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MaadhavAnother Name of Krishna
MaadhavaKrishhna, The Husband of the Goddess of Fortune, Vishnu
MaaghName of a Hindu Month
MaaksharthPrecious Part of Mother's Heart
MaalavKeeper of Horses
MaalaySandalwood Trees, Hilltown
MaalikGod, Experience, Rama's Twin Son
MaalinOne who Makes Garlands
MaalolamConqueror of Madhu
MaalolanName of Deity in Ahobilam
MaanHeart, Mind, Lecturer, Respect
MaanavHuman Being
MaandhataAn Ancient King
MaanvirBrave from Heart
MaariRain, Rainy Season
MaariSamiProsperous, God of Rain
MaasilanPure, Without Blemish
MaatTruth, Law
MaatangRoaming, Cloud, Elephant
MaavarasanGreat King
MabadA Place of Worship, Many of the Prominent People had this Name Including the Companions Ibn Khalid Al-juhanni and Ibn-hawzah RA
MabishanIntelligent, Hardwork
MadaFurthest Point, Illusion, Intoxication
MadanaGod of Love, Cupid, Manmatha
MadanagopalaHandsome Cow-herd
MadanapalLord of Love
MadanapalaKing of Love
MadanbirBrave and Lovable
MadangopalLord Krishna
MadanjeetVictory on Cupid
MadanmohanAttractive and Lovable
MadanpalCupid, God of Love
MadasamiLord Shiva
MadavaLord Krishna
MaderuWorthy of Praise
MadeshLord Shiva
MadhabRelating to the Spring, Sweet Like Honey, Another Name of Lord Krishna
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