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NaabhiCentre of Body, An Ancient King
NaadeshGod of River, Hope, Ocean
NaadirDear, Rare
NaadishHope, Ocean, Of the Sea, God of River
NaagA Big Serpent
NaagarjunAn Ancient Philosopher
NaagdharOne who Wears Cobra
NaagendraKing of the Serpents
NaageshGod of Serpents, Sheshnaag
NaagpalSaviour of Serpents
NaagpatiKing of Serpents, Vaasuki
NaagRaajKing of the Serpents
NaagrajKing of Serpents, Sheshnaag
NaakeshThe Lord of Heaven
NaalName of a Saint
NaamadharSupport of Naam
NaamadolUnwavering in Naam
NaamaharOne who is Sustained by Naam
NaamanandOne who Finds Bliss in Naam
NaambhagatDevotee of the Lord
NaambirBrave who Remembers the Lord
NaamcheetRemembering the Lord's Name
NaamchetanAware of Naam
NaamdarshanVision of Naam
NaamdeepLamp of Naam
NaamdevName of a Saint
NaamdhanEarning the Wealth of Naam
NaamdharamReligious Remembrance of Naam
NaamdheerSteadfast in Naam
NaamdhianAbsorbed in Naam
NaamdhunMelody of Naam
NaamgeetSongs of Naam
NaamjasPraises of Naam
NaamjeevAbsorbed in Naam
NaamjeevanOne whose Life is Naam Alone
NaamjodhWarrior Absorbed in Naam
NaamjogUnion with Naam
NaamjotLight of Naam
NaamkamalFlowering through Naam
NaamkeeratPraises of Naam
NaamleenAbsorbed in Naam
NaamlivAbsorbed in Naam
NaamlokThose who Drink Elixir of Naam
NaamnidhanTreasure of Naam
NaamniranjanOne as Immaculate as Naam
NaamnirmalOne who is Holy through Naam
NaamnivasDwelling in Naam
NaamprakashRadiating the Light of Naam
NaampreetLove for Naam
NaamramanOne Absorbed in Naam
NaamrangImbued in Naam
NaamrasElixir of Naam
NaamratanHaving the Priceless Diamond of Naam
NaamroopEmbodiment of Naam
NaamsaihajTranquillity in Naam
NaamsangatOne who Longs to be in Naam
NaamseetalAttaining Peace through Naam
NaamshantFinding Peace through Naam
NaamsharanShelter of Naam
NaamsukhAttaining Happiness through Naam
NaamteerathHoly Place of Naam
NaamuttamExalted in Naam
NaamvicharReflection on Consciousness
NaanakFirst Sikh Guru
NaaraayanThe Refuge of Man
NaaradAn Ancient Sage
NaathimArranger, Adjuster
NaavalanDebater, Orator, Well-versed in the Arts
NaavarasanOrator, Well-versed in the Arts
NaayaganHero, Handsome
NaazPride, Delicacy
NabanilA New Clear Blue Sky
NabarunMorning Sun
NabdeepNew Lamp
NabenduNew Moon
NabhanNoble, Outstanding, Alert
NabhanyuEternal, New Ambition
NabhenduNew Moon
NabhijLord Brahama
NabhirajLord Brahama
NabhkantiLight of Sky
NabhojBorn in Sky
NabhomandalNew Moon
NabhomaniJewel of the Sky, Sun
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