Hasta nakshatra names for girls

Found 1426 hasta nakshatra girl names.

 PearlPure by Heart, A Gem of the Sea, Pearl, Grand
 PearlyA Gem of the Sea
 PeganTamil King
 PehirTime, Hour
 PehrTime of Day, Phase
 PehulKing of Heaven
 PekhamPeacock Feathers While It Dances During Rain, Peacock's Feather
 PelavaTender, Fine, Delicate, Soft
 PennarasiThe Queen, Lotus
 PennazhaguPretty Woman
 PeralagiGorgeous Girl, Ultimately Beautiful Woman
 PeralakiUltimately Beautiful Woman
 PeraniIdealistic and Inspirational, Dancing, Expressive Nature
 PerazhagiBeautiful Women
 PernitaAnswered Prayer
 PernithaAnswered Prayer
 PerunRare, Not Normal
 PetvaGold, Fire
 PeyaEveryone's Favourite, Everyones Favorite
 PokshithaNatural Beauty
 PolivuBrilliant, Bright, Beauty Personified
 PommiResponsible, Best Girl, Expressive, Friendly Personality
 PonajithaBeautiful, Worthy, Attractive
 PonesakkiPricey, Gold Lover, Worthy
 PonkarthigaAttractive, Worthy, Nice One
 PonmalarAttractive, Beauty, Gentle, Golden Flower
 PonmalarselviYoung, Pretty, Attractive, The Young-One who Looks Like Golden Flowers
 PonmaniMemorable Words, Golden Bell, Precious Gem
 PonmathiEnjoyable, Very Beautiful, Attractive, Golden Moon
 PonmolyGolden Words, Memorable Words
 PonmozhiGolden Words, Memorable Words
 PonmozhyHighly Speakable, Valuable, Memorable, Golden Words
 PonnagaiGolden Smile
 PonnalaguValuable, Pretty Like Gold, Worthy, Attractive
 PonnammaMother of Gold, As Like Golden God, Worthy, Beauty
 PonnammalGolden Girl
 PonnarasiGolden Queen, Valuable, Admirable, Honorable
 PonnazhagiGolden Beauty
 PonnazhaguGolden Beauty
 PonniNectar, Another Name of River Kaveri
 PonnilaAttractive, Pleasant, Golden Moon, Beauty
 PonnilaiGolden Leaf
 PonnmaniGolden Bell, Precious Gem, Memorable Words
 PonnualagiVery Rich, Golden Earth, Worthy, Uncompetable
 PonnulakshmiGoddess Saraswathi / Lakshmi
 PonnumaniGolden Time
 PonpugaliniWorthy, Pricey, Golden Fame, Praise
 PonselviWorthy, Nice One, Attractive
 PonsriNice One, Attractive, Worthy
 PonvizhiBeautiful, Eyes Like Gold, Worthy, Attractive
 PorishmitaTruth, Fairy
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