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VaachaspatiLord of Speech
VaachasyaWell Spoken of Praiseworthy
VaageeshLord of Speech
VaakpatiGreat Orator
VaalmeekiAn Ancient Saint
VaamanLord Vishnu
VaamanaVishnu's Fifth Incarnation Trivikrama
VaamdevName of a Shiva
VaanyaHindu Female Deity of Forests Van Ki Devi Idle Daughter
VaarshaneyLord Vishnu
VaasavadattaA Name in Sanskrit Classics
VaatsyaayanAn Author of Old Times
VaayuThe Vital Air Wind
VacasyaReadiness of Speech
VachaspatiLord of Speech
VachelLittle Cow From French
VadamalaiyanLord Hanuman
VadanyaGenerous Eloquent
VadeBelly Button
VadirajKing Among Disputants
VadishLord of the Body
VadivelAnother Name for God Murugan
VadivelanAnother Name for God Murugan
VadiveluName of Lord Shanmukha
VaduganathanLord of the Body
VagadheekshaLord of Spokesmen
VageeshLord Shiva
VageshLord of Speech
VagindraLord of Speech
VagisaMaster of Speech
VagishLord Brahma
VagishwarMaster of the Language Lord Brahma
VahinLord Shiva
VahinarDrawn by Men
VahukWith Strong Arms
VaibudhBelonging to the Gods Divine
VaidhavSon of the Moon
VaidheeswarranTiger Lord Brahma
VaidhritA Particular Position of the Sun and the Moon
VaidhuryaAnything Excellent of Its Kind A Cat's Eye Jewel
VaidhyatSupporter of Law
VaidyanaathMaster of Medicines
VaidyanathMaster of Medicines
VaidyanathanThe King of Medicine
VaidyutFlashing Brilliant
VaijayantBestower of Victory
VaijeenathLord Siva
VaijnathLord Shiva
VaikartanName of Karna
VaikhanLord Vishnu
VaikoGreat Politician
VaikundavasanLord Vishnu
VaikunthVaikuntam The Abode of Lord Vishnu
VailValley From the Valley
VaimitraFriend of the Universe
VainateyHumble Modest
VainavikFlute Player
VainavinLord Shiva
VairajSpiritual Glory
VairajaSon of Virat
VairamDiamond As Beautiful as a Diamond
VairamaniLord Shiva
VairamuthuName of Gemstones Diamond Pearl
VairinchyaLord Brahma's Son
VairochanLord Vishnu's Son
VairvirTriumphing over Enemies
VaisakA Season
VaisakaA Season
VaishakIt's Name of Good and Nice
VaishantQuiet and Shining Star
VaishnavThe Devotee of Lord Vishnu
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