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WaahidSingle, Exclusively, Unequalled
WadiCalm, Peaceful
WafiqSuccessful, Triumphant
WahabLarge Hearted
WahbGift, Inherent, Giving Donation, Grant
WahbanDonation, Grant, Gift, Inherent, Giving, Similar to Wahb
WaheedUnique, Single, Exclusively, Unequalled, Lord of the Sky
WahibDonor, Another Name for the God, Munificent, Bestowed, Liberal Donor
WahidSingular, Unique, Alone, Exclusively, Unequalled, Exceptional, Peerless
WahidpreetUnique Love
WaizThe Deliverer, Admonisher, Preacher, Sermoniser
WajeehNotable, Eminent, Commanding Personality
WajidInventor, One who Perceives, Finds
WajihNotable, Eminent
WakalatAgency, Advocacy
WakeelRepresentative, Agent, He who Looks over the Sinful Ummah
WaldenFrom the Wooden Valley, Powerful, Abbreviation of Oswald, Child of the Forest Valley
WaleedNewborn Child, Father
WaliaBeautiful Angel of God, Friendly
WaliyudeenSupporter of the Faith
WaliyullahSupporter of God
WalleedName of Sahabi
WamananShort, Brief
WaqasCombatant, Soldier
WaranPark Warden, Loyal, Game Reserve, Various Things
WariamThe Brave One
WarinderLord of the Ocean
WarisInheritor, Heir
WarnaOne who Defends Her Loved Ones
WarnanOne who Defends Her Loved Ones
WaryamThe Brave One
WasanShort, Idol
WaseeWide, Spacious
WasiAmple, Preceptor, Learn, An Executor
WasimHandsome, Honest, Attractive
WasimbirHandsome and Brave
WasimjitGraceful Victory
WassiqKindness and Love
WatHurdle, People of Power or Army of Power
WazirMinister, Vizier
WedantSame as Vedanta
WesleyWest Clearing, Leaning Against a Family Or Place Names
WilfredProtection, Safety, Much Peace, Peaceful
WilsonWill-helmet, Will and Helmet, Son of Wil, A Family Name
WiqarModesty, Dignity
WisnuGod of Preserver
WycondaBeautiful Stranger
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