Makara rashi names

Makara or Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Hindu Zodiac which originates from the constellation of Capricornus, the horned goat. This rashi is indicated by a Sea Goat and its symbol is described by goat with a twisted horn. Saturn is the ruling planet of Makara rashi and it determined the characteristics like ultimate realization, merging of personal with absolute, complete renouncement of personal pleasures, materialism, and pragmatism. People born under this rashi wants to see all sides of an issue before reaching a conclusion. They believe in law and order and, they are very selective in choosing their friends. Babies born under Makara or Capricorn rashi has given the names that start with letters Bho, Ja, Ji, Ju, Je, Jo, Khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, Ga, Gi. Here are 4134 makara rashi baby names.

 BhodayanBA Sage
 BhogavatiGCurving, A Female Serpent
 BhogeeshaBThe Lord of Shiva
 BhogindraBLord of Serpents
 BhojBName of a Poet King, Meal
 BhojaBGenerous, Bestowing Enjoyment, Liberal
 BhojadevaBFulfiller of Desires
 BhojarajaBLord of Generosity, King of the Generous
 BhojrajBAn Ancient King
 BholaBPolite, Innocent
 BholanathBLord Shiva
 BholenathBKind Hearted Lord
 BhonesaBLord of the Universe
 BhopendraBGods Name
 BhoumikBLand Owner, Attached to the Earth
 GaalavBTo Worship
 GaalavaBTo Worship
 GaandhaariGWife of Dhutrastra, Mother of Kaurvas
 GaangeyGOf Ganga
 GaangiGPure, Sacred, Another Name for Durga, ***, Comparable to the Ganges
 GaargeeGAncient Scholar
 GaathaaGLovely Story
 GaatriGGods in Hindu Religion, Similar of Gayatri
 GaayathriGPhased, Goddess Durga, An Precious Angel, Verse
 GaayatreeGA Goddess, Sacred Verse
 GabbyGHero of God, Sound of God
 GabisaaGVariation of 'Kavi' Which Means Song
 GabrooBYoung Man
 GadaBHappy, Mace
 GadaaBWeapon of Lord Hanuman
 GadabhrtBOne who Wields a Mace
 GadadharBOne of Lord Chaitanya's Associates
 GadadharaBWielder of the Mace, One who has the Mace As His Weapon
 GadgeBName of Saint (Guru)
 GadhadharBName of Lord Vishnu
 GadharBLord Narayan
 GadhiBOne who Seeks Knowledge
 GadhijaBAnother Name for Sage Visvamitra
 GadinBLord Krishna
 GaetaneOriginating from Gaeta, City of Central Italy
 GaganBLoad Murugan, Heaven, Sky
 GaganaGThe Sky
 GaganachandraBThe Moon in the Sky
 GaganadhvajaBBanner of the Sky, The Sun
 GaganadipikaGAnother Name of the Sun
 GaganakundaUHeaven, Sky
 GaganasindhuGOcean of the Sky
 GaganavihaareeBWanderer in the Heavens
 GaganavihariBWandering in Heaven
 GaganbirBBrave Sky
 GaganchandraBThe Moon in the Sky
 GagandeepBLight of the Sky
 GagandeepakBThe Lamp of the Sky
 GagandipGLight of the Sky
 GaganeshBLord Shiva
 GaganinderBLord of Sky
 GaganjeetBSky Victor, Victor of the Sky
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