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AaradhakWorshipper of God Worshiper
AarhantProtector from Enemies
AariketGod Ganesh
AarishFirst Ray of Sun
AarivKing of Wisdom
AarizRespectable Man Intelligent Leader of the Nation Sacred Diving
AarjavOne who is Steadfast in Happy and Sorrow
AarmanDesire Awesome
AarnavOcean Sea
AarnesRed Silk
AarohaAlways Ascending
AaronExalted One High Mountain
AarpanGiving Away
AarshabhIts an Another Name of Sri Krishna
AarumughamAnother Name for God Murugan
AarumughasamiGod Murugan
AarunaSun The One with Aruna as his Charioteer
AarurdossOne who is in Everyone
AarushSunshine First Ray of Sun
AaryavNoble Person
AaryavirBrave Man
AaryeshThe King of Arya
AasaithambiPower of Self Respect
AasamanaPower of Self Respect The Sky
AashadharOne who Keeps Hope
AashaySummary Gist Powerful Meaningful
AashkaTake Aashka of Aarti Blessings
AashleshTo Embrace
AashrithRuler Lard Vinayaka
AashutoshOne who Fulfills Wishes Instantly On Seat
AasitBlack Stone
AasraSahara Help Anchor
AastikWho has Faith in God
AatheryaA Disciple of Sage Vamadeva
AathiswaranThe Fire
AatmaSoul Light of the Lord
AatmadevaGod of the Soul
AatmikSpirit Soul
AatreyAn Ancient Name
AavanshForthcoming Generation
AayanSpeed Bright A Small but the First Part of an Element Gift of God
AayushmaanWith Long Life
AayushmanLong Life
AbadhyaAlways Victorious Unopposed
AbalenduNot the Nascent Moon The Full Moon
AbanOld Arabic Name Dual of Abu 8th Month of the Iranian Calendar Name of a Certain Angel Bloom of Love Little Abbot Waters
AbbasDescription of a Lion Looking Austere Lion Stern Frowning One Name of Mohammad's Uncle A Family Name
AbbieMy Father is Light Father of Joy
AbbotFather Priest
AbbudWorshipper of Allah Devoted Obedient
AbbyFather My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AbdhisayanaSleeping on the Ocean
AbeeshtWanted Desired
AberassithanUnbeatable God
AbhaidevFree of Fear The Protecting God The God of Protector
AbhaijeetVictory over Fear
AbhasvaraShining One
AbhatShining Visible
AbhataShining Blazing
AbhavLord Shiva Having the Ability to be Diffrent
AbhayBrave Fearless
AbhayankarHe who Gives Courage
AbhaysimhaAs Fearless as a Lion
AbheerA Cow-herd
AbheeranA Cow Herd
AbheerupThe Most Handsome and Wisest
AbheeshekConsecrating or to Crown
AbheeshthaOnes Desire
AbheestWanted Desired
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