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ObaleshLord Shiva
OdakaApple Flavour
OdanCloud, Grain Cooked with Milk
OdhavjiLord Krishna
OhaMeditation, True Knowledge
OhmPrimordial Sound
OisinLittle, Freckled
OistinVenerable, Revered
OjadhOne who Gives Strength
OjanWave, Assembles, United
OjapatiMaster of Power, A Deity of Bodhi Tree
OjasShine, Full of Light, Body Strength, Luster, Brilliance, Glow, Energy, Power
OjasinStrong Powerful
OjaspatiMaster of Power and Luster
OjaswinPowerful, Radiant
OjaswineeBrightness, Brave, Energetic, Powerful
OjaswitPowerful, Radiant
OjasyaStrong, Powerful
OjjaswinBody Strength
OkalTo Cross
OkasHouse, Shelter, Adobe
OkothBorn when it was Raining, Born During the Rainy Season, From Luo
OkyaBrave, Air, Vision
OliCourageous, Elf Army
OliveanthanKing of Light
OllepuLion, King of Forest
OmThe Sacred, The Sacred Syllable, The Sound of Universe, Creation
OmaanshThe Sacred Symbol of Om
OmahaA Person in Great Joy, Rapture
OmanGiver of Life
OmanandJoy of Om
OmanandaHaving the Pleasure of Soul
OmarAn Era, The Highest, The Highest of Muhammads Followers, Long-lived, Elevated, Follower of the Prophet, First Son, Disciple, Gifted Speaker, Famous, Expressive, Life, Long Living, Flourishing
OmarjeetLord of Om
OmaswatFriendly, Favourable
OmavDisciple of the God, Avatar of Om, Incarnation of God
OmduttGiven by God
OmendraGod Name
OmesaLord of Om
OmeshLuchy, Lord of the Om
OmeshenLuchy, Lord of the Om
OmeshwarLord of the Om
OmganeshLord Ganapathi
OmiOm Sai, The Sound of Universe
OmjaaBorn of Cosmic Unity
OmkarThe Sound of the Sacred Syllable, Religious Word Om, Lord Shiva / Ganesha
OmkaranathaLord of Om
OmkareshwarShiv, God of Om
OmkarnathLord of Omkaar, Shiva
OmnaPious, Pure
OmpatiMaster of Om
OmpragashLight of Om
OmprakaashLight of Om
OmprakasaSacred Light
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