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TakshakA Cobra
TaksheelA Strong Character
TalankLord Shiva
TalinLord Shiva
TalishLord of Earth
TamalA Tree with Very Dark Bark
TamishGod of Darkness Moon
TamoghnLord Vishnu Lord Shiva
TamonashDestroyer of Ignorance
TanishBeautiful Jewel Ambition Lord Shiva
TanishqJewel Precious Dear
TanmayWith an Inspire Engrossed Absorbed
TanunThe Wind
TapanSun Summer Tapasvi Lord Surya (Sun)
TapasHeat Penance Ascetic
TapasendraLord Shiva
TapasranjanLord Vishnu
TapendraLord of Heat Sun
TapeshThe Holy Trinity
TapeshwarLord Shiva
TapomayFull of Moral Virtue
TaradhishLord of the Stars
TarakStar Pupil of Eye Protector
TarakeshStary Hair
TarakeshwarLord Shiva
TaraknathLord Shiva
TaranjotLight of Redemption
TarendraPrince of Stars
TareshGod of the Stars Moon
TarikOne who Crosses the River of Life Muslim General who Conquered Spain Morning Star Neutron Star Messenger Path-breaker or Finder Variant of Tariq Knocking
TaroshHeaven Small Boat
TatyaLord Shiva
TavishOcean Gold Heaven
TeerthHoly Place Sacred Water
TeerthankarA Jain Saint
TejLustrous Light
TejeshGod of Brightness Sun
TejeshwarThe Sun
ThakarshiLord Krishna
ThakurLeader God
ThamanName of a God Price Worth
ThashanLord Shiva
ThavaneshLord Shiva
ThayalanLord Shiva
TilakAuspicious Spot of Vermillion or Sandal Wood Paste on Forehead
TiminLarge Fish Born Near the Sea
TimmyOne who Honors God Form of Timothy Honoring God Dispel of Paul
TimothyTo Fear God Honoring God Name of a Saint To Honor God One who Honors God
TirranandLord Shiva
TirthHoly Place Pilgrim To Go Yatra Dham
TirthankarLord Vishnu
TirthayaadLord Krishna
TirumalaSeven Hills
TirupathiSeven Hills
TisyaketuLord Shiva
TitirA Bird
ToyeshLord of Water
TrailokvaThe Three Worlds
TriambakLord Shiva
TribhuMaster of All Three States Land, Sky and Universe
TribhuvanThe Tree Worlds
TridevHindu Trinity Bramha Vishnu and Mahesh
TridhamanThe Holy Trinity
TridhatriLord Ganesh
TrigunThe Three Dimensions
TrijalLord Shiva
TrikayLord Buddha
TrilochanOne with Three Eyes Lord Shiva
TrilokThe Three Worlds Heaven Earth Hell
TrilokanathLord Shiva
TrilokchandMoon of the Three Worlds
TrilokeshLord Shiva
TrimaanWorshipped in Three Worlds
TrimurtiThe Holy Trinity
TrinabhLord Vishnu 3 Sky
TrinathLord Shivtripur Three Cities
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