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PaalanLittle Boy
PaamannanKing of Poetry
PaamaranBackward Person, Base Person
PaandiyanKing from One of Teh Ancient Tamil Dynasty
PaanduFather of the Pandavas
PaandurangA Diety
PaanineeA Sanskrit Grammarian
PaaniniAn Ancient Hindu Saint
PaarasPrecious Stone, Costly Metal
PaarbrahmThe Supreme Spirit
PaarthAnother Name of Arjuna
PaarthaArjuna, Son of Pritha
PaarthavGoddess Sita
PaarthibanAnother Name of King Arjunan
PaarthivVishnu, Earthly, Earth
PaarVendanLeader, Ruler of the World
PaarventhanKing of the Earth
PaavakPure, Fire
PaavakaFire, Gold
PaavalanPoet, Singer
PaavallanA Person who Sing, Singer, Songster
PaavanPurifier, Water
PaavendanKing of Poetry
PaaventhanSinger, King of Singing, Poet
PaawanjeetVictory of the Pure
PachaiYouthful, Resourceful
PachaimaniYouthful, Resourceful
PachaimuthuYouthful, Resourceful
PadakPendant, Medal
PadamLotus, Letter
PadamabhuBorn of the Lotus
PadamjitVictory of the Lotus
PadamjotLight of the Lotus
PadampalProtector of the Lotus
PadampreetLove for the Lotus
PadampremLove for the Lotus
PadirilMan without Vices
PadmaakarThe Sun
PadmabandhuFriend of Lotus, Bee, Sun
PadmadharOne who Holds a Lotus
PadmahanLotus, Goddess Lakshmi
PadmahastaLotus-handed, Lord Krishan
PadmajLord Brahama
PadmakantHusband of Lotus
PadmakarJewel, Lord Vishnu
PadmakshLotus Eyed, Lord Vishnu
PadmalayDwelling in a Lotus, Lord Brahma
PadmalochanLotus Eyed
PadmanabanA Name of Lord Vishnu, Lotus Navelled, Padmanabhan Comes from the Hindu Word Which Means
PadmanabhOne with Lotus in his Navel, Vishnu
PadmanabhaLord Vishnu
PadmanabhanLord Vishnu
PadmananLotus Faced
PadmapadaLotus Footed
PadmapaniLord Bramha
PadmapatiLord Vishnu
PadmarajPadma is Lord Venkateshwara's Wife Padma's Raja is Therefore Lord Venkateswara Hence Padma Raj is Another Name for Him, Alternate Names Include Srinivas, Balaji, Venkatesh and Govinda
PadmasekarOne with Lotus in his Navel
PadmayaniLord Brahama, Buddha
PadmayoniLotus Born, Lord Brahma
PadmeshIntelligence, Lord Vishnu
PadminLotus Holder
PadminishLord of Lotuses
PadmottarThe Best Lotus, Beyond Comparison
PagalavanSun, Diurnal, Radiant
PagavanLord Brahama, Buddha
PaghunanGood Character
PagudhananWealthy Person
PagumanianHe will be Praised by Many
PahulInitiatory Rite of Sikhism, Amrit (Holywater)
PahwaLord Vishnu
PajasFirmness, Strength, Goddess Laxmi
PajikaFeet, Lotus Pond
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