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TaamiranOne who Knows Dates, Tall
TaanviBeautiful, Delicate One
TaarakaStar, Eye
TaaranRaft, Rocky Hill, The Saviour of All, Heaven
TaarendraPrince of Stars, Chief of Stars
TaariqMorning Star, Night-comer
TaarunAgeless, Tender, Connection, Sun
TabDrummer, Brilliant, Shining
TaberDrummer, Brilliant, Shining, A Ray, Encampment, Well
TadeleshAuspicious, Lucky
TafzilKinds of God
TaggartSon of the Priest
TahaBest, Pure, Skilful, Another Name for the Prophet Muhammad, Pious, Name of a Surah in the Quran, Name of a Surah in Holy Quran
TahawwurRashness, Temerity, Intrepidity
TahilRoyal Son of Jaya
TahirHoly, Chaste, Modest, Clean, Pure, Innocent, Unsullied, Untouched, From Muslim, Virtuous
TahomaWith a Cute Personality, Someone who is Different with a Cute Personality
TahoorRashness, Purity
TahseenAppreciation, Acclaim
TaibVery Good Person
TaihalOne who Serves Selflessly
TaimoorThe King of the Kings
TaittiriSprung from a Partridge
TajenderGod of Grandeur
TajinderSplendour of God
TajinderbirBrave Splendour of God
TajinderdeepSplendid Light of God
TajindermeetSplendid Friend of God
TajinderpalProtector of Splendid God
TajinderpreetLove for Splendid God
TajinderpremLove for Splendid God
TajshakBright of Moon
TakdeerOf Great Fortune, Destiny, Fortune, Luck
TakhatRoyal Thorn, Master of Empire
TakhvinderLord of Empire
TaksaSon of Bharata
TaksakaCutter, Carpenter
TaksanKing Bharats Son, Cutting Through, Eyes Like a Pigeon
TakshaKing Bharat's Son
TakshakA Cobra
TakshanKing Bharats Son, Eyes Like a Pigeon, Strong
TaksheelA Strong Character
TaladhvajaPalm Bannered
TalajanghaWith Legs as Long as a Palm Tree
TalakTo Release
TalalNice, Dew, Fine Rain, Nice Admirable
TalankLord Shiva
TalatPrayer, Countenance
TalavaliHead Pain
TaliRising, Ascending, Going Up, Rising Star, My Dew
TalibDivine, Seeker, Another Name for God, One who Longs or Wishes, Sender (of Truth), Student, Lover, The Seeker of Truth
TalinLord Shiva
TalishLord of Earth
TallajExcellent, Happiness
TalleenAbsorbed, Engrossed
TallenSharp, Talon, Absorbed, Claw
TalunYoung, Youthful
TalveenImbued in Colour
TalvirA Beautiful Gift
TalwinderDesire for the Love for Lord
TamaghnaLord Shiva
TamalA Tree with Very Dark Bark
TamananDark Black, Wishing Stone Gem
TamankaLord of Earth
TamarFrom Tamar
TamasDarkness, Young
TameemPerfect, Complete
TameezSense, Manners, Discretion
TameraThe Beloved Land
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