Punarvasu nakshatra names for boys

Found 1457 punarvasu nakshatra boy names.

 HaadeeThe Guide, Director, Leader
 HaadiyaGift, Guide to Righteousness
 HaadyGuiding to the Right
 HaadyaGuiding to the Right
 HaamidGrateful, Praising (God), All-Laudable, Friend
 HaaniContent, Pleasant, Happy, Delighted
 HaardMeaning, Main, Heart's Feeling
 HaarijThe Horizon
 Haarishs Means Lord Shiva
 HaarithPlowman, Green, Old Arabic Name, Tiller
 HaaroonA Prophets Name, The Biblical Aaron is the English Language Equivalent, Lofty or Exalted
 HaarshanHas to Do with Happiness, Lustrous Splendor of God, Happy
 HaashimGenerosity, Prophets Grandfather, Decisive
 HaatimUnavoidable, Judge
 HabeebTo be Loved
 HabibAnother Name for Prophet Muhammad, Friend, Beloved, Darling
 HabilanAbel, Adam's Younger Son
 HabisAl-tamimi RA also had this Name, Narrator of Hadith, Companion
 HadassMyrtle Tree, Happening for the First Time, New
 HaddadSmith, Blacksmith
 Hadhi RamFriend of Lord Venkateswara
 HadiA Chief, Gift, Director, Guide
 HaemanthSeason, Gold or Lord Buddha, Early Winter, Ritu
 HafeezGuardian, Protector
 HafizWho Protects and Watches, One who has Memorized the Quran, Keeper, Preserver
 HafsYoung Lion, Collecting, To Rest, Gathering
 HagramaDense Forest
 HahaBlood, Exclamation of Surprise, Water, Meditation
 HahnA Rooster, Rooster
 HaidarLion, To Dwell, Stout, Title of Caliph Ali
 HaiderShape, Lion, King of Jungle, Powerful
 HaihayaThe Horse
 HaitukaWell Wisher
 HajaraEqual to One Thousand
 HajeshLord Shiva, God Siva
 HajibEyebrow, Doorman, Edge, Janitor
 HajidOne who Sleeps
 HajjajOrgument, Argument, Orbit, Eye Socket
 HakambirBrave Ruler
 HakamjeetVictory of the Ruler
 HakampreetLove for Authority
 HakeemJudicious, Ruler, Intelligent, Brother
 HakemRuler, Fair, Wise, Governor
 HakesaKing of Sound
 HakeshLord of Sound
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