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AabavaananReliable or Responsible, Shine
AabhasThe Sense or Feelings
AabhassAwareness, Feeling
AabheerA Cow-herd
AabherA Cow-herd
AabiExalted One
AabileshUnique, Immortal
AacharappanRestless or Proactive
AacharyaTeacher, Another Name for Drona
AachmanIntake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja
AachuthanLord Krishna
AadalarasuKing of Dance
AadalazhaganLord Shiva
AadanyanDerived from the Name of King Cheran
AadarkoLord Shiva
AadarshanIdeal, Variant of Adarshan
AadarshananThe One who Gets to See the Appearance of God
AadavBrilliant Like the Sun
AadeeshOne who is wise and intelligent
AadeshCommand, Message
AadeshwarBare, Depend
AadhanBe First
AadhanyanVariant of Aadanyan
AadharBase, Brilliant Like the Sun
AadharshanIdeal, Variant of Adarshan
AadharshunIdeal, Variant of Adarshan
AadharvaPriest, Atharva Veda, Brahman
AadhavanSun, Brilliant Like the Sun, Lord Vishnu
AadhibanThe First Existence
AadhikaraLord Shiva
AadhikesavanOne who is Ideal for Others
AadhikeshavanLord Shiva
AadhimulamOne who is Very First of Everything
AadhinarayananThe First God
AadhinathThe First Existence
AadhiraiyanFemale variant of Aadhirai meaning "A Special Star"
AadhiranThe First Existence
AadhirayanLord Shiva
AadhisanThe first existence
AadhiseshanAny One
AadhiseshwarLord Shiva
AadhishankarSri Shankaracharya, Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy
AadhishwaranLord Shiva
AadhithiyaThe Sun
AadhithyaThe Sun
Aadhithya varmanArmour of Lord Surya
AadhithyaaThe Sun
Aadhitya rajLord of the Sun
AadhityanThe Sun, Lord of the Sun
AadhunikModern, New
AadiFirst, Most Important
AadidevThe First God
AadidevaHighest God, The First God for Prayer, The Lord Ganesha
AadijayThe First Victory
AadilJustice, Upright, Sincere
AadilenNoble, Honorable
AadimoolaSupreme Being
AadimoolanSupreme Being
AadinathGod, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, The First God
AadinathaThe Primordial Master
AadirOrigin, Beginning
AadishFull of Wisdom, Intelligent
AadishankarShrishankaracharya, The Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy
AadishwarAadishwar, Bhagvan, First Jain Tirthankara
AaditPeak, Shade, Bright
AaditeySon of Aditi
AaditeyaSon of Aditi
AadithyaThe Sun
AadittyaSun, Son of Aditi
AaditvaThe Sun
AadityaaSun God, Son of Aditi
AadityanSon of Aditi, Sun God
AadityapalProtector of the Sun
AadiyapadhamOne who is Very Active or Quick
AadrikRising Sun Between Mountains
AadroopEmbodiment of the Beginning-less
AadrutaRespected Person
AadylenKind, Sweet, Nobility, Noble
AafiyaGood Health
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