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QaabizOne of the Ninety-nine Names of God
QabeelSon of Sayyidina Aadam
QabidGood Boy
QabilSon of Adam, Acceptor, Next, Able, Another Name for God, Efficient, Skilful
QaddamLeader, Prince, King
QadimAncient, Antique, Old, Primitive, Without Any Beginning or End
QadirSkillful, Capable, Capable Origin Islamic, Brave, Courageous, All-powerful, Powerful, Able
QaisarKing, Emperor
QamarThe Moon, Satellite
QaniContent, Satisfied
QanitObedient, Humble, God-fearing, Submissive
QarinThe Ocean
QarunSoul, Self
QasidCourier, Messenger
QasimDivider, One who Divides, Distributor
QatadahTree with Hard Wood, A Hardwood Tree
QayyamAnother Name for God, Immortal
QaziJudge, Justice
QuakSound of Duck
QuamarThe Moon
QuantranLord Sun's Child
QuarbaanTo Sacrifice
QuasimOld Generation
QubulAccepting Concurrence
QudamahCourage, Courage Origin Arabic, Companion of Prophet
QudratLove, Nature, Faculty, Power, Strength, Potency
QuintinFifth, Fifth Born Child
QuraishEarn, Gain, Ancestor of Prophet Mohammed
QurbanMartyr, Sacrificed, Offering
QutaibaIrritable, Impatient
QutaybahIrritable, Impatient, A Narrator of Hadith
QutubTall, Pivot, Pole, Axis, Celebrity, Polar Star's
QutuzType of Rock
QuzamViolent and Quick
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