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VaagaiName of a Beautiful Flower
VaagdeviGoddess of Learning Saraswath
VaahilaName of Air
VaakSpeech The Spoken Word
VaamaaksheeGoddess of Learning Saraswath
VaanadhiMilky Way
VaangmateeGoddess Saraswati
VaaniSpeech Song Guru's Voice Goddess Saraswati
VaanyaHindu Female Deity of Forests Van Ki Devi Idle Daughter
VaaruneeThe Rain
VaasantiSpring Festival Durga
VaasukiA Celestial Cobra Learned
VacasyaReadiness of Speech
VachiGoddess Lakshmi
VachyaBlamed Goddess Sita
VadhuDaughter in Law
VadivazhagiPromise Word
VadivukarasiLord Ranganatha
VagdeviGoddess Sarawati
VaginiGood Speaker
VagishaMaster of Speech Goddess Saraswati
VagishwariGoddess Saraswati
VagmiThe Person who Blossomed Vedas Name of God Vishnu or Good Speaker
VagunaA Powerful Dragon
VaibaviLandlord Rich Person
VaibhaviAffluence Cute
VaidahiGoddess Sita
VaidarbhiRukhmini Wife of Krishna
VaidehiName of Sita
VaidheGoddness Sita
VaidhooryaA River
VaidhritiProperly Adjusted With a Similar Disposition
VaidikaKnowledge of Ved
VaigaGoddess Parvathi A River in Tamil Nadu
VaijantiFlag Banner
VaijantimalaLord Vishnu's Garland
VaijayanthiPrize Garland of Lord Vishnu
VaijayantiA Garland of Lord Vishnu
VaijayantimalaGarland of Victory
VaikhaGoddess Parvathi
VairamDiamond As Beautiful as a Diamond
VaisakhiAuspicious Day in Punjab
VaishaaleeA River
VaishaliAn Ancient City of India
VaishanaviWorshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaishaviGoddess Parvati
VaishnavaThe Devotee or Consort of Lord Vishnu
VaishnaveeShakthi Rupam
VaishnaviGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaishnoGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaishnodeviGoddess Durga
VaishonaviGoddess Name
VaishuGoddess Laxmi Nickname of Vaishnavi
VaishviGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaisnaviWorshipper of Vishnu
VaitaraniTo Cross over to the Other World
VaivasvatiBelonging to the Sun River Yamuna
VaivaswateeBelonging to the Sun
VajraLord Krishna's Greatgrandson Diamond Name of the Armament in the Hand of Indra it was Made of Dadhichi Rishi Bones
VajramalaWith a Diamond Necklace
VajrashriDivine Diamond
VajreshwariBuddhist Goddess
VakiniOne who Recites
VaksiNourishment Flame
VakulLord Krishna Mythological Flower
ValarmathiGrowing Moon
ValarpiraiMoon in Ascension Encouraging
ValayiA Girl Mischievous Girl
ValgukiVery Beautiful
ValikaTrustworthy Diamond
VallabheeLoving Beloved Hindu God
VallakiSingle String Instrument A Lute
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