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RaadheshThe Consort of Radha, Lord Krishna
RaagavanLord Krishna
RaagdeepMusic and Lamp
RaageshThe Man who Sings Sweet Ragas, Goddess of Melody or Master of Melodic Modes
RaaghavLord Rama
RaagulLord Krishna -Raagulan
RaagulenLord Krishna -Raagulan
RaahiTraveller, Good Companion
RaahithyaLots of Money Person
RaahulSon of Buddha
RaajeevBlue Lotus
RaajeevanBlue Lotus
RaajishGood Boy
RaajyashreePropriety of a King
RaakaaDay of the Full Moon
RaakeshLord of the Night
RaakulanLord Vishnu
RaamLord Rama, God, Supreme Spirit
Raam-DattGift of Rama
RaamaanujYounger Brother of Rama
RaamanComfort, Beloved, Pleasing, Repose
RaamananLord Krishna, Delighting
RaamdattGift of Rama
RaamenObedient, Happy, Successful Women, Who Rescues the People from Hungry and Pain Brings Joy Into Peoples Life
RaamsivaDevotion to Lord Shiva
RaatheekanThe One who Loves Raathai - Wife of Lord Krishna
RaathikanThe One who Loves Raathai - Wife of Lord Krishna
RaavanSoul, Spirit, Power Holder
RaavananMan with Strong Principles
RaavanenSpirit, Power Holder, Soul
RaaviSun, River
RabahGainer, Story Teller
RabbaniDivine, From Allah
RabekGod is One
RabenKing of All
RabhavSkilled, Glowing Rays of the Sun
RabhuSkillful, Prudent
RabiSpring, Breeze
RabinderLord Sun
RabindraEarly Morning
RabineshGod's Pet
RabishnanWaste One, Litter
RabitBinding, Fastening
RachTo Form
RachanbirBrave and Creative
RachanjeetVictory of Creation
RachanjotLight of Creation
RachanmeetFriend of Creation
RachanpreetLove for Creation
RachneetAbsorbed in Creation
RaddhaSoul of Krishna, Lord Krishna's Lover
RadhacharanLotus Feet of Radharani
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