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RaakheeA Bond of Love
RaakhiSymbol of Protection Full Moon in the Sravan Month
RabiaFamous Godly Spring The Fourth Female
RachanaWriter Creation
RachnaConstruction Arrangement
RadhaSuccess Prosperity The Beloved of Lord Krishna Lord Krishna's Lover
RagPiece of Music
RagamayaFull of Passion Music Colour
RageshwariGoddess of Melody Master of Melodic Modes
RageswariGoddess of Melody Master of Melodic Modes
RaginiSinger A Melody
RahiTraveller Spring
RajalakshmiGoddess Lakshmi Goddess of the Kingdom
RajanigandhaScented Flower
RajhansCelestial Swan
RajnandhiniDaughter of a King
RajshriSage-like King
RajveerNational Hero Brave King
RakhiThread of Brother-sister Bonding
RamaaGoddess Lakshmi
RamanBeloved Pleasing Cupid Wise Protector Comfort Repose Strong Person
RambhaName of an Apsara
RamitaLoved Pleasing
RamonaAdvice Decision Decision and Protector Wise Guardian Counsel Protection Might Protector
RangitaCharming Coloured
RanitaTinkling Lovely Tune
RanjanEntertaining Pleasing Enjoyment
RashiCute Wealth Money Beautiful Collection Sun Sign Collection of Wealth Sign
RashmiSun Rays A First Ray of Sun A Ray of Light
RashmikaRay of Light
RasnaTongue Speech The Tongue
RatanPrecious Stone Ornament Jewel
RatiKamdev's Wife Most Beautiful Lady Wife of Cupid
RatnabaliString of Pearls
RatnajyoutiA Very Beautiful Woman
RatnalekhaSplendour of Jewels
RatnaliA Jewelled
RatnamalaString of Pearls
RatnaprabhaEarth Light from a Jewel
RatnapriyaLover of Jewels
RaveenaSunny Beauty of the Sun
RavinaSunny Beauty of the Sun
RaviprabhaLight of the Sun
ReaPoppy Earth In Greek Myth Rhea was an Earth Mother Following Victor To Flow River Stream Flower Name for Poppy Warrior
RekhaLine Artwork Beauty The Heart of God Limit
RenaOf the Sea Born Again Reborn Peaceful Joyous Song Melody Actor of Nara
ReshamSilk Soft
RevaSweat Heart A Star Another Name of River Narmada One who Snares
RevatiWife of Balarama A Star
RevtiName of a River
RhodaGreek for Rose
RiaSinger Love To Flow Earth In Greek Myth Rhea was an Earth Mother River Merry Victor From the River's Mouth
RianaLove Happiness and Luck Queen Feminine of Ryan
RichaChants Hymn The Writing of the Vedas The Etymological Origin of Richa is the Sanskrit Word Ric means to Praise
RidhiProsperity To be Successful To Succeed To Grow To Increase To Make Gain
RijuInnocent Helpful
RinkelHeartless Love
RinzenThe Holder of Intellect
RishitaJoyful Who Brings Happiness Deep Knowledge The Best Message for Happiness Goddess of Faith Saintly
RitaPearl Child of Light Variant of Margaret Brave Honest Way of Life
RitiMotion Memory Well Being
RitikaMovement Pretty Cute Of Brass Bronze One who Keeps Traditions (Riti Rivaz)
RiyaGraceful Singer Beautiful A Form of Ria One who Sings Dance
RohiniLotus that Blooms in Moonlight A Star Name of Nakshatra Lord Chandra (Moon)
RomilHeartfelt Full of Love Cheerful
RonakEmbellishment Delight Bright
RonikaVictory Bringer
RosalindaBeautiful Rose
RoseRose Flower Flower Name Horse Renown Rose Bush A Variety of Flower
RoshiniPowerful Light Brightness
RoshniLight Brightness
RositaFlower Name Noted Protector Horse Fame Kind Sort Type Little Rose
RubainaBright Beautiful
RubyReddish Red Colored Precious Gemstone Red Ruby Jewel Reborn The Red Gemstone
RuchaSplander Bright Brilliant Radiant Cool Full of Ideas Vedic Lyrics
RuchikaShining Beautiful Desirous
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