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GabbySound of God Hero of God
GabrooYoung Man
GadaaWeapon of Lord Hanuman
GadadharOne of Lord Chaitanya's Associates
GadadharaWielder of the Mace
GadgeName of Saint (Guru)
GadhadharName of Lord Vishnu
GadhiOne who Seeks Knowledge
GadhijaAnother Name for Sage Visvamitra
GadinLord Krishna
GaganSky Heaven Load Murugan
GaganachandraThe Moon in the Sky
GaganadhvajaBanner of the Sky The Sun
GaganakundaSky Heaven Pool of the Sky
GaganavihaareeWanderer in the Heavens
GaganavihariWandering in Heaven
GaganchandraThe Moon in the Sky
GagandeepakThe Lamp of the Sky
GaganeshLord Shiva
GaganjyotLight of the Sky
GagansindhuOcean of the Sky
GaganvihariOne who Stays in Heaven
GagneshSon of Lord Shiva
GahanLord Vishnu
GaishTempest Commotion
GajaElephant Strong
GajaadharOne who can Command an Elephant Elephant Tamer
GajaananElephant Faced Lord Ganesha
GajaanandLord Ganesh
GajabahuWho has Strength of an Elephant
GajadharOne who can Command an Elephant Elephant Tamer
GajakarnaElephant Eared Lord Shiva
GajamukhFace of Lord Ganesh
GajamukhaElephant Faced Ganesh
GajananLord Ganesh
GajananaFaced Like an Elephant
GajanananLord Ganesh
GajanandLord Ganesh
GajanandaLord Ganesh
GajananetiElephant-faced Lord Lord Ganesh
GajananvihariOne who Stays in Heaven
GajapathiOne with Elephant Face
GajapatiMaster of Elephant Lord Ganesha
GajariEnemy of Elephant Lord Shiva
GajarupaLord Ganesh
GajavadanName of Lord Ganesha
GajavakraTrunk of the Elephant
GajavaktraOne who has Mouth Like an Elephant
GajbaahuWho has Strength of an Elephant
GajbahuWho has Strength of an Elephant
GajdantElephant Teeth Ganesha Lord Ganesha
GajenderKing of Elephant and Indralok Indradev
GajendranKing of Elephant
GajendranathOwner of Gajendra
GajinderKing of Elephants
GajkaranLike Ears of Elephant
GajmukhLord Ganesha
GajnamElephant King
GajpathiMaster of Elephant Lord Ganesha
GajpatiMaster of Elephant Lord Ganesha
GajraajThe Lord
GajrajBig Elephant
GajrupLord Ganesh
GajvadanName of Lord Ganesha
GalavTo Worship
GaleLively Cheerful Happy Foreigner Stranger
GalibName of a Great Poet
GamalCamel Handsome
GamalielRecompense of God Camel of God God is My Reward
GamanProgressive Lord Ganesh
GambheerDeep Serious
GambheeraDeep Serious
GambhirDeep Serious
GanadhakshyaLord of All Gods / Ganas
GanadhyakshinaLeader of All the Celestial Bodies
GanakAn Astrologer
GanakaOne who Calculates
GananathLord Ganesha
GanapathiLord Ganesha
GanapatiLord Ganesh
GanarajLord of the Clan
GanashyamLord Krishana
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