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CakrapaniDiscus Holder
CalaEver Moving Castle Fortress Lovely Most Beautiful
CalebMessenger Dog Faithful Dog Bold Courageous Faith Devotion Whole Hearted
CarmavanCovered with Hides Protected Sheltered
CaturvaktraFour Faced Another Name for Brahma
CeevenThe Name Came to a Guy from Dream
CeyoneRising Sun
ChaanakyaName of Kautilya The Great Scholar
ChaaruchandraBeautiful Moon Son of Rukmani and Lord Krishna
ChaarudattBorn of Beauty
ChaaruhaasWith Beautiful Smile
ChahelGood Cheer
ChaitalConsciousness New Year
ChaitanName of Kautilya The Great Scholar
ChaitnikAiways Peaceful Mind
ChaitnyaConsciousness Wisdom Soul Mind Spirit Founder of the Four Principles of Vaishinav Sect A Reincarnation of Krishna
ChaityaPertaining to the Mind Individual Soul A Stupa Built in Jain or Buddhist Places of Worship Its a Buddhist Hindu Shrine in India
ChaityakAbode of Consciousness A Place of Worship A Mountain Near Magadha Which is Worshipped
ChajjuShade Cool Soothing
ChakorA Bird Enamoured of the Moon
ChakoraA Bird
ChakraWheel Circle Discus The Sun
ChakrabhujLord Vishnu
ChakradevLord Vishnu
ChakradharName of Lord Vishnu
ChakrapaaniName of Lord Vishnu
ChakrapaniDiscus Holder
ChakravakA Bird
ChakravarteeA Sovereign King
ChakravarthyKing Emperor King of Kings
ChakravartiKing A Sovereign
ChakreshLord Vishnu
ChakriLord Vishnu
ChakshanHindu Boy
ChallaA Ring
ChalukyaA King
ChalvantA Determined Person
ChamarajA King
ChampakA Flower
ChanNickname for John Light Beloved At Peace
ChanakFather of Chaanakya
ChanakyaThe Wise One Bright Great Scholar Son of Chanaka
ChanandeepThe Light of God's Feet
ChanandipThe Light of God's Feet
ChananjeetWinning the Service of Guru's Feet
ChandMoon Shining Moon
ChandabalFiercely Strong
ChandakThe Moon
ChandaraMoon Bright Shining Radiant
ChandarmouliLord Shiva
ChandavarmanAn Old King
ChandavirVery Brave A Buddhist Deity
ChandeedaasName of a Saint
ChanderbhanMoon on the Forehead
ChanderjeetConquer of the Moon
ChandidaasName of a Saint
ChandidasName of a Saint Devotee of Chendi Devi
ChandninAnointed with Sandalwood Another Name for Shiva
ChandraabhaaLusture of Moon Light
ChandraadityaName of a King
ChandraananMoon-like Face
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