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AghanashiniDestroyer of Sins
AgnishikhaFlames of Fire
AhalyaWife of Rishi Gautam Women Rescued by Lord Rama
AhimsaNonviolent Virtue
AhladitaIn Happy Mood
AidaVisiting Noble Nobility Reward Present Helper Rest Peace Comfort Distinguished Returning Visitor Returning (a Guest or Someone who is to Return)
AieshaWoman Alive She who Lives Life Lively Perfect (Women)
AishaLiving Prosperous Lively Woman Life She is Life Alive Wife of Prophet Muhammad Joy Happiness
AishaniGoddess Durga
AishiGod's Gift
AiswaryaWealth Good Luck Intellectual Thinking Best Beautiful
AjaFire Unborn High Priestess of Mecca Goat Not Born Love of Vishnu One who is Self Existent
AjagandhaDaughter of Aja
AjantaEternal Fame A Famous Buddist Cave
AjeetaInvincible Unconquerable
AjitaInvincible Irresistible Always Winning A Winner Unconquerable
AkalkaFree from Impurity Moonlight Pure
AkankshaDesire Expectations Wish Desire
AkharnithaBeautiful Flower
AkiraA Natural Graceful Strength Bright Clear Dawn Anchor
AklimaThe First Step
AkritiShape Diagram
AkshadhaGod's Blessings
AkshiEyes Very Precious Eyed Existence
AkshitiVictorious Peace
AkshyaLove Immortal God Unlimited
AlainaDear Child
AlakanandaName of a River
AlaknandaA River in the Himalayas Flawless
AlbeliOne who Steals Hearts Beautiful
AldaRich Old Wise Noble
AliGod Excellent Noble Sublime Light Lofty To Ascend Exalted One Also Mohammad's Son-in-law Elevated Noble and Shining Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Bee
AliaForehead Exalted Highest Social Standing All Lofty Sublime To Move Forward
AlishaGod Gifted Protected by God
AlitaSmall Winged One Truthful Nobel
AlizaJoyous Happiness Faithful Pious Honest
AlkaDiamond A Girl with a Lovely Hair Lock of Curly Hair
AlmasA Diamond Adamant Brightness
AlopaSmall Morsel Faultless
AlpanaDecorative Design Beautiful
AmaniPeace Wishes Aspiration Belief Faith Road One who Shows the Path
AmaravathyFlowing River
AmatullahFemale Servant of Allah Slave of Allah
AmayaNot Cunning Night Rain
AmbaGoddess Durga
AmbalikaMother One who is Sensitive
AmberleyThe Sky
AmbujaProduces in Water The Lotus Born of a Lotus Goddess Lakshmi
AmeenaTrustworthy Faithful
AmeeraLeader Princess Rich Woman Similar to Amira Well Populated
AmidiBoundless Magnanimous
AmodaAmusement Gladdening Joy Strong Perfume Happiness
AmodiniHappy Girl Joyful
AmrapaliGuardian of the Mango Tree Famous Courtesan who Became a Devotee of Buddha
AmritNectar God's Nectar
AmritkalaNectarine Art
AmrutaImmortal Ambrosia Nectar
AmuktaCan't be Touched Precious
AmviA Goddess
AnaGrace Form of Anna Gracious God's Favour Resurrection Playful Wanted Favoured Beautiful
AnaikaPowerful and Complete
AnaisGrace Favour Pure
AnamikaThe One without a Name Ring-finger Person who does Not have Name
AnandiBringer of Joy Lord Vishnu Always Happy Joyful Unending
AnanditaDelighted Joyful Happy
AnangeeCupid's Consort
AnanthaEndless Eternal
AnantyaEndless Eternal Divine A God
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