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BaabuGrandfather, A Native Clerk who Writes English, Child
BaalaadityaRisen Sun
BaalaajiLord Vishnu
BaalaarkThe Rising Sun
BaalagopaalBaby Krishna
BaalanLittle Boy
BaalenLittle Boy
BaalkrishanYoung Krishna
BaalveerStrong, Powerful
BaanGod's Hymns
BaananWhite, Delicate, Finger Tips
BaanbhattName of an Ancient Poet
BaankeLord Krishna
BaarathyGreat Tamil Poet
BaasuRich, Wealthy
BabaSweet Baby, Born on Thursday
BabakName of the Father of Ardeshir, Founder of the Sassanid Dynasty, Faithful, Young Father
BabarLion, King of Jungle
BabatLucky, Fortunate
BabhruFierce, Brown, Reddish Brown Cow
BabijiGood Person
BabilGate of God, Babylon, Renowned for Wine and Magic, Planet Jupiter, East
BabilaA House, Swift
BabiyaMiraculous Things
BabiyahMiraculous Things
BaboorKing of Jungle, Lion
BabuA Hindu Gentleman, A Native Clerk who Writes English, Child
BabulA Tree, Gate of God, Father, Lord Shiva
BabunajWild Ivy, Persian Camomile
BaburanLion, King of Jungle
BachanbirBrave Promise
BachanmeetFriendly Promise
BachanpreetLove for Keeping a Promise
BachanroopEmbodiment of Promise
BachansukhHappy Promise
BachchaChild, Baby
BachilOne who Speaks Much
BachittarWondrous Merits
BadaatWonderful, Surprising, Outstripping in Courage and Learning, Beginning, Start, First Instance
BadalCloud, Rain
BadaniWith Handsome Body
BadarFull Moon, Fresh, Green
BadaraJujube Tree
BadarayanRishi Ved Vyas
BadarayanaBelongs to the Jujube Tree
BadariprasadA Gift of Badrinarayan
BadarujSweet Basil
BadgelgarReducing Air to Ashes, One of the 101 Names of Ahura Mazda
BadhriLord Vishnu
BadijMyrobalan Tree
BadikhImportant, Prominent
BadiljanEgg Plant
BadinjanEgg Plant
BadrFull Moon
BadriLord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
BadrinarayanaName of Lord Vishnu
BadrinathLord of Mount Badri, Lord Vishnu
BadriprasadGift of Badri, God's Gift
BadrishA Name of Lord Shiva
BadruBorn at the Full Moon, Full Moon
BadruddinThe Moon of the Faith
BadsahLeader or King
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