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VakurTurkish name, meaning: the decent, serious.
Valentafeminine form of Valentius (meaning: the Strong, Strong).
ValerijRussian form of Valerius (meaning: the Strong, Strong, inspired by an ancient Roman sex).
VanadisNordic name, meaning similar to the race of gods of Vanir. Known as an epithet of the goddess Freya.
VarenkaRussian diminutive of Barbara (meaning: the stranger).

VeredRose Hebrew origin, meaning: Rose.
VeviShort form of Genoveva.
VibekeDanish form of Wiebke. Fight
ViccoShort form of Viktor (meaning: Winner). Namesakes: Vicco von Bülow, German humorist, known as Loriot.
VidoniaPortuguese name, meaning: grapevine.
ViljaFinnish name, meaning: kindness, wealth.
Vinzentafeminine form of Vincent (meaning: the victor). The Winning
Vinzentiafeminine form of Vincent (meaning: the victor). The Winning
Vinzentinafeminine form of Vincent (meaning: the victor).
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