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BaalaadityaRisen Sun
BaalaajiLord Vishnu
BaalaarkThe Rising Sun
BaalagopaalBaby Krishna
BaalkrishanYoung Krishna
BaalveerStrong Powerful
BaanbhattName of an Ancient Poet
BaankeLord Krishna
BaasuRich Wealthy
BabaSweet Baby Born on Thursday
BabakName of the Father of Ardeshir Founder of the Sassanid Dynasty Faithful Young Father
BabarLion King of Jungle
BabatLucky Fortunate
BabhruFierce Brown Reddish Brown Cow
BabijiGood Person
BabuA Hindu Gentleman A Native Clerk who Writes English Child
BabulA Tree Gate of God Father Lord Shiva
BachchaChild Baby
BachittarWondrous Merits
BadalCloud Rain
BadaniWith Handsome Body
BadarFull Moon Fresh Green
BadarayanRishi Ved Vyas
BadariprasadA Gift of Badrinarayan
BadikhImportant Prominent
BadrFull Moon
BadriLord Shiva Lord Vishnu
BadrinathLord of Mount Badri Lord Vishnu
BadrishA Name of Lord Shiva
BadruBorn at the Full Moon Full Moon
BadruddinThe Moon of the Faith
BadsahLeader or King
BagavathiMother of Goddess
BaggaPure and White
BagiraLoving Nurturing
BahadarBrave and Courageous
BahadurBrave Bold Brave and Courageous Honourable
BahajJubilation Happiness Joy Rejoicing
BahirLuminous Sparkling Dazzling Prevailing
BahuA Lot Arm The Shadow of the Sundial Daughter-in-law
BahubaliA Jain Tirthakar
BahudamaSuppressor of Many Strong Powerful A Star
BahulA Star
BahuleyLord Karthikeya
BahuleyaLord Kartikeya
BahuliManifold Multiplied One who has Many Facets
BahuliyaLord Kartikeya
BahulyaManifoldness Variety
BahumanA Prize
BahumanyaHonoured by Many
BahuraiWith Great Riches
BahusktiFull of Power
BahusrutaExtremely Learned Much Heard
BaidyanathLord Shiva
BairavanLord Shiva
BaiwabBhagawan Shiva's Name
BajarangA Name of Lord Hanumaan
BajrangA Name of Lord Hanuman
BajrangbaliStrength of Diamond
BakhshishDevine Blessing Gift Donation
BakshishDevine Blessing
BaksishDevine Blessing
BalaadityaYoung Man
BalaarkThe Rising Sun
BalabVery Sweet
BalachandarYoung Moon
BalachanderCrescent Moon
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