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DadhichiName of a Sage
DadhijaDaughter of Milk
DaevakiWife of Vasudeva The Mother of Lord Krishna
DaeviGoddess The Diety
DaevikaMinor Deity Goddess
DahanapriyaBeloved of Fire
DaityasenaOne who has an Army of Demons
DaiviPious Soul
DakaTo Eat Something
DaksakanyaAn Able Daughter Another Name of Durga
DaksayaniGodess Parvati Daughter of Daksha
DakshaAble Talented The Earth The Skilled One Sati - Wife of Lord Shiva
DakshakanyaAble Daughter
DakshayaniGoddess Parvathi The Daughter of Daksha Goddess Durga
DakshiThe Glorious
DakshinaDonation to God A Donation to God or Priest
DakshinyaGoddess Parvathi Modesty
DakshitaBeautiful Fully Skill Person
DaksinaRight The Sense of Direction Clever Fit Able South Direction Goddess Durga
DaksinakalikaProtectress of the South
DalajaProduced from Petals
DalakamalA Lotus
DaliA Flower
DamaraGentle Girl Calf
DamarukiSound of Emotion
DamayantiLotus Flower Pretty Dove
DamitaLittle Princess Little Noble Woman
DammaThe Soothing Voice
DanaveeraAn Extremely Generous Person
DanielleGod is My Judge Feminine of Daniel Judged Only by God
DanikaMorning Star God is My Judge
DanitaGod is My Judge Feminine Variant of Daniel
DannaGod is My Judge Form of Dana From Denmark To Give Gift
DanuLiberal Courageous Noisy High Pitched One who Shouts Sweetest Swift Flowing
DaraniWorld Earth
DarpanA Mirror
DarpanaInducing Pride A Mirror
DarpanikaA Small Mirror
DarsanaLooking at Lord Krisna Seeing Sight
DarsaniWorth Looking at Another Name for Goddess Durga
DarsanidarsaniWorth Looking at Another Name for Goddess Durga
DarshaBright Grapes Perceive Vision Wine See
DarshanaSeeing Sight Darshan Vision
DarshaniWorth Looking at
DarshiGod Gift Vision Moonlight See Lord Krishna
DarshiniOne who Blesses
DarshitaGood Morning Sight
DarshnaPray to God
DarshniThe One who Blesses
DarshwanaPure of Heart
DaruLiberal Wine
DashaharaRiver Ganga
DashamiTenth Day According to the Hindu Calender
Dashani10th Day of Paksha in Hindu Calendar
DasrasuThe Energy of Siva
DathuyaLoveable Person
DavanaFlower Fruit
DayaGood Kindness Mercy Pity
DayaanidhiKind One who Gives Lord Siva
DayaluCompassionate Lord Shiva Kindness Mercy Pity
DayamayeeFull of Mercy Kind
DayanitaOne who Likes Being Merciful Compassionate Conduct Tender
DayashreeMasterful Teacher
DayavatiFull of Mercy
DayitaLoved One Beloved
DeaGoddess Valley
DebanshiDeva Ansh
DebashmitaOne who can Smile and Make People Smile Like God
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