Hungarian Baby Names - Page 1

Hungarian Names for Boy        Hungarian Names for Girl
AdaGirl Style Special Things
AdelaidaGirl Fortunate Prosperous
AdriennGirl Abbreviation of Ezekiel Form of Edgar
AlbertBoy Noble

AlbertaGirl Noble and Bright Form of Albert Noble Bright Majestic Wolf Noble Famous
AlexanderBoy Defending Men
AlexandraGirl Defender of mankind Feminine of Alexander
AlidaGirl Life Giving Friend
AlizGirl Small Winged One Truthful Nobel
Andor Boy
Andrea Girl
AndrisBoy Will Helmet Resolute Protector Will Son of William
AnnaGirl Angel Elder Brother
AnnuskaGirl Grace Favour Apricot from Nara Grain Like No Other
AntalBoy Sublime Noble Friend Wise Friend
ArankaGirl Gold
AttilaBoy Little Father
BandiBoy Man Warrior
BarbaraGirl Foreign
BarnaBoy Son of Comforting Young Youth Son of Exhortation Son of Comfort Color
BenceBoy Form of Augustus Revered Exalted Worthy of Respect Great Magnificent
BenedekBoy Son of the Earth Form of Bartholomew Son of Farmer
BernadettGirl Warm Burning with Enthusiasm
BertaGirl Famous Noble Splendid Shining Pledge Bright Ruler Glorious Bright or Glorious
BiankaGirl From the Beaver Meadow Beaver Stream
BlankaGirl Fair White Pale
BrigittaGirl Blond Yellow Gold Fair-haired
CsabaBoy Shepherd
CsengeGirl To Ring To Clang
CsillaGirl Star
Dani Boy
Demeter Boy
DominikBoy Lord Child Born on Sunday Belonging to the Lord Of the Lord
Dorina Girl

EdinaGirl Prosperous Friend The Capital City of Scotland
EditGirl Joyous Strife for Wealth
EdvinBoy Born at Easter Goddess of the Dawn Easter Time
ElekBoy Old and Wise Adviser Old Sage Ruler
EmeseGirl Mother
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