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DaBig, Great, Achieve, Attainment, Big Strike
DaaminSurety, Guarantor
DaamodarA Name of Krishna
DaanaWise and Prudent
DaaneshGod of Wealth, Knowledge
DaanishKnowledge, Wisdom, Learning, Science
DaarukCharioteer of Krishna, Tree
DaarvinBlend of Daryl and Marvin
DabbahDoor Lock, Latch
DabhitA Hermit Praised in the Vedas
DabirWriter, Teacher
DadheechiDivine Rishi
DadhicaSprinkling Milk or Curd
DadhikraBorn from the Ocean of Milk, Fast Moving, A Divine Horse who Personifies the Morning Sun
DadhyanSeller of Milk, One who Brings the Milk, A Hermit who was Taught by Indra the Art of Preparing Rice for Offering to the Gods
DadichThe Person who Donate Self Bone for Humanity
DaevaDeity, God, King, Demi-god
DaevenLittle Black One
DagaduA Name of Rock
DaganCorn or Grain
DaghfalName of First Islamic Geologist
DagmarFamous Day, Joy of the Danes, Maid, Dorogo
DahaBlazing, Very Bright
DahanaA Rudra
DahmanPious People
DaibadinCreator of Religion
DaipayanWho is Born in an Island
DaitariGod Name
DaityaA Non Aryan
DaityahanKiller of Demons, Another Name for Shiva
DaityariEnemy of Daityas, Lord Krishna
DaivagjnaOne who has Knowledge of Gods, Fortune-teller, Astrologer, One who has Divine Knowledge (God)
DaivanshOf Divine Origin
DaivatStrength, Power, Luck
DaiveyDearly Loved
DaivikReligious, Godly, Divine
DaiwikBy the Grace of God
DaiyanathKind One
DajasiChild of Sephiroth
DakhilStranger, Foreigner
DakornathName of Krushna
DaksaCompetent, Talented, Perfect
DaksanilaA Perfect Breeze, A Cold Southern Breeze
DaksapatiLord of the Faculties
DaksariEnemy of the Perfect, Lord Shiva
DaksayanComing from Daksa
DaksayanaComing from Daksa
DaksesaRuler of Daksa
DakshExpert, Talented, Fit, Fire, Gold, Son of Lord Brahma, Precious Son, Son of a Perfect Being, Capable, Smart
DakshakAble Daughter
DakshanLord of Krishna, Lord of Dakshinamoorthi
DakshatTalented, Able, Fit
DakshehGift of God, Blessed from God
DaksheshwarLord Siva
DakshinSouth Direction
DakshinayanSome Movement of the Sun
DakshineshLord Shiva
DakshineshwarLord Shiva
DakshithLord Shiva
DakshithjaiTalented Win
DaksiSon of Daksa
DaksinaRight, The Sense of Direction, Clever, Fit, Able, South Direction, Goddess Durga
DalabhyaBelonging to Wheels
DalajitWinning over a Group
DalajitaConquering a Group
DalapathiLeader of a Group
DalapatiGroup Leader
DalawarBold and Brave
DalbhyaBelonging to Wheels
DalbirSoldier, The Brave Soldier
DaleValley, Dweller in the Valley, Valley Dweller, Dale
DalerBrave, Valiant, Bold
DalgeetTeam Songs
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