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WalborgOld Swedish form of Walburg
WaldaGraceful Rose Rose Full of Life Moon Raise of Sun Old High German origin, short form of names with "forest" or "Walt" (meaning: rule).
WaltraudPower Ruler Old High German origin, meaning composition of "reign" and "force".
WandaGet Fat Wanderer A Slavic Name for the Tribal Group Vandals Look Healthy Open Area Wend
WappuCreative spelling of Vappu

WeeraCreative spelling of Veera
Wendelafeminine form of spiral or (meaning similar to the tribal name of the Vandals).
WendyFriend Literary Wends Vandals Fence Enclosure Protection White and Smooth Soft Fair Bow Pet form of names with "spiral" (meaning similar to the tribal name of the Vandals).
WenlaCreative spelling of Venla
WenonaEnglish name of indigenous origin, meaning: the first-born. Namesake: Winona Ryder, American actress.
WeronicaCreative spelling of Veronica
WeronikaStranger Welshman Foreign Celtic From Wales Bringing Victory
WictoriaCreative spelling of Victoria
WidarGerman variant of Vidar (meaning composition of "forest" and "Army"). Known from Norse mythology. Warrior
WiebkePet form of Wiebe. Fight
WikiCreative spelling of Viki
WiktoriaThe Victor
WilhelmaGerman female form of Wilhelm (see Willihelm)
WilhelmiinaVariant spelling of Vilhelmiina
WilhelminaWill Desire Helmet Resolute Protector Feminine Variant of William Resolute Guardian Desire and Protection Will Helmet Protect
WilhelmineLily Form of Susan Will
WillieResolute Will Will-helmet Protection Bold Brave Will Helmet Protect
WillyResolute Protector Will Helmet Bold Brave Diminutive of William Protect
WilmaWill Desire Helmet Short Form of Wilhelmina Resolute Protector Feminine Variant of William Will-helmet Protect Will Helmet
WinnieFriend of Peace White Diminutive of Winston First Born Daughter Victor Conqueror Fair One White and Smooth Soft Happiness Holy Blessed Peace Fair Reconciliation English short form of Winifred (meaning composition of "friend" and "peace").
WinonaLily Form of Susan Firstborn Daughter
WivanCreative spelling of Vivan
WivecaCreative spelling of Viveka
WiviCreative spelling of Vivi
WivianCreative spelling of Vivian
WonnaCreative spelling of Vonna
Finnish baby names
This Finnish names list for girls is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the finnish girl names starting with W featuring all finnish names. Finnish names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Finnish name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.