Kanya rashi names for girls

Found 2795 kanya rashi girl names.

 PaadiniPleasing Song
 PaalaviFirst Stanza of Poem
 PaanchaaleeAnother Name of Draupadi
 PaanchaliWife of Pandavas, Draupadis Name
 PaaraniA Poem About a War Hero who Successfully Destroyed Thousands of Elephant in the War Field, Song
 PaariBountiful, Generosity, Bighearted
 PaarijataName of Lord Krishna's Favorite Flower
 PaarnayaEarthy, Paar Means Earth in Tamil
 PaarthiviDaughter of the Earth, Earth
 PaarulName of a Flower, Kind, Practical, Beautiful
 PaarvateeWife of Lord Shiva
 PaarvatiGoddess Durga
 PaatalaGoddess Durga, Red In Color
 PaatalavatiWearing Red-Color Attire
 PaavaiYouthful Woman, Beautiful Girl
 PaavakiName of Lord Muruga
 PaavanaHolly, Purifying, Sacred, The Cause of Blowing
 PaavaniLord Hanuman, True, Holy, Purifying
 PaavarasiQueen of Music
 PaavarasyThe Queen of Music
 PaavniPurifier, Whose Touch Make You Pure, Beautiful Girl
 PaavvaiGentle Woman, Soft One
 PaayalAnklet, Type of Jewellery (Leg Chain)
 PachaiammaGreen Girl
 PadamaGoddess Lakshmi, Lotus
 PadamavatiGoddess Lakshmi
 PadamdeepThousand Billions, Of Lotus Petaled Lamps
 PadamjeetVictory of the Lotus
 PadhmasriDivine Lotus
 PadhumaiBeautiful Girl, Smooth, Gentle, Soft
 PadimniLike a Flower
 PadmaGoddess Lakshmi, Lotus
 Padma harshini
 Padma PriyaLover of Lotus
 Padma shalini
 PadmabatiGoddess Lakshmi
 PadmadeviDurga Devi
 PadmadhariniLotus Holder
 PadmagrihaWho Resides in a Lotus
 PadmajaBorn from Lotus, Lotus-Born, Lakshmi
 PadmajaiBorn from Lotus, Lakshmi
 PadmakaliLotus Bud
 PadmakalyaniName of a Raga
 PadmakshiLotus-Eyed, One with Lotus-like Eyes
 PadmakshyaOne with Lotus Like Eyes
 PadmalaBorn from Lotus, Lakshmi
 PadmalayaLake of Lotuses, Lotus Dweller
 PadmalekhaWritten with Lotus
 PadmalochanaLotus Eyed, Lotus Eyes
 PadmamaladharaWearer of Lotus Garland
 PadmamaliniGoddess Lakshmi
 PadmamukhiLotus Faces, Lotus-Faced
 PadmanaLotus Faced, Another Name for Lakshmiand Saraswati
 Padmanabha PriyaThe Lord who has a Lotus Shaped Navel, Lord Vishnu
 PadmanabhapriyaBeloved of Padmanabha
 PadmanjaliAn Offering of Lotuses
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