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YaalchelvanPride of Yaalpaanam
YaalmaniGem of Yaalpaanam
YaalvendanRuler of Yaalpaanam
YaarVery Good Friend
YaatieshLord of Devotees
YachakThe One who Requests
YadagiriRemembrance Souvenir
YadavLord Krishna Descedent of Yadu
YadavaprakasaLord Krishna
YadavendraLord Krishna
YadavesvaraLord Krishna
YadawaName of Lord Krishna
YadhavLord Krishna
YadhavanLord Krishna
YadhokshajaLord Vishnu
YadhuLord Krishna
YadidFriend Beloved
YadneshSpirit of Happiness Spirit of Joy God of Ganesha and Vignesh
YadnyaHoly Fire
YaduAn Ancient King
YadubarMost Prominent Member of the Yadu Dynasty
YadukumaraLord Krishna
YadumaniJewel of the Yadus
YadunandLord Krishna
YadunandanLord Krishna
YadunathLord Krishna
YadurajLord Krishna
YadutamLord Krishna
YaduveerLord Krishna
YaduvirLord Krishna
YaduviraLord Krishna
YadvahMind Intelligence
YagappaLord Krishna
YagnaCeremonial Rites to God
YagnakayaAcceptor of All Sacred and Sacrficial Offerings
YagnangaLord Krishna
YagnashLord of the Yagna Wish
YagneshGanesh Religious Leader
YagnikA Person who Performs Yagna / Pooja Age of Nation
YagyasenName of King Drupad
YagyeshLord of the Sacrificial Fire Lord Fo the Sacrificial Fire
YahuOffspring Strong
YahvatFlowing Water
YahyaaA Prophet's Name The Biblical John is the English Language Equivalent
YahyahA Prophet's Name
YajA Sage
YajanWorshipping Praying
YajaniyTo Worship
YajatLord Shiva
YajishnuTo Worship the Gods
YajnadattGiven by Yajna
YajnadayRisen from the Sacred Fire
YajnadevLord of the Sacred Fire
YajnadharLord Vishnu
YajnarajThe Moon A King of Sacrifice
YajnarupLord Krishna
YajneshLord Vishnu
YajnuAdorable Pious
YajrajSage King
YajuThe Yajur Veda
YajurvVedic Worship
YajurvaLord Vishnu
YajurvediLord Vishnu
YakimourLord Krishna
YakshRepresentative of God
YakshitWho is Made Forever Permanent
YakshrajTigar King of Yaksha
YamadootIndian God of Death
YamahilAnother Name Lord Vishnu
YamajTwin Born
YamajitLord Shiva
YamajithAnother Name for Shiva
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