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PaarthAnother Name of Arjuna
PaarthivVishnu Earthly Earth
PaavakPure Fire
PaavanPurifier Water
PadamLotus Letter
PadmabandhuFriend of Lotus Bee Sun
PadmadharOne who Holds a Lotus
PadmahastaLotus-handed Lord Krishan
PadmajLord Brahama
PadmakantHusband of Lotus
PadmakarJewel Lord Vishnu
PadmalochanLotus Eyed
PadmapaniLord Bramha
PadmapatiLord Vishnu
PadmayaniLord Brahama Buddha
PadmeshIntelligence Lord Vishnu
PadminishLord of Lotuses
PakshSymbolizing the Phases of Moon
PalashA Flowering
PalashranjanBeautiful Like a Palash
PallabNew Leaves
PallavYoung Shoots and Leaves
PanchaananFive-eyed Name of Shiva
PanchalLord Shiva
PanchavaktraFive Faced Lord Hanuman
PandhariLord Vithobha
PandurangaOne with Pale White Complexion Lord Vithobha
PandyaSouth Indian Dynasty
PankajLotus Flower Awesome
PankajanLotus Lord Vishnu
PankajeetEagle Garuda
PanshulLord Shiva
ParaagPollen Sandal Wood
ParaasharA Celebrated Saint
ParamThe Best Being Supreme Primary Perfect Ultimate
ParamanandSupreme Bliss
ParamarthaHighest Truth
ParameshLord Shiva
ParameshwaThe Supreme God
ParanBeauty Glory Ornament
ParanjayLord of the Sea Lord of Sea
ParantapaConqueror Arjuna
ParasAnything He Touches Turn Gold Touchstone
ParasharAn Ancient
ParashuraamBrave An Ancient Sage
ParasmeMost Superior Lord Rama
ParatparaGreatest of the Greats
ParavasuName of a Sage
PareesTouch Stone Stone that Turns Iron to Gold
PareshSupreme Spirit
ParighoshLoud Sound
PariketAgainst Desire
ParikshitName of an Ancient King
ParisarA Part of Temple
ParmaarthHighest Truth Salvation
ParmeetPgod Gift Wisdom God Gift
ParmeshLord Shiva Lord Vishnu
ParnadA Brahmin in the Qpics
ParthKing Bright Silver Arjun
ParthapratimLike Arjuna
ParthasarathiLord Krishna
ParthivPrince of Earth
ParvateshwarGod of Mountains Himalaya
ParveshLord of Celebration
PashunathLord of Animals Lord Shiva
PashupatiLord Shiva's Incarnation
PatakinHolder of a Banner
PathikA Traveller
PauravDescendent of King Puru
PavanWind Breeze Life Lord Hanuman
PavanajLord Hanuman
PavankumarBhim Hanuman Son of the Wind
PavanputraSon of Wind Bhim Hanuman
PavansutSon of Wind Bhim Hanuman
PeetambarYellow Robed
PehlajFirst Born
PerumalLord Venkateshwara
PhalgunA Month in Hindu Calendar
PhanibhusanLord Shiva
PhaninathLord of Serpents
PhanindraKing of Gods Sesh The Divine Snake
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