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DaeviGoddess The Diety
DaevikaMinor Deity Goddess
DaksaCompetent Talented Perfect
DakshakanyaAble Daughter
DakshayaniGoddess Parvathi The Daughter of Daksha Goddess Durga
DalajaProduced from Petals
DamayantiLotus Flower Pretty Dove
DammaThe Soothing Voice
DanielleGod is My Judge Feminine of Daniel Judged Only by God
DarpanikaA Small Mirror
DarsanaLooking at Lord Krisna Seeing Sight
DarshaBright Grapes Perceive Vision Wine See
DarshiniOne who Blesses
DarshitaGood Morning Sight
DarshnaPray to God
DarshniThe One who Blesses
DayaGood Kindness Mercy Pity
DebanshiDeva Ansh
DeborahBee To Speak Kind Words Hebrew Queen Bee
DeeherShiva's Strength Dee means Durga and her means Shiv
DeekshaInitiation To Teach Learner To Teach Students Good Thoughts of Hindu Religions to Students (who Wants to Meet God and Wants to Became Social Worker)
DeenaDivine God Like Jacob's Daughter Judgement Valley Dinah Spear Ruler Silk
DeepaLamp Dedication A Pledge A Lamp Light Radiant Goddess Laxmi
DeepakalaEvening Time
DeepanjaliOffering by Lighting Lamps in Worship
DeepanwitaLit by Lamp
DeepaprabhaFully Lighted
DeepavatiA Raagini Hybrid of Deepak and Goddess Saraswati
DeepikaA Little Light Beautiful Girl Lamp Light A Raagini Used in Indian Music Wife of God
DeepthaLightening Candle
DeeptikanaA Beam of Light
DeetaA Name for Goddess Lakshmi
DeleenaGood Looking
DelishaGives Pleasure Delight Happy and Make Others Happy
DemiraDevotee of Lord Krishna
DeshnaGod Gift
DevahutiDaughter of Manu
DevakaliName of a Indian Music Raagini
DevakanyaCelestial Maiden
DevakiMother of Krishna
DevakiriName of a Raagini
DevalSage Narada Temple Divine Holy
DevalathaDivine Wine
DevalekhaCelestial Beauty
DevamatiGodly Minded Virtuous
DevamayiDivine Illusion
DevanganaCelestial Maiden
DevangiLike a Goddess
DevaniShining Celestial Goddess
DevashreeGoddess Lakshmi
DevasmithaWith a Devine Smile
DeveshiGoddess Durga
DeviLord Cute Goddess
DevikaLike an Angel Little Goddess Mother of Krishna Minor Deity Goddess
DevinaResembling a Goddess
DevishaLike Goddess
DevishiChief of the Goddesses Goddess Durga
DevkanyaDivine Damsel
DevkiLord Krishna's Mother
DhaaraConstant Flow The Earth
DhanWealth Goddess Laxmi
DhanalakshmiNice Voice The Goddess of Wealth
DhanapriyaLoved by Wealth
DhanashriA Raga
DhanlaxmiWealthy Goddess Laxmi
DhanvantiHolding Wealth
DhanyataSuccess Fulfilment
DharaniEarth Success
DhariyaHaving Patience
DharmishtaLord in Dharma
DharshaneeyaBlessing Giver
DhartiEarth Cute
DhavniMusic Cruel Against Sound Noise
DheepthaGoddess Lakshmi
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