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ZaaeiName of a Flower in Marathi
ZaafiraVictorious Successful
ZachniMost Beautiful Dancer
ZaheeraShining Brilliant Luminous
ZahiraShining Luminous Brilliant
ZahraBeautiful Fair White Flower From Kikuyu Blossom Boldness Form of Sarah Princess Heavenly Light Breeze
ZaidaAbundance Fortunate Prosperous
ZalakInstant Appearance
ZalikaWell Born Wondrously Beautiful Shady Quiet Peaceful Prosperous
ZanaFlow of Water
ZanishaMost Beautiful
ZankarRinging of Payal Melodious Voice
ZankhanaDeep Desire
ZankhnaDeep Desire
ZankrutRankar Queen
ZaraPrincess Lady Shining Flower Light Dawn Blossom Radiance Queen Blossoming Flower Little Womenn of Jannah (Heaven) Day's Awakening
ZarinaThe Gold One Golden
ZarnaA Small Stream of Sweet Water Spring of Water
ZebidiahPurple Panguin Cheerios
ZeenaA Hospitable Woman Welcoming Power of Zeus
ZeenatBeauty and Happiness of Home Beauty Decoration Delicate Honor
ZelamName of River in Punjab
ZenaMoon Fame News Ethiopian One who is Famous Welcoming Hospitable Power of Zeus Belonging to Zeus Guest Stranger Woman Beautiful Ornament
ZeniaHospitable Welcoming
ZenishaMost Beautiful
ZenobiaGiven Life by Zeus Power of Zeus
ZenoushkaLittle Maid
ZereldaBrave Warrior Woman
ZeynapName of Prophet Mohhamad's Child
ZheelFalling of Water
ZiaLight Enlightened Grain Splendour To Tremble One who Unities Kind of Grain
ZilaShadow or Shade Shadow Flower
ZingaSea Food Having Long Hairs
ZitaTheresa Harvest Seeker Virgin Patron of Housewives and Servants Flower Name Little Hope Small Girl Little Rose
ZiyaEnlightened Splendour Light
ZohraBlooming Jupiter Venus Love Beautiful
ZoraDawn Dawn's Light
ZoyaShining Life Loving or Affectionate Alive Beautiful Fashionable
ZubinSmart Toothy Spear Lucky in Life Lucky Angel
ZubiraPure as Spring
ZueinahLucky Number Stone Metal Colour
ZuhaMorning Star
ZuleikaBrilliant The Fair One Brilliant and Lovely Fair
ZulekhaYoung Lady Brilliant Beauty
ZulemaFull of Beauty Peace
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