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UbaOld Woman
UbadahServant of God Worship
UbayyOne with High Self Esteem
UcchitDelightful Proper Fit Right
UchadevLord Vishnu
UchitCorrect Bright
UdaiThe Rising To Rise
UdaijotRising Light
UdandaNemesis of Evils and Vices
UdantCorrect Message
UdanvatThe Ocean Rishi
UdapiOne who Attains Success
UdaradhiWise Intellectual
UdarakExcellent Person
UdarathiLord Vishnu
UdarchisLord Shiva
UdariKindhearted Person
UdathKingly Gentle
UdattaGod is One
UdavasuTreasure of Nobility
UdayTo Rise Appearance Ascend Rise Sunrise
UdayachalEastern Horizon
UdayagiriMountain of Sunrise
UdayanRising Up Rising Name of King of Avanti
UdayantRisen Virtuous
UdayaraviRising Sun
UdayashvaFast Progressing Lord Vishnu
UdayasooriyanRising Sun
UdaybhanThe Rising Sun
UdayinRising Prosperous Lord Vishnu
UdayjitConqueror of the Rising Sun
UdayrajRising King
UdayvirEmerging as a Hero
UdbhasRadiant Splendour
UdbhatExtraordinary Excellent
UdbhavRising with Glory
UdbhidSprouting Germinating
UddalakA Sage
UddandaNemesis of Evils and Vices
UddarshanWith Clear Vision
UddarshitMade Visible To Come Forth Appearing
UddeepthStimulate Illuminated
UddhavLord Krishna's Friend
UddinamFlying Up
UddipGiving Light
UddipakStimulating Inflaming
UddiranLord Vishnu
UddishLord Shiva
UddiyanFlying Speed
UddunathLord of Stars
UdellFrom the Yew Tree Valley
UdesangSon of Adam
UdeshOne who Conquered World Flood
UdeyThe Rising
UdgatLeader Risen Ascended
UdgeetThe Syllable Om
UdghoshaTo Announce
UdhaiOne Kind of Worms
UdhavLord Krishna's Friend
UdhayBlue Lotus
UdhgitaLord Shiva
UdiWater Pleasant Sympathetic
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