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YaadbirThe Brave who Remembers God
YaadhavDescendent of Yadu, Lord Krishna
YaadinderGod's Remembrance
YaadleenOne Absorbed in God's Remembrance
YaadroopOne who Remembers God
YaadveerSteadfast in God's Remembrance
YaalchelvanPride of Yaalpaanam
YaalmaniGem of Yaalpaanam
YaalvendanRuler of Yaalpaanam
YaamilanElegant Graceful, Beautiful, Comely, Lovely
YaarVery Good Friend
YaarlarasanKing of One Kind of
YaarlmynthanSon of Jaffna -In Eelam
YaarlvaenthanKing of Jaffna - in Eelam
YaashikanBrave Girl, Glory, Famous, Successful
YaaswanthAlways Famous, One who has Achieved Glory, Lord Krishna
YaathavanLord Vishnu
YaathishLord of Devotees, Leader of the Devoted
YaathishanLord of Devotees, Leader of the Devoted
YaatieshLord of Devotees
YachakThe One who Requests
YadagiriRemembrance, Souvenir
YadavLord Krishna, Descedent of Yadu
YadavaDescendant of Yadu
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