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HaasinaBeautiful Attractive Girl
HaimaSnow Frost Dew Golden Goddess Parvati
HameshaEver Always
HamsiniOne who Rides a Swan Goddess Saraswati
HansamalaA Line or Row of Swans
HardiHoly Hearted From the Heart
HardikaHearty Welcome Wonderful Similar to Hardik Full of Love
HardiniNear of Hart
HaribalaDaughter of Lord Vishnu
HarikaBeloved by Indra Wonderful
HarinakshiDoe-eyed One with Eyes Like Deer
HariniBeautiful Like Deer Who's Really Good at Math Female Deer Lakshmi Wife of Lord Vishnu Deer Like
HaripriyaConsort of Lord Vishnu Lakshmi
HarseeratGod's Wisdom
HarviBattle Worthy Fine
HashnaHappiness Saviour
HasinaGood Cheerful Beautiful Pretty
HasitaDelighted Happy Full of Laughter
HavishaGod Lakshmi
HeenaMehendi Henna Myrtle
HeerDiamond Generous and Understanding
HeerkaniSmall Diamond
HelanTorch Sun Ray Shining Light Wicker Reed Shoot Basket Most Beautiful Woman in the World A Lady Attending on Imogen The Bright One Similar to Helen
HemadriMountain of Gold Also the Himalaya Golden Hills
HemakshiGolden Eyes
HemanganiGolden Bodied
HemangiGolden Body
HemanginiGirl with Golden Body
HemaniGoddess Parvati
HemantiEarly Winter Born in the Hemant Season
HemaprabhaGolden Light
HemashriOne with Golden Body
HemavatiGoddess Parvati
HemkantaGolden Girl
HemlataGolden Creeper
HennaGolden Creeper Home Ruler House Owner Lord of the Manor God was Gracious God has Favoured Me Mehendi
HeraQueen of Gods
HetaLove Battle
HetalCheerful Friendly Love
HetaxiWith Lovable Eyes
HimadreeRiver Ganga
HimadriHimalaya Peak of Snow The Himalaya Mountain
HimajaGoddess Parvati
HimeshCool as Ice Snow Bright
HinaHenna A Shrub Fragrance Sword of the Finest Steel Liver Used for Denoting Closeness of Individual to Oneself
HinalGoddess of Beauty and Wealth
HindaFemale Deer Doe
HiralBearer of Diamonds Lustrous
HiranmaiGolden Girl
HiranmayiGolden Girl
HitaishiWell Wisher
HitaliDerived from Hit
HitartheeWell Wisher Benevolence
HiteshriGood Wisher
HitikshaWell Wisher
HiyasviFull of Happiness
HoneySweet as Honey Sweetheart Honey Beloved Adorable
HumaBird of Paradise Daughter of King Bahman and Mother of Darab Gold An Imaginary Bird
HumailaGolden Necklace
HymaGoddess Parvathi
HymavathiGoddess Lakshmi
HyndaviWoman Goddess of Hindus Durga
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