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CakranemiThe Periphery or Rim of a Wheel or Cycle
CalaEver Moving Castle Fortress Lovely Most Beautiful
CamaksiGoddess Name
CammyYoung Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies
CamundaThe Old Goddess who is Horrible to See with her Necklace of Skulls Her Eyes Full of Blood and her Heavy Club
CandalikaGoddess Durga
CandiClarity Whiteness Form of Candace Glowing Bright
CandikaFierce Goddess
CandograOne of the powers of Goddess Durga Goddess Durga
CandradaraRiver on the Moon
CandrakalaArtwork Like Moon
CandramasiLike Moon
CandrasitaMoon Light
CarcikaName of a God
CarmaGarden or Field of Fruits Song Garden
CarudhararDimond Shape Meet of River
CatalinaPure Proud Warlike
CauveryName of a River
CaveryName of a River in India
ChaamundeeHindu Goddess Form of Durga
ChaandThe Moon
ChaarviBeautiful Girl Sanskrit
ChahanaDesire Affection
ChahatDesire Wish Love
ChahetiLovely Lovable for All
ChahnaLove Like
ChainikaSpecially Selected Chosen One
ChairavaliFull Moon of Chaitra Month
ChaitaleeGirl Born in Month of Chaitra
ChaitaliBorn in the Month of Chaitra
ChaitalyName of an Ancient City
ChaitanyaThe Name of a Saint Consciousness Life Knowledge Movement
ChaithraPeace First Month of the Year Spring New Bright Light
ChaitnaSunflower Seed
ChaitraFirst Month of the Year Aries Sign 1st Month of a Year as Per Hindu Calender Usually the Month of Ugaadi Festival Another Name of Goddess Parvati
ChaitreeBorn in Spring
ChaityaPertaining to the Mind Individual Soul A Stupa Built in Jain or Buddhist Places of Worship Its a Buddhist Hindu Shrine in India
ChakoriAlert A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
ChakrilaGoddess Lakshmi
ChakshitaBeautiful Eyes
ChakshuEye Eyes
ChalamaGoddess Parvati
ChameleeA Creeper with Flowers
ChameliJasmine A Creeper with Flowers
ChampaSoothing A Flower
ChampaavateeAngaraj's Karna's Capital
ChampabatiThe Daughter of an Ancient King Raja Sahil Verma The Capital
ChampakaleeBud of Yellow Fragrant Flower
ChampakaliA Bud of Champa
ChampakavathiOwner of Champak Trees
ChampakmalaA Garland Made of Champa Flowers
ChampamaliniGarland of Champa Flower
ChampavatiThe Daughter of an Ancient King Raja Sahil Verma Owner of Champak Tree
ChampikaLittle Champa Flower
ChanchalRestless Active
ChanchalaMoves Wind Lover Unsteady Lakshmi
ChanchariBird Vortex of Water
ChancyGoddess Lakshmi
ChandaGod's Compassion Fierce Passionate Violent Moon
ChandaaThe Moon
ChandaalikaaAnother Name of Durga
ChandanSandalwood Tree Sandlewood
ChandaniStar A River Moonlight Silver Moon Light
ChandaraMoon Bright Shining Radiant
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