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KaalindiRiver Yamuna
KaaliyaA Huge Serpent
KaalkiLord Narayana
KaamilPerfect Complete Accomplished
KaanhaaBaby Name of God Krishna
KaartiHindu Period of a Year
KaartikGod Shiva's Elder Son God Ganesha's Brother
KaartikeyaSon of Shiva
KaashiPilgrim of India Name of Indian City
KaashinaathLord of Kaashi
KaashinathLord of Kaashi
KabalikrutSwallower of the Sun
KabandhaUgly Giant Cloud Comet Water
KabeerName of a Famous Poet / Saint A Mystic Poet or Poet Sants of India
KabeeraLord Kabir
KabirName of a Famous Saint
KabrName from Kabir
KabraBeautiful Tree
KacesvaraFamous Poet Deity of Beauty A Temple
KadamFirst Step to do Any Thing
KadambName of a Tree
KadambanLord Murugan
KadhirvelName of Lord Shanmukha
KadirRay of Light Shoot of Grass Green Spring Greening
KafirName of Closer
KafurTo Disappear
KahaanName of Lord Krishna God of Ganesha
KahaliMischievous Lord Shiva Strong
KahemankarName of a Manu in Jain Mythology
KahilFriend Lover
KahillBest Friend
KahnLord Krishna
KaholName of a Sage
KaifiJolly Tipsy Intoxicated Lusty
KaikuraGround Squirrel
KailaLaurel Crown
KailaashavaasiThe Resident of Kailaash
KailasAbode of Lord Shiva
KailasamDwelling Place of Lord Siva
KailashName of a Himalayan Peak Abode of Shiva
KailashchandraLord Shiva
KailashnathLord Shiva
KailasnathLord Shiva
KairabhBorn from Lotus
KairavWhite Lotus
KairvaName of a Himalayan Peak Abode of Shiva
KaithOf Godly
KaivalyanathLord Shiva
KajishLord Vinayagar
KaklinWhite Horse
KakshivatName of a Rishi
KalabhairavLord Shiva
KalabhitImmortal Long-lived
KalabhitiOf whom Death is Afraid Long Lived
KaladharOne who Shows Different Phases
KalaiarasanKing of Arts
KalaiarasuKing of Arts
KalaiselvanGood Man and God Way
KalakalaA Sort of Sound Imitation Like a River Flow
KalakantA Song Bird
KalanabhaBlack Navelled
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