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LaalLovely Beloved Dear One Red Colour
LaalitLoved Pampered
LabakaMelodious Sounds Hai
LabeebSensible Intelligent Understanding
LabhGain Advantage
LabhshaLovely Person
LabibSensible Intelligent
LabidA Companion
LachanBright Eyes
LachmanYounger Brother of Ram
LaduKing Sweet Laddu
LaganAppropriate Time Dedication
LaghuLovely Pure Young Quick
LagnaThe Ascendant or 1st House
LaiThe Beloved One
LaibaFemale of the Haven Most Prettiest Angel of Heaven
LaileshLord Shiva
LairdLord of the Land
LajpatOf Keeping Shame
LakeshKing of Sri Lanka
LakhaMoney Writer
LakhanLord Rama's Brother
LakhithLord Vishnu
LakshakRay of Beauty
LakshanAim Symptom
LakshapatiLord Rama's Brother
LakshinLord Siva With Auspicious Marks
LakshivAim Lord Shiva
LakshmanProsperous Younger Brother of Rama
LakshmanaHaving Auspicious Marks
LakshmibalanProsperous Brother of Rama
LakshmibantaFortunate Duryodhana's Daghter Name
LakshmidharLord Vishnu
LakshmigopalLord Vishnu
LakshmikantVishnu Husband of Goddess Lakshmi
LakshmikantaLord Vishnu Distinguished
LakshminarayanLord Vishnu
LakshminathLord Vishnu
LakshmipatiHusband of Lakshmi
LakshmiprasadGrace of Laxmi
LakshmiramanLord Vishnu
LakshnaCharacteristic Decent
LaksmanSon of King Dasharatha and Sumitra Lucky Brother of Lord Ram
LaksmanaBrother of Lord Rama
LalLovely Beloved Dear One Red Colour
LalatName of a Raag
LalatenduThe Third Eye of Lord Shiva
LalchandRed Moon
LalchandraRed Moon
LalilEvening Sun Flow
LalitadityaBeautiful Sun
LalitchandraBeautiful Moon
LalitenduBeautiful Moon
LaliteshGod of Beauty Husband of a Beautiful Wife
LalitlochanOne with Beautiful Eyes
LalitmohanBeautiful and Attractive
LalitrajLord of Beauty
LalKrishnaChild Krishna
LallRed Color Yellow
LallanTo Care
LaluLovely Beloved Dear One Love Red Colour Similar to Lal
LambakarnaLarge-eared Lord
LambodarLord Ganesh
LambodharLord Ganesh
LanderFrom the Grassy Plain Laundry-man Lion Man Property Owner or Laundry-man
LangooraGenus of Monkey Baboon The Black Face Monkey
LanibanLord Shiva
LankaChilli Island
LapayaLord Ganesh
LaranThe Psychic Powers and Abilities of the Comyn Caste Theif
LarrajA Sage
LasaWeek Birthmark
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