Hindu or Hindi Girls Names starting with K - Page 1

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KaajalMascara Surma
KaakaleeGlow of Lamp
KaalakaDurga Pupil of the Eye
KaaliGoddess Goddess Durga
KaamakyaDurga Granter of Wishes
KaamilPerfect Complete Accomplished
KaarunyaCompassionate Goddess Lakshmi Merciful Praiseworthy
KaashviBright Shining Star
KaasuGold Coin
KaatyaayaneeMoon Light
KaavyaPoetry in Motion
KadaleeDaughter of Moon
KadambiOld Place Cloud Orange Flower
KadambiniAn Array of Clouds Garland of Clouds
KahaliMischievous Lord Shiva Strong
KahiniPriest Holy Person Young Story
KahlimaThe Goddess Form Kali Ma
KahrColour Disaster
KaikeyeeWife of King Dasharatha
KairaPeaceful Pure
KairavWhite Lotus
KaishoriGoddess Parvati
KaivalyaAbsolute Aloneness
KaivyaKnowledge of Poet
KajalKohl Collyrium Black Eyeliner
KajamukhiLord Vinayaka
KajjaliEye Liner
KajolKohl Collyrium Beautiful Eyes Eye Liner
KajoriGoddess Parvati
KajriCloud Like
KakaliChipping of Birds
KakoliChirping of Birds at Dawn Preaching of Birds
KakshaWhite Flower White Rose
KalaThe Fine Arts Talent The Sun Time Fate Dark Blue Black Princess Lady Most Beautiful Art
KaladeviGoddess Durga
KalaiarasiTopmost Part of the Tower of a Temple
KalaimagalQueen of Arts
KalaimaniGem of Arts
KalaipoongaPossessing Many Artistic Skills
KalaiselviAn Art Work
KalaivaniGoddess Saraswathi Goddess of Arts
KalakarniLakshmi With Black Ears
KalandhikaBestower of Art
KalanidhiReceptacle of the Moon Crescent Treasure of Art
KalapiName of a Poet Peacock Nightingale
KalapiniPeacock Night
KalapriyaLover of Art
KalaraniThe Queen of Art
KalashSacred Pot A Water Pot
KalashreeArt's Treasure
KalavatiParvati Artist
KaleenaA Flower Name and Place Name
KaleeswariChirpping of Birds
KalgiFeathers on a Peacock's Head
KaligaName of a Place
KaligambalGoddess Amman
KalikaBeyond Death Long Lived A Bud Name of a Godess Kalli
KalimaSpeaker Mouthpiece Blackness The Mother Kali
KalinaA Flower Name and Place Name Rowan Tree
KalindiYamuna River
KalipadaA Devotee of Goddess Kali Goddess Durga
KalkaDurga Pupil if the Eye
KallieMost Beautiful Modern Variant of Callie Lark From the Forest Ornament of the Wrist Lovely Black
KallolShouts of Joy Large Waves Gurgling of Water
KalloleeFull of Joy
KallolineeYamuna River Always Happy
KalnishaEve of Diwali
KalolChirp of Birds
KalpakaOf a Certain Standard Ceremony Imagine
KalpanaIdea Imagination Fancy
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