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KaSomething Special
KaalaiyanA Bullfighter, the One who Born Early in the Morning
KaalanKeeper of the Keys, Senior, Bigger, Stream
KaalappanHindu God
KaalindiRiver Yamuna
KaaliyaA Huge Serpent
KaalkiLord Narayana
KaamEffort, Work
KaamaariThe Enemy of Desire
KaamilPerfect, Complete, Accomplished
KaamranProsperous, Fortunate, Successful
KaanahanOne has Affection in Jungle
KaanapriyanAudiophile, A Person who Loves to Sing
KaangeyanGod Murugan
KaanhaaBaby Name of God Krishna
KaanthanLord Murugan, Magnetic Power, Very Attractive
KaantharubanOne with an Attractive Power Like a Magnet
KaapalinOne who Wears a Necklace of Skulls
KaarananAbbreviation of Katherine, The Pure, Virginal, Dear
KaarmeekanLord Krishna, Dark One
KaarmihanDarkest Person, Lord Krishna
KaarmugilanRain-bearing Cloud
KaarmuhilanRain-bearing Cloud
KaartheekA Hindu Calendar Month
KaarthickLord Murugan, Lord Muruga
KaarthigaiselvanThe One Born in the Month of November, God Murugan
KaarthigeyanGod Karthikeyan, Lord Murugan, Who has been Brought Up by Krittika
KaarthihanKanthan, God Murugan, Karthigeyan, The One Born in November
KaarthikGod Shiva's Elder Son, One who Bestows Happiness, Lord Murugan, A Hindu Month
KaarthikanLord Murugan, God Shiva's Elder Son, One who Bestows Happiness, A Hindu Month
KaarthikeyanLord Murugan, God Karthikeyan, Who has been Brought Up by Krittika
KaarthikkeyanLord Murugan, God Karthikeyan, Who has been Brought Up by Krittika
KaartiHindu Period of a Year
KaartikGod Shiva's Elder Son, God Ganesha's Brother
KaartikeySon of Shiva
KaartikeyaSon of Shiva
KaarunyanDark One
KaarvannanGod Kannan
KaasarResembling a Lion, Lion
KaashiPilgrim of India, Name of Indian City
KaashinaathLord of Kaashi
KaashinathLord of Kaashi
KaashyapName of a Sage
KaasiDevotional Place
KaavalanGuard, Protector
KaavianA Wise Man, Poem, Beauty, Poet
KaaviyanEpic Poem
KaaviyenA Wise Person, Poem, Beauty, Poet
KabalClever Active, Intelligent
KabalikrutSwallower of the Sun
KabandhaUgly Giant, Cloud, Comet, Water
KabeerName of a Famous Poet / Saint, A Mystic Poet or Poet Sants of India
KabeeraLord Kabir
KabhilanDark One
KabilThe Crop Grower, Warrior's Son, Beautiful, Lance
KabilanName of a Saint
KabilananLord Ganesh, Name of a Saint
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