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IanGod is Gracious, Gift from God Form of John
IbhanLord Ganesh
IbhananElephant Faced
IbhananaLord Ganesha
IbhyaPossessor of Many Attendants
IbrahamFather of a Multitude, A Prophet's Name, Abraham, Earth
IbraheemA Prophet's Name, The Biblical Abraham is the English Language Equivalent
IbrahimMy Father is Exalted, Arabic Form of Abraham, Father of Many, Father of a Multitude or Many Nations, A Prophet's Name, Abraham, Earth
IcchakaGranting Desires
IchaaDesire, Wish
IdaaThe Channel on the Left of the Spine
IdabamurvanKrishna's Birth Place
IdaiAwakening, Love
IdaspatiGod of Rain, Vishnu
IdhmaSacrificial Fuel
IdrisStudious Person, One who Instruct, Lord, A Prophet's Name, Eager Lord, Impulsive, Lord of Fiery, Prophet's Name
IdumWarm, Nice
IftikharGlory, Honour
IhitPrize, Honour
IhkasRespect, Honour
IhsanBeneficence, Charity, Compassion
IhtiramHonour, Respect
IieshLord of Earth
IishaanahThe Master, Owner, Supreme
IjayLord Vishnu
IjjatpalProtector of Dignity
IjjatwantHighly Dignified
IjkaagarState of Peace
IjliThe Name of the Makes of Astrolabes
IkhtiarMaster, Authority, Power, Control
IkjeetGod's Victory
IkjotThe One Light, God's Light
IkkhataCutting, Sacrifice
IkmaanOne and Only Best in the Heaven
IkmooratForm of the One Supreme Being
IkpoojWorshipper of the Supreme Being
IkpreetGod's Love
IkramHonour Respect, Esteem, Veneration
IkrimahFemale Version of a Pigeon, A Companions Name
IkroopOneness with God
IkrutOne Season
IkshitDesired, Done with Intention
IksuSweet, Sugar
IksudaThat which Gives Sweetness, Sweet Tongued
IkvalaProsperity, Good Fortune
IlachandraMoon of Earth
IladharaUpholder of the Earth
IlaiyarajaYoung King
IlakiyenSkilled in Literature
IlakkiyanSkilled in Literature
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