saxon
SassaPrincess Beautiful The Saxon Deity
SassiThe Saxon Beautiful Deity Assistant
SatuFrom a Fairy Tale Fairy Tale
Satu 1Fairy Tale
SavannaLinen Cloth Savannah Treeless Plain
SavannahFrom the Open Plain Savannah South Arabian Kingdom of Seba
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