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 Hindu or Hindi Girl Names  :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
AaritOne who Seeks the Right Direction Respectable Man Intelligent
AarizRespectable Man Intelligent Leader of the Nation Sacred Diving
AarnaviHeart as Big as Ocean
AartiPrayer Form of Worship
AaruhiDaughter of God
AarunaSun The One with Aruna as his Charioteer
AaruniLine on Any Particular Raaga from Tamil Dawn
AarunyaSunshine First Ray of the Sun
AarushaFirst Rays of the Morning Sun
AarushiFirst Ray of the Sun First Ray of Sun
AaryaLines on Any Particular Raaga from Sanskrit Princess Goddess Parvati / Durga
AaryaaA Noble Lady
AarythyWorship Variant of Aarthi
AasaHope Aspiration
AashaWish Hope
AashalataCreeper of Hope
AashalathaCreeper of Hope
AashaySummary Gist Powerful Meaningful
AashiSmile Love Full Smile
AashimaOne who is Full of Hope
AashinyaBeautiful Home
AashiryaFrom the Land of God
AashitaOne who is Full of Hope
AashiyanaBeautiful Home Small Dwelling Nest
AashkaTake Aashka of Aarti Blessings
AashleshaName of a Nakhtra
AashnaHope Devoted to Love
AashritaGoddess Laxmi
AashrithaHelping Nature Somebody who Gives Shelter
AashutoshOne who Fulfills Wishes Instantly On Seat
AashviGoddess Saraswati
AasiVery Beautifull Girl Mirror
AasmiI am Soul
AasraSahara Help Anchor
AastaFaith Trust
AasthaFaith Believe Devotee of God Unknown
AasthaaFaith Desire to Achieve
AathiSun First
AathiraiRed Star
AathmikaRelated to Aathma or Soul Related to Aatma
AatikahKind Affectionate
AavaniFirst Month of Tamil Calendar Tamil Month Name
AavihshkaAltruism Advantage Virtue Accord Heart Warm and Loving For You are Blessed with Many
AavniThe Earth
AayanSpeed Bright A Small but the First Part of an Element Gift of God
AayaushiLong Life
AayushiFull Moon One with Long Life
AbabaFlower Fruit
AbalaHelpless Immovable The Earth
AbayomiBorn to Bring Me Joy From Yoruba Pleasant Meeting Brings Joy
AbdhijaBorn in Sea Goddess Lakshmi
AberassithanUnbeatable God
AbhaShining Luster Glorious Beauty Lustre Shine More or Most Beautiful More Splendid
AbharanJewel Ornament A Jewel
AbharikaThe Name of a Goddess
AbhatiSplendour Light
AbhavLord Shiva Having the Ability to be Diffrent
AbhayaaWithout Fear Fearless
AbhayankariOne who Gives Courage
AbheeraA Cowherd
AbheeshaGoddess of will
AbhidhaName Word Sound Literal Meaning
AbhidharmHighest Dharma
AbhidhyaWish Longing
AbhidiRadiant Expression Word Name
AbhidyaOf Thought Wish Longing
AbhignaPrecious Knowledgeable Lighting
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