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FaakhirProud, Excellent
FaalgunA Month in the Hindu Calendar, Born in Falgun, A Hindu Month
FaarisHorseman, Knight
FaarooqOne who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood, Distinguishes, Differentiator
FabianBean Grower, Grower of Beans, The Sky, A Bean, One who Grow Beans, Fabulent
FadilGenerous, Giving, Honourable, Outstanding
FadlOutstanding, Honourable, Gracious, Reward, Favour
FaeqSurpassing, Excellent
FaghyarIntelligent, Like a Scholar
FahadPanther, Lynx
FahdPanther, Lynx
FahimWise, Learned, Prudent, Sagacious, From Kikuyu, Intelligent, Scholar, Discerning
FaisalDecisive, The Judge, Resolute
FaishahHead, Principal, Place of Origin of a River or Torrent
FaizGain, Knight, Grace, Favour, Victorious, Blessings
FaizanGenerosity, Abundance, Benefit
FajarBrave, A Great Warrior
FakaruddinPride of Religion, Glory of the Faith
FakeerA Saintly Person
FakhirGlory, Excellent Quality
FakhruddinGlory of the Faith, Pride of Religion
FakhtMoonlight, Moonbeam
FakihSmart, Intelligent, Humorous
FakirA Saintly Person
FakruddinPride of Religion
FalaagamProducer of Fruit
FalahSuccess, Progress
FalguLovely, Falgun Month
FalgunMonth in the Hindu Calendar, A Month in the Hindu Calendar
FalgunaA Hindu Month
FanibhusanLord Shiva
FanibhushanLord Shiva
FanindraThe Cosmic Serpent Shesh
FanindranathLord Vishnu
FanishThe Cosmic Serpent Shesh
FanishwarLord of Serpents, Vasuki
FanishwararenuLord Shiva
FaqeehScholar of Religious Laws, Jurist
FaqidOne who Knows Law and Divinity, Intelligent, Judicious, Understanding
FaqihJurist, Scholar in Fight
FaquirOf Saintly Ways
FarafisaName of a Companion, Bin Umayr Al-hanafi
FarajHappiness, Ease, Relief, Relief from Bad Times, Cure, There have been Men with this Name
FarasGood Gift
FarazEquitable, Above, Upon, Elevation, On the Top, Fair, Just, Ascent, Height
FareedUnique, Incomparable
FarhadHappiness, Digger of Mines, A Character in Shahnameh
FarhanHappiness, Joyful, Glad, Happy
FaridWide, Unique, Without Rival, One of a Kind, Happiness, Exceptional, Another Name for God, Pearl, Precious
FariqDistinguishing, Distinctive, Lieutenant General, Another Name for God, Separating, Eminent
FarisHorseman, Perspicacity, Rider, Knight, Ability to Discern
FarmandIntelligent, Pure
FarookhSprout, Shoot, Young Bird
FarrukhBlessed, Auspicious, Young Bird, Sprout, Beautiful, Happy, Fortunate
FarukhPower of Discrimination, Happy
FaruqDivider Between Vice and Virtue, One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood
FarwahCovering, A Crow, Name of a Few of the Companions
FashanMace of Iron, Silver or Gold
FastyarCommander of 1000 Men
FateenClever, Smart
FatehVictory, Conqueror, Triumph, The Victorious One
FatehbhoopVictorious King
FatehdeepLamp of Victory
FatehdharamRighteous Victory
FatehkaramVictory of Good Deeds
FatehmeetFriendly Victory
FatehnaamVictory of Naam
FatehpalThe Protector of Victory
FatehpreetLove for Victory
FatehroopEmbodiment of Victory
FatehwantComplete Victory
FathWinner, Victorious
FatikCrystal, Deadly, Lethal
FattahThe One who Opens, One who Solves Difficulties, One of the Ninety-nine Names of God, One who Attains Victory
FaujaArmy General
FawazAlways Successful, Prosperous, The Successful One
FawziSuccessful, Triumph
FayazExtremely Generous
FaysalStubborn, Resolute, Decisive, Judge, Arbiter
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